Friday, April 11th, is WET Boobday!


It’s full on spring here!  The birds are singing, the sky is bright blue, the kitten’s whiskers are twitching.  I love the sense of renewal of this time of year, the way the earth soaks up all the rain and sun and pushes out new, baby shoots of everything.  It’s a clean season for my soul.  I rather like hearing the birds chirp outside my window as my pussy gets pounded in a sunbeam.

Enjoy all the ladies this week, everyone!

Next week’s theme is OUTSIDE (Sorry Anonymous Aussie!  I hope it’s not too cold Down Under yet!).



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My WET Tits:


TN was a very willing aid in this photo shoot.

It’s from a proper suckle, in case you were wondering.

NOT my WET tits:


This Elle’s first photo for Boobday!

I chose this photo for the wet theme because I’ve been making mention lately of my lovely hand held shower head girlfriend, Delta ;) Thought some folks would want the visual of some shower fun.



Jade gave us both action and wet! @piecesofjade

I chose this picture for two reasons – 1) I love my perky wet titties and 2) it tells a story. :-) I’ve told the rest of the story over in my blog, Kink & Poly.



G get’s super wet AND naughty! @CurvyMilfy

What more can I say, these are just wet boobs! Pretend I stood under a waterfall to get wet, my clothes are drying.  Shadows are cast through fronds of palm, what am I doing with my other palm btw?



Beck’s cups runneth over! @beckandherkinks



Poppiegirl wasn’t able to do the theme this week, but since it’s her first time, I’m cutting her a little slack. hehe

After seeing your relearning of taking nude selfies it inspired me to play a little too.


I don’t think it’s a secret that I’m a HUGE fan of @Silverdrop’s titties. This pic kinda did me in!

It was only after I’d taken a series of pics of Silverdrop in the shower that we realised this week’s theme is “Wet”, so Yay!



@KinkyBikerMom took it all the way this week.



@BisexualMinx gets the award for most creative. Love it!!


She happened to have this one laying around, if you can believe it! So beautiful TN loved it, too!

I love this image, it’s just so wet, wet, wet!



One word, Kayla: YUM. @KaylaLords

Fresh from the shower, water droplets running down my body, I was wet all over.


It’s as if the sun is cresting over a dewy hill on New Dawn’s breast.


I’m re-learning how to take nude selfies.

It’s funny how we get attached to things being a certain way, it’s like I’m a little old lady who likes her mashed potatoes lumpy.

In my old room, for example, I came to rely heavily on my east-facing windows which were to the left of my bed for my natural light.  It was so good in there, in fact, that most of my pictures were sans filter.  But here, in the new apartment, the orientation is all different.  My window still faces east, but now it’s on my right and I am much closer to it making my pictures very washed out or distorted by sunbeams — awful, I know — but I have a certain look I’m going for so this will take some getting used to.

So when I finally got to sleep in today I decided to practice a little.


Can you spot the kitty?? 


Can you see him now?  Turns out that Faisal wanted in on the action, too.

It’s always a little humbling to have to push a cat out of the way (repeatedly) of you trying to take nude selfies — doesn’t he know I’m trying to be all sexy?! — but I persevered and managed to get these two pics kitty-free.


Bars of light.


I’m nearly indecent in the ones like this.

I actually don’t mind the little light show, honestly, and I rather like the different look my new room affords!  Maybe it’s time to get creative with shadows and kitties!  Meow!


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I found Two More Dissolutes! – April edition

The first Monday of each month, N. Likes of My Dissolute Life and I will be highlighting two other bloggers whom we find to be  share-worthy/intriguing/awesome/funny/controversial/fill-in-the-blank.  We share our picks with one another and then give our two cents, so our readers get two takes on two new writers.

This month, I couldn’t resist a blogger that hardly needs my help (I already have her in my sidebar), but whom I so greatly respect I felt compelled to share her more officially with you all, and N., well, he found a doozy of a writer that I think will make everyone stroke their chin a little – and no, that’s not a euphemism.

