I have a very busy day today.

No, really, I do. Don’t let the brutal Thai pedi fool you.

I just always make time to send my tits out to those of whom I’m thinking.

And thinking of you I am.


31 thoughts on “I have a very busy day today.

  1. Ooooh, nothing quite like a pedicure to soothe all aches and cure all ails. Reminds me that I need to make my appointment…

    also, your tits are glorious. I just want to pop one in my mouth.

    ho hum. ;]


    • Totally true! I have no money, but it’s something special I do for myself when Peyton leaves for my ex’s. :-/. Totally worth every penny.

      And, honey, I’d love to have those lips of yours on me. xx Hy

  2. Ha!…”cheatinghwhore”….I had the same exact beautiful image. And thanks, BTW, for thinking of us – we appreciate your thoughtfulness.

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