Phishing doesn’t work on pseudonyms for anonymous sex bloggers.

I admit that phishing practices have gotten very good over the years, but it’s a fatal flaw to email a fake persona.

To my knowledge, Hyacinth does not have relatives in Namibia or Alabama, nor does she have an ailing Aunt somewhere; she doesn’t register as Hyacinth Jones on things like PayPal or Target, so those emails shouldn’t start out with a greeting to her, and she most emphatically does not have AAA coverage.


There was one very shady link I was supposed to put in my browser. Yeah, right!

Nice try, suckers!!

Though I’m sure that if she did indeed drive a car she’d be very responsible and insure it with AAA.

You should put a Doxy in your stocking.

Vibratorless – So sad

A few months ago my Hitachi died with a spark and a crack.  It was very dramatic.  I should have done some kind of burial ceremony because what ensued were months of lackluster masturbation sessions with a tiny little pink bullet with AA batteries.


A package for me!

I wrote a little bit about my loss here and there and word got back to my Fairy Toymothers and lo and behold I had in my possession a thing called the Doxy Massager.  It looked like a Hitachi and walked like a Hitachi.  It must be like a Hitachi, right??

Well, no.

For my birthday in late summer The Neighbor surprised me with a brand new Hitachi so I was able to do a side by side comparison — quite literally.

It was a rough afternoon, guys.  Seriously.  Orgasming, taking mental notes.  Orgasming again, more mental notes.  This vibrator, that vibrator.  Exhausting stuff!

But here’s what you really want to know.  Did I, a die-hard and devoted Hitachi fan like the Doxy?

Not only did I like it, but I actually prefer it.

Here’s the thing: the Hitachi can blitz out my clitoris almost before I know it.  I can orgasm up to three times with my partner, but any more than that and my clit hurts.  With the Doxy and its extra setting in between high and low, I can get at least 2 more and not have that tender soreness.

Hitachi v. Doxy


So sleek and pretty!

On Low: When I tested these I started on both devices’ low settings.  Immediately I noticed the Doxy is more gentle.  I can’t say with any scientific certainty about vibrations/second or whatever, but it’s just a softer feel.  I came as quickly with both.

On Medium: The Doxy is the only one with a medium setting and, like Goldilocks, I would soon discover this was my sweet spot.  Literally.

On High: This is where I felt there were the biggest differences between the two.  The Hitachi was much too intense for me, but the Doxy I could handle.  Even after 3 or 4 orgasms.


The most international thing in my house besides my IKEA furniture.

It’s been weeks since that first comparison afternoon and I can officially say that The Doxy is my preferred vibrator.  It lives at The Neighbor’s house now and sometimes I get gidding just thinking about fucking him in his bed because I know I can top off our romp with The Doxy.

Of course I still use my Hitachi and get bone-chilling orgasms from it, but I kinda wish it was a Doxy, too.

The only drawback (if you can call it that)


Side by side.

So far I’ve found only one thing I wish I could change about the Doxy.  When –after multiple orgasms — I’m delirious and can’t even read a clock, I have a hard time finding the Power Off button.  With the Hitachi it’s as easy as flipping its switch the other direction.  I know.  Awful, right?

So, if you’re wondering what to get yourself, your lover, or your secret Santa for Christmas this year, I highly recommend clicking on my little link here and buying one.   Or you can go to the Doxy website and see if there’s a store near you that carries it or somewhere you can buy online.

This also marks the first time I’ve ever done a review or gotten anything wonderful in the mail.  It’s hard to receive stuff when you’re as freaky private as I am.  And it’s not like I have a Hy Jones P.O. Box or anything.  At least not yet.  Having said that, I’d like to give a very special thanks to Ruby for her generosity and professionalism and to Molly for putting out the bat signal.  My orgasms would have been very lacking if it weren’t for these two.




Yay! My Doxy friend is here to stay!

I have to add that I wasn’t compensated for this review — hell, I wasn’t even asked to give one! — and that all opinions are completely my own.   








You can have a secret sex blog and still be ethical.

I’ve tried to write this post no less than three other times over the past year.  Each time I become overwhelmed with what I’m trying to say and nervous that I’ll come off as basically a fucking idiot.

I am not good at debate or rhetoric, certainly not at all well-versed with the legalities of libel, defamation, or internet privacy.  I thought I was doing all the right things until, well, I was told I most definitely was not.