Two More Dissolutes

N’s pick:

The Amsterdam Diaries

N’s thoughts:

I’m interested in reading men write about sex. Oddly, I’ve found precious little of it on the internet, and most of what I’ve found that’s been interesting to me has been by men who have sex with men (for example, I’m a big fan of this blog). Thanks to L, I recently discovered this series of accounts by a British man of his adventures with the women who work in Amsterdam’s Red Light District. I’m not linking to a specific post, but rather, to the whole blog. It’s fascinating to me.

Mostly, I have to say, because it is so unappealing to me. The model of prostitution – and of sex with prostitutes – documented by this man seems holds no appeal for me. He comes across as unsentimental, something of a tender sociopath. He’s not a sadist, he’s not cruel, but the women he describes hardly come across as anything other than the possessors of holes – holes which, for fifty euros he can do various things with/to. I’m not really sure what to do with his writing. He writes well, he recounts his sexual encounters, but the unapologetically transactional nature of everything about which he writes is singularly off-putting to me. The blog ends up being compelling at the same time that it’s neither hot nor particularly thoughtful or thought-provoking.

I found myself wondering (in a bit of terror) as I read, “Is this how I sound? Am I this oblivious, indifferent, to the women I have sex with?” I sure hope not. I like women. I really like the women I have sex with. Not just because they have sex with me, because they “let” me finger them, or fuck them. But because they conspire with me to invent a super-hot reality that gets us both off.

But if you want to get a comprehensive, if highly specific, take on the Amsterdam red light district, this is a great place to do it.

Hy’s thoughts:

Man… I don’t even know what to say.  I am totally turned off by this writing and only mildly interested from a psychological stand point, like, what the fuck?  His writing is unapologetic, not at all introspective, and his callousness towards the act of sex is basically uninteresting to me.  But, apparently he has an audience.
My feelings about the blog are also unrelated to prostitution.  I’m generally ambivalent about the whole thing (prostitution, I mean) and so long as everyone consents, I really don’t give a fuck.  My hopes for it are for the sex workers’ safety, satisfaction (work-wise, not necessarily sexually, though that’d be awesome, too), and autonomy (whatever that means or looks like to her).

Obviously, I haven’t read the entire blog, but I think it was him writing “Whatever, in the interests of research she will do,” in regards to having sex with a “plump girl” (who also might as well be fat because his preference is strictly for toned women), that made me feel like I was done.  It’s all too manual-like for me.  I prefer to know and feel the human interest in someone’s writing, not just learn about a human’s interest.

If I ever decide to fuck a Dutch prostitute I know whose blog I’ll read, but until then…

N’s postscript:

I don’t disagree with anything Hy says. Except. I think glimpses of unfamiliar worlds, particular those having to do with sex, generally are interesting to me, especially to the extent that they portray those worlds not so much naturalistically as through the eyes and mind of the viewer. This is what I like, what I find compelling about this blog. It exposes me to a world, a way of thinking, I’d otherwise never know.

Hy’s postscript:

And No, N. you do NOT come across as a gentle sadist who is just looking for the next hole.  You come across as a wonderfully horny man who digs the sex with the women.  That dude just sounds like a consumer.

Hy’s pick:

Girl on the Net’s On Extreme Porn Close-ups.

Hy’s thoughts:

I couldn’t have said it better than Carina did herself: it becomes gynecological.  I’ve always figured that I like to see what I might normally see during an encounter, and even though I occasionally fuck chicks, I have never spent much time looking directly up into her vagina.  It’s more of a glance to see the lay of the land and then I get down to business.  Those close up shots in porn make me distinctly uneasy and ruin any kind of “moment” for me.
So there’s that.

But then the comments of this particular post take the whole conversation of porn somewhere entirely else.  Some reader decides to say that all porn is anti-feminist and openly misogynistic.  Girl on the Net responds succinctly and directly, politely.

