I poured whiskey on my tits.

This describes the first sexual encounter I had with Dave. It was November of 2010. I’d already fucked Matt and Ethan to lukewarm results. You can see how hard I tried to make it better than it really was. I no longer fool myself when the sex is mediocre. Can’t say I wasn’t looking hard for what I wanted, though.


Dave is a 36 year old single dad. He’s the lead singer for a semi-well-known punk rock band that’s been playing for ten years by night and a regular working Joe during the day. He looks a lot like John Cusack, only slender and rippled with sinewy muscles. You would never guess at the wonderful surprise that is his cock unless you saw it first hand: it’s long and thick and buttery smooth and fits just right.

We went to a local German festival last night. It was out of town and our first official date. He’d come over twice earlier in the week during nap-time and we drank rum-spiked tea and tasted it in each others’ kisses. He wore a black leather jacket and snake-skinned boots. I wore jeans tucked in to my boots and navy blue scarf.

There’s something alluring about a man who is at once nervous and shy, but also committed to an attraction. Dave has this down pat. He never shies from my advances; he makes his own. He talks dirty about what he’s going to do to my pussy, but has the decency to look abashed and turned on simultaneously.

After sausage on a stick and two pitchers of beer we headed back to our one-bed hotel room. I tore his clothes off and told him we should get a fuck out of the way before heading down to the hotel bar. His skin was soft and cool, his muscles tight and bumpy under my hands. He pushed me back onto the bed and kissed my neck, my breasts, licked my pussy until I was writhing then grabbed a condom and in one fell swoop was back on me and in me pressing deep and lifting my hips to meet him with his arm under my waist.

It was short and quick – a place holder. We got redressed, me braless and pantiless, and went to the bar downstairs. We ordered four shots of whiskey (two for each of us) and a glass of beer and smuggled it all back up to our room where the clothes promptly ended up back on the floor.

God, his cock was marvelous. I sucked it and stroked it and heard his moans of surprise and pleasure. When I felt he was close to cumming I sat down hard on him, my soft thighs around his hard waist. I poured whiskey on my tits and let it run down my belly to where we were joined, leaned forward and let him suck it off my nipples. The alcohol tingled on my skin and the fumes filled my nostrils, his grunts of approval filled my ears.

We fucked every which way until we were exhausted and the easy calm rapport that existed drunk and naked prevailed all morning as we drove back home. He gave me a pep talk for my 2 o’clock date with Troy (a 6’6″ tall man I hadn’t met, yet) and hoped I’d have a good time with Ethan for my dinner date even later in the day. He approved my outfit for my date, gave me a kiss and smacked my ass when I dropped him off.
[Epilogue: I would end up dating Dave for about 3 or 4 months. I’d introduce him to Lina and she would fall in love with him. Dave and I never had good sex after that first night. He was a one-position man and, unfortunately for him, I would always seem to fuck him the night after I’d have amazing sex with Troy, week after week. Can you imagine my confusion that I could be a sopping, squirting mess with Troy on Tuesday and a dry desert with Dave on Wednesday? It’s when I began to understand the power of a really good lover and my dependency on their skill. Dave was timid, never made the first move, would be done in about 10 minutes and relied heavily on the 7″ between his legs and his washboard abs and little else at his disposal. I would dread out dates together, but would keep them nonetheless because of my competitive feelings with Troy. Oh, and I wanted to get laid as much as humanly possible. Let’s not forget that part.]

A 40-something single mother who writes honestly about sex, body image, D/s, relationships, her nervous tics, and how much she loves to fucking fuck. She also likes to show you her tits.

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