Blissfully Ignorant

Three years ago I started this particular blog.  While registering, WP asked me all sorts of very personal information they said was required, but knowing I would be blogging about my sex life I fudged the WHOIS info a little and moved right along.

I also created a new email address not associated with my real identity, purchased Statcounter so I could track my visitors, and even purchased a VPN to further cloak my whereabouts.  I fuzzed out any identifying details about my lovers, spoke very little about my exhusband, never disclosed the sex of my child or my profession, and hid the location of my city and state.  I am even very shy about sharing my real first name with longtime blog friends.  I didn’t think I could be any more private on the internet if I tried.


That very first day when I was entering in that required personal info for WP, I used a 10-year-old phone number and a year-and-a-half in, someone looking for a chink in my armor found it.  However, this person sat on the knowledge that I was vulnerable until a year later and only decided to share it with me once I had decided to tell The Neighbor about my secret sex blog.

Why did they wait a year, you ask?

I’m not sure they meant to tell me at all.  Plainly put, they were pissed that no one was angry at me for my lack of blogging ethics and therefore wanted to “invert the power dynamic” on me.  They left a comment on my blog using my real initials and then immediately after I received an email via my business website asking me how my clientele would feel about the ethics of talking about people anonymously online without telling them.  They called themselves “Jiminy Cricket.”

The Jig Is Up

I panicked.

I shut down comments while my hands trembled.  I briefly made the blog private, then un-privatized it.  I didn’t know what to do.  To say I freaked out is a complete understatement.  It’s possible that being outted as a sex blogger could ruin my career.  I’ve written many times that I understand the risk and I’m obviously willing to take it, but when faced with the actual possibility my heart stopped.  It’s one thing to theorize about it, entirely another to come face to face with it.

In the end this person engaged with me through my readers.  Through you all I discovered why they did what they did, that they were very knowledgeable about all sorts of litigious things, and that “they” were actually a “she” and an anonymous sex blogger herself.  The big difference between me and her?  She was ethical.  I was not.  She got the consent of everyone she wrote about.

The anger she felt towards me was due mainly because in an effort to show that it was typically a male, “bro” behavior to speak less than glowingly about sexual conquests online she Googled top sex blogs.  I popped up somehow and I blew her theory to smithereens.

Here I was, an intelligent, educated woman sharing my honest opinions about lovers who had definitely not given their consent to be written about.  I was no better than those fratboy asshats.

The law is pretty clear that if I were to speak my mind about a public figure I can say nearly anything I like, but when it comes to a private citizens — and they can prove some kind of harm done to them in a libelous way — then I could be in some hot water.  You might be wondering what I did wrong.  Being vulnerable is what I did wrong: I could be tracked via that WHOIS info and therefore my lovers could, too.

Should you disclose your secret sex blog?

So there I was, exposed, angry, and confused.  I had done literally everything I could think of to protect the men and women I wrote about, yet somehow I was still some kind of giant asshole because I was discoverable and I hadn’t gotten consent.

It was pure naiveté on my part that left them vulnerable: anyone with a will might be able to discover my identity and, in theory, thereby my lovers’.  Jiminey Cricket, or Sonofabitch as she was later named by The Neighbor and she seemed to like it, thought that because I put it on the internet then I was absolutely, unequivocally required to get consent first.  She said that’s how she did it and thus why she was ethical and I was not.

She also made it clear to me that she had not meant to make me feel threatened — though I’m not sure why she seemed surprised since when you email a secret sex blogger through her real life business website I’m not sure you can appear anymore more threatening if you tried.  Having said that, I believed her when she said she wasn’t out to hurt me or my ruin my life and set out to think about all the questions she’d brought up for me.

Should I have gotten consent from all those one-night stands?  What about the 4-night ones?  The two-month long fuckfests, too??  The only person I ever struggled with was The Neighbor and that wasn’t until it was clear he was sticking around.  I had begun to feel dishonest with the secret.  It had nothing to do with him allowing me to write about him or not.

I’ve had lots of chats and discussions with blogging friends about this.  Twice I’ve asked some form of the question, “Should anonymous sex bloggers get consent from their lovers (and all their subjects) prior to publishing their personal accounts?”  And each time everyone said: NO, not really.

Though some conduct their blogs openly and with consent, they do not think it is unethical to keep it secret so long as the writer is sharing his or her truth and taking careful means to protect their subjects.