It’s exactly this about her, her openness and clarity — which allows her to claim disagreement in an intelligent, thoughtful way — that brings me back around again and again.

In general, she also writes about sexy, real, provoking themes and experiences and her honesty is unmistakeable.  She doesn’t write erotica, per se, she writes about sex, sexuality, and herself from a self-deprecating feminist voice that I thoroughly delight in.

I feel smarter after I’ve read her.  Plus, she and I feel similarly about lots of other things, too.

N’s thoughts:

Yup. I agree totally. I love GOtN. She’s in my sidebar, and I read her every post. I remember when she wrote this, and I agreed then. I just re-read the comments and was struck by some of the claptrap that’s been written there.

She is a truly great writer. Unapologetic, smart, funny, iconoclastic. Read her.

Friday, April 4th, is SILLY Boobday!


I giggled and guffawed as the pics poured in this week.  First, was Scarlett of A True Unfolding and her scribbles, topped off by a last minute entry by Rose of The Shit Show That is My Life earlier today.  There are puppets, props, lots of drawings and a wonderful sense of play in this week’s offerings.  It’s just what I was hoping for!!  Thank you, ladies!

Tits are always so serious, sexy, but I don’t know of any woman who hasn’t done something ridiculous with them.  Maybe none of us have gone so far as we’ve gone today, but we wiggle and jiggle them, we smack our lovers in the face with them (one of my favorites hahahahaha), we grab our friends’ breasts and jiggle them!   The truth is, they’re wonderful play things!

So, I hope this week’s pics make you smile and think about yet another amazing layer boobies bring to us!

Next week’s theme is WET.



Want to participate in Boobday?  Go here and read the Guidelines and State of the Boob Union to answer any questions, but this is the TL;DR of what I need each time:

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My SILLY tits:


Arrrgh, matey!

My best friend bought this for Peyton while he was in Belgium, I think.  Every time I see it, I think of a Warner Bros. character’s eyes bugging out at something lascivious.  In this case, it’s the fact he’s stuck in my underpants below giant boobies (well, giant to me, anyway).

NOT my SILLY tits (click on image for possible click-thru):


I laughed my damn ass off when I opened Scarlett’s email, apparently, so did she! @ATrueUnfolding

I laughed my ass off drawing a dick on my boob.

Wiggle, wiggle, jiggle, jiggle! @SilverdropUK @SilverDomUK

Silverdrop can be quite silly sometimes. I know, I know, this is a shock to you all. Anyway, she was drying off after a shower the other day when she saw me looking at her tits – something that, as a breast man, I do rather a lot. I had my phone in my hand at the time, thinking about taking a pic for Boobday.



Our second artist of the day! @BeckAndHerKinks



Our 3rd artist! I guess SassyCat just happened to have a clown nose laying around! lol



I rather love how Hennaed magnified the natural marks on her body!



This one from G is both hot AND silly. How’d she do that?? @CurvyMilfy

This shot was hard to get! To add more monkeys to the chain and get the angle, while snapping the pic, was silly fun!



One of the greatest joys of having tits — in my opinion — is flashing them. Jade agrees! @JadeMelisande

I chose this one because, well, I was just being silly! We have a lot of fun with our Scavenger Hunts and Boobies & Bondage, and this was after we’d been doing some of that, but we were all finished – so I didn’t “need” to flash him. I just did for the fun of it!



Seriously, you guys have the coolest stuff just laying around! Tis got SUPER SILLY here!

My husband used the theme “Silly” as a way to play with Silly String for the first time and this was the shot that showed the best spray pattern. We just liked it, nothing more than that.

I wonder if Jim Henson would approve of this message haha Love the strategically placed hand, Kermie! @BisexualMinx

HI HO Kermit The Frog, here!!
My friend Krystal asked me to help her with this photo shoot and we are both totally silly, so I was happy to (as long as I could censor it to my liking).
P.S. from Krystal- next week no green allowed.



Anonymous Aussie gets entertaining.