It seemed for everyone that it’s one thing to be dangerously open by naming places, events, and being overly accurate in personal descriptions and another entirely to cover the tales in opacity while being transparent about one’s feelings.

If I go back and look at my archives I am proud of what I’ve written and I feel confident that no one is identifiable, even if you could figure out my identity like Sonofabitch did.  And let’s be honest: dating is a giant, exhausting, interminable clusterfuck.  You’re bound to get some incredible stories out of it from some pretty interesting peeps and you’re going to want to share them.

Sonofabitch claimed she knew who my central characters were without much effort on her part, but I don’t know who that’d be other than my exhusband whom I’ve gone out of my way to protect in my writing.  None of my friends knew who I was fucking — hell, I barely knew these men.  They came and went faster than my periods.

My real life girlfriends heard an occasional tale or two (all very vanilla versions, of course) and they learned all the real details — names, professions, backgrounds, etc. — and if anyone were sitting near me telling my bawdy tales then they would know more than if they’d read my anonymous and opaque, yet highly sexually detailed versions.

Which is worse?

Gentlemen’s agreement

What do we, as sex bloggers, do?  We have decided to share the most titillating, taboo things we do with an anonymous public.  Our affairs, feelings, embarrassing frailties, tits, love, anger, and quite literally everything else under the sun is for you to judge, consume, relate, and beat off to.  Therefore, we rely heavily on a gentleman’s agreement that goes something like this: we are judicious about identifying facts and yet share pictures and activities with you all that would never ordinarily be shown the light in polite society and in exchange we expect to be left alone.  No one deserves their lives to be ruined because they blog about sex and their lovers.

Blogging is much more than what it might seem to a non-blogger.  It’s community, it’s art, sometimes it’s a persona we create outside our real life roles of mothers, fathers, clergymen, teachers, librarians, journalists, engineers, sergeants, counselors, executives, programmers, professors, midwives, and sales people.  Our blogs are creative versions of the lives we’ve lived and are living.

They’re ours, not anyone else’s and if a blogger needs this forum to process, grow, and move forward through life, then so be it.  Everyone they ever rub elbows with is not entitled to know about it, nor is their consent required.

When it’s not a secret anymore

I’ll be honest, it’s been a tough year for me since The Neighbor found out about the blog.  Yes, I was about to tell him, but Sonofbitch forced my hand by about a week.  And despite him saying he had no interest in reading what seemed to him to be my online journal, the fact that he could read it changed how and what I wrote.  I’ve never disclosed too much detail about our relationship itself, all the interactions and little tweaks and struggles, and have instead always striven to describe a bigger picture that he might also find accurate.

Despite that built-in policy, knowing he could read it meant I had to think even harder about what to share.  I didn’t resent the gag, but it has changed the overall tone of this space.  I used to pour my broken heart out over the pages and now I am more distant.  Partly it’s because I have less of a broken heart, but I am also more responsible about its effects on TN.  I love the guy.

All the others were just collateral damage of my shredded heart.  They didn’t give two shits about me nor I them.  I liked to think that maybe I was the topic of interest in one of their secret sex blogs.  I certainly wouldn’t hold it against them.  And if they’d anonymously written that I was a fat cow and gave horrible head then I’d think they were entitled to their opinions and not lose a wink of sleep about it.  Because, after all, it’s their space to do as they choose and I can’t possibly control everyone around me.

Which, at the bottom of all of this, is what I think requiring consent is all about: controlling the story of others.

There are ethical lines

At the time I began writing here, I didn’t feel being open about my blog was a viable option; why even have it in the first place if the people I’m writing about are reading it?  I was single and ravenous, hurting, and angry.  Other  bloggers who do have a consent policy seem to be in a much better place than I was.  They’re often linked personally to their blogs or don’t have much casual sex, or their long-term lovers are given occasional veto power over a certain post.  If I’m going to share anything particular about TN specifically I run it by him first and always get his approval for his photos.

I went through a brief period where I pridefully shared some amazingly beautiful photos of him, but was quickly seized with guilt.  It was too much and I knew that I had definitely crossed an ethical line and I wrote about my internal struggle and took them all down.  I knew I had power as author and publisher and had to be careful to keep what I wrote contained to my story, not anyone else’s.  That, to me is ethical.  It has less to do with consent than it does respect.

So, to all the would-be secret bloggers out there (sex or otherwise), I encourage you to think about your own moral and ethical codes.  Be honest, be diligent about protecting both yourself and your subjects, be clear about what you can objectively call your own and fuzzy on those that are not yours.  And above all else, allow for a learning curve.   It’s impossible to do this perfectly.  Just do whatever lets you sleep at night.


[Update: I woke up 6 hours after I posted this and worried, “What if Sonofabitch reads this?  What will she do?  Will I have pissed her off because I mis-quoted/mis-represented her?”   It’s important to me to be as fair as possible, especially now.  I cannot emphasize enough the power I know I have here: I must be careful with my words.

To counter-act my worry, you can read most of all her thoughts on this topic — save for the couple she sent me through my business website (which I’ve described) — here and here.  Mostly my readers publicly corresponded with her.

Secondly, I’d like to add that eventually she shared with me where my defenses were weak and I quickly moved to remedy it, hence the self-hosting.  It was the only way to make my info private.  I am currently as safe as I can be.]


The Neighbor is a motherfucker.

I’m meeting The Neighbor in an hour for a movie out.

I’d rather he just come over, open my robe as if it were wrapping paper and jam his giant dick inside of me.


No talking. No kissing. No apologies.

Before any of that, however, I’m going to have to suffer through an icky boy movie. I’ll do it, though, because after popcorn, I’m going to slip back into this robe.

He’s going to untie the bow, peel back the cotton and light up like a kid in a mother-fucking candy store.

He is a mother fucker, after all.




I have ridiculous fantasies.

My fantasies are laced with many things: arsenic and broken dreams, wishes and cobwebs, cum and happy tears.  They are my dearest longings and my most fantastical, embarrassing creations.

He fucks me with his giant cock and he plans a fun weekend for the three of us.  We watch leaves break free from the tree tops and flutter to earth.  We hold hands. 

He asks me about my day then begs me to fuck his tight, little starfish.  He cries with passion and I leave bright, red welts on the canvas of his body.  We roll around inside each other then catch our breath in our corners, just out of arm’s reach.

I come home to flowers and an extra grand in my bank account just because he can and he knows I need it.  I am safe, but challenged.  He lusts after me night and day and teaches me how to make a soufflé while clad only in an apron. 

He reads literature, erotica, and that nerdy boy stuff with swords and rings and quests.  He thinks 50 Shades was utter bullshit and believes I’m brilliant.

He personifies chivalry and doesn’t think I’m greedy because I like gifts great and small.  He loves Peyton and feels blessed to be in our orbit.  Sometimes he even tells me he misses us both. 

We watch Real Housewives together and he lets me blow him when he plays video games.  He wants me around.

He is close with his amazing parents and plans regular trips home with me in tow.  He fingers me on the plane under the blanket and sneaks me into the lavatory for some mile-high fucking.  Sometimes we get away for a weekend just the two of us for no reason.  He loves the adventure of travel. 

I feel pampered and special.  His attention energizes me to succeed.  He is my biggest fan, my loudest cheerleader.

His hands never tire when he’s kneading my tight muscles, rubbing my thick thighs, and curvy calves.  He is one step ahead of me in every way.  Bored?  Hungry?  Tired?  Cranky?  Worried?  He’s got a plan. 

He opens both doors and his heart, but knows enough to keep some things private.  He is a mysteriously open book, a cliff-hanger.  I turn the page again and again.

He is globally conscious and recycles whenever possible — it’s the right thing to do.  He’s a Big Brother to a little man.  He likes to bake and fill my home with warm, delicious scents then frost my tits with his jizz, his hand a blur.

He is the star on the top of my tree, the binds on my wrist, the cock in my pussy, the hard, golden crust atop my crême bruleé.  He is my everything, my friend, my fan, my safe and my passionate place.

He is a figment of my imagination — a lofty, ridiculous fantasy — but he is also part of every man I’ve ever known and hope to know.  A patchwork man threaded together by my sappy heart and twisted mind, my vision of perfection.

Good thing he isn’t real. 

I’d never live up to his hype.

Friday, November 28th, is DUPLICATE Boobday!


Ok, ok, I know I sound like a broken record every Boobday, but seriously: YOU GUYS BLOW ME THE FUCK AWAY.  Just look at what you all did!!  Gorgeous, creative, sexy, sweet.  I love that you all trust me with your images and are so supportive of one another.  xoxoxoxoxoxo

[Gushing over now.]

I can’t believe I’m already having to think about December, but here we are.  In a couple of weeks I’ll have my blog-o-versary (3 years here) and an anniversary of sorts with The Neighbor.  I feel so lucky to have this community and these friends that next month’s theme will be GIFT.  Fitting for all sorts of reasons, no?