I chose this pic for ‘silly’ boobday as a I really couldn’t think of anything sillier than my boob listening to my iPod!



I seriously didn’t realize Rose had colored her nipples, too! I know… I’m a little slow sometimes. @TheShitShowThat

My Miley Cyrus boobs :)



Love is a little boring.


Even my boob pics to him have gotten a little boring.

Last night I slathered on peachy, vanilla scented lotion wrapped only in a towel and listened to The Neighbor come upstairs, the jingle of his keys like a little bell about his neck.  I smiled and felt warm and fuzzy.  Peyton was asleep in the other bedroom and I had an evening ahead of watching Luther from beneath a blanket while my love(r) taught himself some new programming language on the other couch.  Very domestic of us, very sweet, very safe.

When he came into my room he didn’t kiss me or try to unwrap me.  He just emptied his work bag and left to the other room.

I called out to him.  “What are you doing?  C’mere!”

“Ah, man!” he replied.  “I just laid down!”

I rolled my eyes.  “TN!  Come on!”

“Ok!  I’ll be there in 30 seconds!”

I sat there in the dark, perched on the side of my bed and waited.  It took longer than 30 seconds for him to fill the doorway.

“You didn’t even kiss me,” I pouted.  I pulled him by the t-shirt and drew him closer between my knees.  He dipped down and pressed his lips and whiskers against my face.  I pulled his knee closer and pressed it into my crotch.

I inhaled his scent and closed my eyes, my hands rubbed his shoulders and I arched up in to him as his bulk pressed me down into the mattress and I imagined him pushing into me, but I quickly knew nothing was going to happen when he said, “I had a terrible day.  Very stressful.”

“Then you definitely need some of these.”  I peeled the towel apart and exposed my warm, clean breasts.  He pretended he didn’t want them and I jiggled my tits and giggled.  He latched onto one and suckled for a minute, then the other.

He popped off and stood up straight and announced, “Ok!  I had a great day!”.  He laughed before heading back into the living room.  I stood and put on my pajamas, made some popcorn and laid on the couch until sleep tugged at me.  He crawled into bed with me and we talked nose-to-nose until the tug became a roar.  He kissed me again, told me he loved me, and left.

A riveting evening, right??

I remember when I was filled with tension each night: would he come by?  would I get laid?  would he want me??  Now my nights are filled with exhaustion and cuddles.  I have no doubt about his feelings and my contentment is quiet, soft, lulling.  A mighty difference from the sharp-edged heartbreak I was so used to experiencing nightly.

I call it boring, but I’m not bored.  Life just isn’t as exciting as it used to be.  But I guess that’s ok, other things are challenges.  My brain whirrs every minute to adapt to the new configurations of our relationship. I say Hi to his parents now when he’s on the phone with them; I plan overnights with him when Peyton’s around; my parents want us to come over for dinner; I hear 3 words every day that I never, ever thought I’d hear from him.  I wake up everyday wondering if I’m dreaming.

Hi, my name is Hy and I’m in love and I’m boring.  Welcome to my blog.

You’ll have to wait for the sexy sloppy sex a little while longer, though I guess I could tell you really quick about the other night that started out as just a sweet, quick vagina hug and quickly turned into him pile-driving into me from behind while he pressed my face down into the sheets.  He grunted and thrust like an animal on top of me and I came and yelled and hoped my new neighbors could hear me.  Actually — on second thought — that was pretty exciting.

Friday, March 28th, is SOFT Boobday!


With the exception of some lost comments on a couple of posts and about a million little things to do in the new apartment, I have successfully completed two moves!  Yay!

Thanks again to all the ladies who chose to participate this week and I just want to say I miss some of my regulars, but I’ll be patient and hope you come back to us.

Next week’s Boobday theme is SILLY.  What?  Boobs aren’t always serious and/or sexy!