I’d also like to take a minute to let you guys know about some fun stuff that’s going on around the internets this weekend.

First, my dear Brit friend Accidental Masturbator is hosting a favorite game of ours called Guess the Blogger.  The gist is all us sex bloggers submit a pic that isn’t easily identifiable and everyone gets to guess.  Once, forever ago, I submitted my smile.  Others have submitted cars, cocks, and maybe a cocker spaniel — I made that last part up, but I was going with the alliteration — and we guessed our assess off.  It was fun seeing different sides of each other  — or in some cases whole new naked sides!

And second, another English friend, Molly of Molly’s Daily Kiss’, is hosting her weekly Sinful Sunday meme.  It’s a wonderful way to stretch your imagination and your creativity and get behind the lens in some fashion.  Anyone with a blog can do it and sometimes there are bloggers who host anonymous submissions — and I’m happy to host to anyone who wants to post anonymously, as well.

It’s the day after Thanksgiving here in the States, but I’m thankful every day.  For you guys, for my health, for my kid, for my life, for love and art.

Life is good.




  • For every Boobday submission, send an email with all of the following info:

    1. an email with the theme name in the subject line

    2. an attached pic

    3. a sentence about why you chose this particular photo

    4. if you want to be anonymous or not

    5. a hyperlink or URL to your Twitter handle (if you have one)

    6. a hyperlink or URL to your blog post (if you have one and post, it must have my Boobday banner and a link back to me and only posted on the last Friday)

    7. make sure your phone and/or camera does not keep your location information! 

    Emails sent to me with all of this info plus the theme will be given preferential treatment.  I will not look up links.



MzHyde 112814 DUPLICATE

It was this pic for VAMP Boobday submitted by Mz. Hyde that inspired this month’s theme.

Hy & TN copy Mz. Hyde and her BF

I’m sure you can see why I chose it.

This was SO hard to duplicate.  How Mz. Hyde got the swell of her breast to rest on his lip like that and have light come through and have her breast not look like a torpedo is totally beyond my abilities as a selfie photographer.  It sure was fun trying, though.



The lovely @SilverDomUK gets a handle on his sweet @SilverdropUK way back in March for HANDS Boobday.


Kayla gets cheeky with her titty. Follow this gorgeous lady at @KaylaLords.

Anytime I can get a picture of John Brownstone holding my boob is a good day.


Dark and Anonymous wowed us for POLKADOT Boobday back in May of this year.


This stunning woman is Jane from Behind the Chintz Curtain. She’s proudly representing the smaller busted of us this month. Yay! I’m so excited to have little titties around here!! @ChintzCurtain

I may not be curvy, but I hope I still look cute in spots!



This is Ginger from July 19th, 2013’s Boobday. There were no themes back then. She just got her nip pinched for fun.


Please welcome this lovely lady from South Africa to Boobday. This is her first time! I kinda want to lay my head there and swat that hand away.

Was quite a thing to choose a photo for my debut!! This one seemed easy, hope we pulled it off OK?



Just me and my NERD shirt hanging out for September 20th, 2013’s Boobday. Man, that bra makes my tits look enormous!


Kate has participated before and I love her lingerie as much as her spirit! She’s a gorgeous transwoman and I am honored to host her lady bits here for all to see!

I’m so grateful to you that I can participate and be included with the all the amazing ladies that always participate.  Having this opportunity to participate really lets me express what’s inside of me as a woman and feel part of a wonderful community.  I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to fully transition but with Boobday I can occasionally share a wonderful side of me.



‘Tis is lovely, hot, and horny. She wrote a scintillating post about this photo op (click pic to read it).

In this pic I duplicated the one and only Hy! :) This one is going all the way back to January, 10th 2014 which was Black Strap Boobday. I picked this one because I love black and white photos, it was simple, understated and of course sexy.


HY 082914 OPEN

I’m shocked sometimes to see how daring I am on occasion. Apparently I was feeling my oats for OPEN Boobday.


Savannah and her husband Will have quickly worked their way into my heart. Check out their little corner by clicking on the pic.

This picture of Hy’s body was so sexy laying there, partially covered by the stark white linens. I was captivated by the pose and pictured myself relaxed in bed after being tended to but saddened by Will’s departure for work, wishing that he would have called in to take a sex day…I mean sick day to spend soiling the sheets. I didn’t want to cover myself, just letting the eyes wander, unobstructed as Will’s do.