Want to participate in Boobday?  Go here and read the Guidelines and State of the Boob Union to answer any questions, but this is the TL;DR of what I need each time:

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  2. a sentence about why you chose this particular photo

  3. if you want to be anonymous or not

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Emails sent to me with all of this info plus the theme will be given preferential treatment.  I will not look up links.

My SOFT tits:


Pretty much softness everywhere.

Layers upon layers of softy stuff.


NOT my SOFT tits:


I love this view of @ScarlettDubois.

I chose this because I had just showered, and I felt clean and soft, laying in a bed with soft blankets, and my nipple, once hard, was once again soft. I just felt soft, literally. ;-)



Beck’s got such an innocent face. Follow her at @BeckandHerKinks

I am softly rubbing my nipple.



Hennaed describes her pic beautifully.

This time of year, I feel like the animals coming out of hibernation- still a bit of extra energy stored away, and far from toned. So “soft” is particularly apt to describe my body. Cozy and cuddly might work too. ;) I decided to soften the photo as well, using natural light and filters.



Yes, it does @SilverDom :) (Follow @SilverdropUK, too)

Silverdrop’s nipples might be rock hard (they usually are) but her breasts are soft – does that count for the theme?



New Dawn is always so creative. Click her image to check out her blog.

Shooting Boobday pictures took my mind off things this week. A litle bit of softness in my week was more than needed.

So here is my breast, nestled in soft red feathers…



@KinkyBikerMom is alll about the soft this week.



I give vagina hugs.


He was pulling on his jeans as I took this.

Monday night was my first night in the new apartment and The Neighbor stayed over, all Lunesta butterflies — as he calls them — and all.

Naturally, I didn’t sleep. A light buzzed, I heard men on the stairs, a car starting, and I was terrified of disturbing TN since, after all, there’s nothing he dislikes more than sleeping with someone.

It was funny that once morning broke he woke up smiling, having slept like the dead. I remained bleary eyed and nervous, completely exhausted.

“Good morning, Hy,” he smiled. We kissed with our mouths closed and I got up to make myself some coffee.

When I came back I whimpered my need for him and I crawled back into my bed softly alight with morning rays and cuddled the fuck out of him until he gently parted my knees and pushed his way inside.

It was gentle, but enough. I wanted to give him just a vagina hug, nothing more. One little orgasm was all I could muster anyway.

I snapped some pics; he tossed a pillow on me as he recovered all his clothing; he continued to beam out love and happiness at me like a kid who just passed through the gates of Disneyland; and I stumbled through the rest of my day with boxes and boxes and boxes.

I’m finally home and happens to be right here with me.

Nobody better pinch me.

I’m moving.

It’s happening.  I will no longer be 5 seconds from my lover.  We will be a car ride apart, clothes will be almost always necessary, a call-ahead check in order.  The Neighbor will always be TN, but our special His and Her apartments will be a thing of the past in a matter of hours.

Since I’m up to my ears in boxes and dream about organizing my shelves I haven’t given this change much space, but The Neighbor has.  When the boxes first showed up in my apartment he was visibly distraught.  When they began to fill up and things disappear from sight he would whimper and come for a hug.  He was vocal about how much he hated it and wanted it to stop, but it is financially impossible for me to stay here.  Literally, impossible.  So, I’m going and he has to let the universe push us down this path.

It’s hard to imagine that three years ago my heart was in such tatters.  I was 4 months out of my marital home and completely out of my mind to fix it with dicks galore.  Two years ago, the heart was on the mend, but it had attached itself to this fidgety, weird young man next door who, despite our ridiculous chemistry, refused to admit we were more than just friends.  Hell, I couldn’t admit it, either, honestly.  And a year ago, we had decided to be monogamous and my guilt rose about my secrets even as my heart admitted it really was love between us.  Two goddamned idiots with more than enough fear of our feelings to go around.  And now, here we are, in love, committed, fucking happy.

It’s a goddamned miracle.

He’s worried that the move will cause us to break up.  I sincerely can’t imagine how, but that’s just him: he doesn’t like change and he doesn’t want to lose me.  And he’s vowed to cuddle with me every single night as usual.  I can live with that.