Kayla’s Teddy saw some action for LOVE Boobday.


La Shonna’s got curves for days. Follow her at @sunshyne0915.

I chose this pic to duplicate because it seemed the fingers enjoyed the pinch as much as the nipple.



Anonymous Aussie has been inspiring us since the beginning. This is from September 20th, 2013.


Krystal, @BisexualMinx, is back you guys! I love her hand being filled, her pert little nipple, her immaculate nails and her tattoo of love. Click her pic to read lots about her.

Loving the feel of a soft curvy breast under my fingertips, I chose to duplicate this pic… and since I had just gotten a fresh manicure it was an obvious choice.



This was the second Boobday that TN participated in after learning about my blog. HANDS for days.


Look at Mz. Hyde and her BF at it again. They seemed to nail all the details. I love it!

One of the many things I like about your blog is that the photos are sexy, but classy.  This photo of you & TN is very intimate and sweet. So BF & I were inspired to Duplicate it! :)




Dark and Anonymous shows her tits once again.


I’m calling this anonymous lady Dots and Stripes. I just love the shadows and curves.

I chose the polka dots because it spoke to my pin-up side. <3


The Silverdrops make a second appearance!


Dots and Stipes gets stripey and doesn’t leave out one detail. I love big, hairy arms. Truly!

I chose this one because the hand and ring looked like mine, and I knew my husband could cup my boob perfectly. :)



Anonymous Aussie got smooshed for Octoer 18th, 2013’s Boobday.


Dawn gets her lovelies out for us. I could cuddle her forever.  Click her pic to get to her blog.

The picture I did was from before my first participation. I wanted something sexy but not too revealing…

SassyCat did a fantastic SILLY boob.


This is another first-timer! I’m so excited that women continue to take the plunge and bear their breasts here. I love Miss V’s reasons for choosing this particular photo.

I have chosen “SillyBoobDay” because I thought it was cute and whimsical and it fits me because I consider myself as a goof. I used a blinking Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer nose as an added holiday boost (;



I might be in your spam folders and I have a Boobday reminder!

Hello friends and compatriots!

Just a quick note to say I need you to check your spam folders for me! It’s come to my attention that several bloggers (both old friends and new) have been finding me in their spam folders. Ugh!

It’s not the exact same issue that I had a while back (that I know of), but it is a pain in the ass.

Also, I know it’s a big holiday week for us Americans (and a sad week), but if you’d like to participate in this month’s DUPLICATE Boobday, please get me your pics as soon as you can!

Go to the Boobday Archives, pick a photo to copy, send both pics to with an explanation as to why you chose that pic.

I won’t be drafting the post till Friday, though, so you’ll all have about an extra half-day to sneak away from friends and family. We’re so naughty!

Love to you all, IBF!

I have curves and creases.

Hy in the bathtub

Instagram is wonderfully challenging.

I am 39 years old.

I work out occasionally.

I drink wine frequently.

I smoke once a day or once a month.

I watch too much TV.

I don’t read enough.

I eat good food that’s good for me most of the time.

I have curves.

I have creases.

I am a strong, loving mother.

I am a devoted, loyal friend.

I am a horny, needy, kinky, passionate girlfriend.

I failed at my marriage.

I cuss persistently.

I love the fall and winter.

I prefer mint over vanilla.

I need you.

I want you.

I want to make you proud.

I am changing.

I am a lot like you.

Hy in the bathtub

Wet ‘n not-all-that-wild.


Check out the other amazing photos for Sinful Sunday by clicking the logo below:

Sinful Sunday



The spark is fading, but I’m not alarmed.

Hy early morning

It’s been a while since I took one of these.

The Neighbor and I have been very loving and close, but have had little to no action this week.  I fondle his balls and get him hard, he squeezes my tits, motorboats me while we make dinner — we touch and bounce and caress — but never fully land on one another.

I’m in that weird safe place that inevitably happens to everyone to one degree or another: the spark is fading.  There’s no danger left between us.  He’s mine.

Nearly every morning I wake him up at 8 am at his place.  I’m either up due to the cat or from taking Peyton to school.  I quietly let myself in and creep back to his room.  His king-sized mattress is on the floor inside his bed frame and I laugh every time I see it.  He’ll be wound up in blankets completely passed out.  Then I peel off my clothes and slip inside the bubble with him, press my cold body against his flaming hot skin.  But that’s all.

There are no blowjobs, no early-morning moaning.  He’s inevitably much too tired and I don’t care to make it happen.  I’m content to let the ebb just be.

There’s a very small voice in the back of my head that is worried, but I’m trying to keep her quiet and enjoy what I have instead.   I’m going to keep my eye on it, unpack its real meaning, ask good questions like, Why does my desire for him go down the safer I feel?

I know that successful erotic couples keep a healthy emotional distance from one another and perhaps he and I have gotten a bit too close.  Maybe we need to renegotiate the boundaries a little, create more mystery and positive tension.  Maybe we need more kink — we’ve been awfully vanilla for months and months now.

I should tie his white ass up and beat it until it’s a bright, cherry red and he’s writhing and begging and panting for release.

Or maybe I’ll just let the ebb do its thing and not worry about it too much and stick to taking pictures for my horny Internet Boyfriend.

Hy shows her tits in the early morning

Well, hello there.




I am honored and a Bad Girl Blogger.

This last week has filled me with bloggy-happiness.  Two of my favorite writers gave me some serious love!

First, HH and Lo gave me a Bad Girl Bloggers Award and second, Molly included me on her 20 of 2014 list.

Making any list or being given any kind of award fills me with pride, but especially with these two.  I cherish their presence in my blogging world.

HH’s writing is delectable and intriguing, the love and humor he finds in his relationship with the insatiable Lo shines through every word he writes.  Sometimes I feel smarter when I’m done reading him.  He’s even written a book!

And Molly is a veritable sex-blogging powerhouse queen.  She reaches out via multiple platforms encouraging us all to let go, be proud, be sexy, be smart, be brave.  I simply don’t know how she does it all and I want to be her when I grow up.

I also greatly appreciate their nods to me because they’re personal.  I pour my heart and soul into A Dissolute Life Means… and I am so honored that people relate to it, to me.

HH’s award comes with a few rules:  If you are a recipient, please choose 3-5 female bloggers who write about sex (or post sexy pics of themselves, or both) that you admire and award them by passing on the award photo above and the rules.  Also, give brief explanations of why you love those bloggers so much.  Be sure to notify your favorite bloggers that they got the award!

However, I’d like to do it a little differently and do quick nod to all those I would’ve given this award to, but they’ve already received it: Molly, Ann, Noodle, Tis, Dawn, Sweet Alice Dawn, Cara, Kayla, Penny, Fatal, Scarlett, Cammies Sisters, LSAM, and Savannah.

As for my noms, there are really only two blogs not mentioned that come to my mind for this and that’s Jade of Kink & Poly and Carina (aka GotN) of Girl on the Net.

  • I love Jade’s open and honest approach to her body and her sex.  Her pictures are wonderfully transgressive and push my limits, but it’s her sweetness that cracks me open a little and draws me in. There’s a lightness there.
  • GotN, on the other hand, doesn’t share images, just her keen observations and baudy stories.  I love the frank approach she takes to discussing her sex life and of sex in general and, like Molly, I want to be like her when I grow up.  Who knew I was such an Anglophile?

UPDATE: I knew I’d get myself into some hot water with this thing.  I racked my brain and scoured my lists, but I was in a rush when I originally wrote this and I was remiss. 

I’d like to add Dumb Domme, Ferns, Jayne, and Anisa to my list below!  And if she’s out there, I also want to mention Greta (fka G) of Filled and Fooled.

  • Ferns is a no nonsense Domme who has taken the brave step of being open about her blog with her lovers.   As such, being open brings its own challenges especially when she doesn’t have a steady beau.
  • Dumb Domme has a razor-sharp wit and big, soft heart.  She recently lost her love to circumstance and her heartbreak is something we can all relate to, D/s or not.
  • Jayne has been a long-standing blogging friend of mine.  Her insightful, tangled, whimsical writings can be haunting, hot, or heated.  She’s been writing through her divorce and is just now climbing up out the other side.
  • Anisa’s blog has changed a lot over the years.  We’ve seen her triumph and we’ve seen her struggle.  She puts her heart on her page and on all of ours.
  • Greta is a SAHM (that’s Stay-At-Home-Mom for those of you kid-free folks) with a bisexual husband.  When the kids are in bed, the kinky fun begins!  She’s also got an amazing pair of knockers.

I love this sex blogging community more than you all know.  Thank you for supporting me!



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