But really, I have no doubts that we will survive this for multiple reasons.  The least of which being I’m only moving 2 minutes away.

Two minutes away, people!

I am one lucky lady. So so lucky.

/smiley faces all over the goddamned place

Also, I’ve moved to self-hosted!  Yay!  So, you may notice some things are a little different around my page and the mobile page may not be at all like what you’re used to.  Please be patient with me as I work to get it back to the way I’d like and if anyone you know wonders where I’ve gone, just tell them where they can find me!




I’ll be back soon!

I’m not sure what you’ll see as I do some heavy blog maintenance later this afternoon, but don’t worry, I haven’t quit! The blog may be down for a few hours or a couple of days, I’m not really sure which, but it’s all very routine.

I’ll be back better than ever before you know it!

In the meantime, here’s a pic I just snapped for your viewing pleasure.



Friday, March 21st, is HYACINTH Boobday!


One year ago I started this meme to give women a safe place to play with their body image, to see themselves as we might see them.  No flaws are visible here, just beautiful, functioning, loveable, fuckable bodies in all shapes and sizes.

Thank you to everyone for participating.  This wouldn’t exist without you and I am always moved by your personal stories, your struggles, and that you share them with me.  It is an honor to hold this space open for you.

Thank you.

Next week’s theme is SOFT. 



Want to participate in Boobday?  Go here and read the Guidelines and State of the Boob Union to answer any questions, but this is the TL;DR of what I need each time:

  1. an attached pic

  2. a sentence about why you chose this particular photo

  3. if you want to be anonymous or not

  4. a hyperlink or URL to your Twitter handle (if you have one)

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Emails sent to me with all of this info plus the theme will be given preferential treatment.  I will not look up links.

My HYACINTH tits aren’t necessary today, so I give you a bunch of NOT my HYACINTH tits instead!


Sexy G from Filled and Fooled.  @CurvyMilfy

Classic Hy, I’m not sure if you ever pull your shirt up though.  (Ed note: I totally do!)


Rose, from The Shit Show That is My Life

This is my best ‘Hy’ photograph!



I tried to think about some of your poses and this one seemed to evoke you in my mind. I hope it does your sexiness justice. :) (Ed note: It totally does!)


Heather from Vagina Antics (and her brilliant cat).
I’d kiss all those moles.  xx

Your post with the laser kitty app made me laugh out loud (literally) so I did a spoof with my own cat. You can tell that he’s THRILLED about it. You can use it or not. It was just fun to do! :)  The second photo is a HY pose from March 12. I should have painted my nails and changed the sheets and worn my Batgirl boxers to better replicate your pose, but time is of the essence.


Emma Whispers from Dirty Little Whispers in simple black and white – one of my fav go to’s. @DirtyLittleW

Here my boobs right this second. Sorry it’s not very fancy, I have work in 7 minutes!


Sweet Anonymous Aussie!

here is my ‘Ode to Hyacinth’ in a white singlet! :)


Sexy ass Kayla.  @KaylaLords
One sentence: It’s not exactly the same, but I like to think I capture Hyacinth’s essence in this one.
New Dawn and some glorious hyacinth!
New Dawn in the mist.

Since it’s now Spring, and that I’m a nature kind of girl, I thought of flowers as soon as you gave us this week’s theme.



Silverdrop and SilverDom doing their thing <3

We want to thank the lovely Hyacinth for hosting this meme and apologise for not having the time to follow the “Hyacinth” prompt. Our bad. As usual, we had much laughter getting this week’s pic of Silverdrop’s underboob. Enjoy.


I want this bra.

Becki – first time submission – actually first time boob photo taker! Thanks for helping me see my boobs are actually pretty damn hot!



Scarlett was the first to submit a pic and not only is she gorgeous here, but she also made me realize I take a lot of pics in my jammies.

I chose this because I decided to be brave and I wanted to say thank you for providing a safe place where I could do that.