Fireman Sam pays a visit.

In a land across the pond, a lady of sexual means, Molly, won a prize.  She was at first perplexed, then later inspired.  Her treat — a fireman, no less! — was hers with which to play in any fashion she chose.

When she was done, she decided to hand him off to another lady of sexual means.  And then another and another (BlackSilk, Jilly, Rose, Rebel, and Penny, to be precise).

Until finally he landed on my doorstep.

I am Sam’s lucky #7.

And I am a fiend for MMF threesomes.  I love watching a masculine hand on another’s cock, a scruffy face close to some balls.  Mmm… so fucking hot.  So, the sweet Neighbor and Sam got to work for me.  What ensued was pure masculine magic.

I fucking love dudes.



photo 1

Sam, meet TN. TN, Sam.


photo 2

Sam gets into position.  No fanfare.


photo 5

TN, take it off now.


photo 1

Please note how safe sex is a priority in my house.


photo 2

If only this were a real penis. Sorry, Pinocchio – er – Sam. I would’ve died and gone to heaven.


photo 3

Sam’s cock is certainly impressive, but you gotta respect the hot cock to the left, too.


photo 4

This is where things started to get interesting.  Sam loved it.


photo 1

Then he got a turn with TN.


photo 3

And was really quite sadistic.


photo 5

And a bit of a show off.

Fun times with well endowed men.  That’s how I spend my Sundays.

Thanks, Sam, for visiting.  I hope you speak of me fondly with your next woman.

If you want Sam to visit you next, contact Molly and she’ll hook you up.

Sinful Sunday

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Fuck-et List

Originally published 4/17/12

This is the sexual bucket list I would have made right after I separated from my ex-husband.  It’s now current, yet always evolving.

  1. Send sexy pic to lover

  2. Cum over Facetime

  3. Receive cock shot midday

  4. Receive cock shot from office

  5. Read a fantasy a man wrote about me Trip X took care of it in spades

  6. Open the door and get fucked with little to no talking before hand

  7. Have sex more than once in one day

  8. Be tied up and fucked until I beg for mercy done!

  9. Be spanked until I can’t sit and sob for it to stop

  10. Be fucked in my kitchen

  11. Fuck outside

  12. Fuck in someone else’s house/bed without their knowledge

  13. Suck a cock while getting fucked

  14. Be introduced to anal – Thank you, Captain!

  15. Be fucked with a dildo and a cock simultaneously in my pussy

  16. Be fucked with a buttplug in

  17. Fuck a man while he wears a buttplug

  18. Watch a man suck cock

  19. Watch a man get fucked by another man

  20. Eat pussy while getting fucked by a man

  21. Group sex; any combo  – MMF, MFM, MFMF

  22. More Group sex; any combo – MMF, MFM MFMF

  23. Be blindfolded and watched

  24. Fuck a complete and total stranger

  25. Double vaginal penetration

  26. Double penetration – either a man in my arse or a dildo – I’m thinking dildo first

  27. Have welts left on my body from being struck during sex

  28. Swallow cum every time I have the chance

  29. Fuck more than one man in a single daygot up to only 2 in a day

  30. Fuck as many men in a single week as possibleso far, my record is 4 or 5 in one week

  31. *Mile-high club

  32. Have sex while being watched

  33. Fuck next to the railroad tracks near *******.

  34. Have a man do housework for me nude or in my panties.

  35. Cum with a cock in my mouth – one of many times

  36. Get finger fucked in public.

  37. Make love

  38. Be made love to

  39. Have a day or more dedicated to pleasure

  40. Wrestle as foreplay

  41. Dominate a man

  42. Have a man make me dinner while he’s naked

  43. Have sex while shrooming

  44. Go to a sex party

  45. Be given total submission

  46. Give road head – always fun with TN

  47. Word play

  48. Go in public wearing a buttplug

  49. Have my Boy go in public wearing a buttplug

  50. Have my Boy send me a cock shot from the office

  51. Have sex every day for a week

*Posts after the * are updates from the original posting.

Some kind of balance can be achieved. And I get the bejeezus fucked outta me.

Yesterday I lounged on my therapist’s large brown couch, a foot tucked under my bottom.  I’ve worked with this man for 9 years.  Nine.  And only after the 8 and a half was I brave enough to share a little bit about who I am sexually.

“So, I’m doing ok,” I start, “last week was pretty good.  Things are going well with The Neighbor.  I feel balanced.” As I sit and talk, my eyes roam about the room, skitter across book titles like Pathology, The Neurotic Child and Adolescent, Inner Torment.  I feel like I’m in good company.   My face cracks into a smile as I finish my thought, “But I don’t know how I’m going to recreate that feeling.  I mean, I had, 8, maybe 10 interactions with men, a great week at work and with my friends.  It was magical, but even I know it’s a lot.”

My therapist, a man of about 60 with a salt and pepper goatee and floppy hair, put his hand to his chin and quietly looked at me, said nothing.

“I feel more — ‘stable’ isn’t the right word, nor is ‘secure’ — I feel, calmer.  More in control.  Ever since TN said the “6 Strikes” thing I feel better about losing him, less on the receiving end.  More empowered.”  I pause and look at more books: Jung, Freud, Rogers, my friends and mentors.  “And I’m certain now that TN is in love with me.  He may never tell me, he may not even admit it to himself, but I know he does.  There’s no way he can’t.  And knowing it for myself makes me feel amazing.  I have the love of this young, Midwestern boy next door and I still get to go out on dates and fuck whoever I want.”

Finally, he decides to speak.  “It’s interesting to me that you don’t seem interested at all in developing that part of you that is ok being alone with yourself.  You describe a life that sounds chaotic to me, but you don’t think so.  You are in control, in your element.”  I quietly listen and give a small nod.

And he’s right.  The thing I’ve worked so hard on the past year and a half is balance and acceptance.  My entire life has been comprised of fighting my core urges, and to what end?  The demise of a marriage, strained relationships with my parents and sister, heartbreaking disappointments.  And all because I was working harder than everyone else in the room just to be accepted.  Well, fuck that and fuck everyone else.

“I’m tired of subscribing to this American ideal that you are only enlightened if and when you love being by yourself all the time.  I want to run head first into being me and see where that leads me.  I don’t not like being alone, I just struggle with it when I don’t want to be alone.  I get tired, I need time outs, I need to be left alone.  But on those nights when I want contact and I can’t get it, I’m frantic.  It’s true.  That’s the only thing I’m trying to work on changing.”

“But all these dates,” he counters, “you put yourself out there and, I can’t help but admit again, it just all sounds so chaotic.”

“No.  I love it.  I love people, I love the energy.  And what’s so different from having three dates on Monday from having three friend commitments on Sunday??  It’s still a lot and I can handle it.  Driving from one to the next I feel more alive, like I have a purpose, like I’m really me.”

Comfortable silence hung in the air and the red digital numbers on the clock ticked by; that indoor ivy plant everyone has languished in a beam of sunlight to my right.

I sometimes wonder if I should tell him everything about my sex life and if I’m doing myself a disservice by keeping my proclivities a secret.  I’ve opened up to him about Troy, but not the group sex or MMFs; he knows that TN and I have an active sex life, but no clue to what deeply penetrating degree.  But it’s not the acts that are relevant, it’s the feelings behind them.  And I’m completely open about those.

So, I feel strangely balanced after a week filled with dates, sex, blowjobs, desire, wanting, emails, laughs, friends, activities, accolades at work, drinks with friends, and tons of quality time with TN.  We talked for hours, flirted, kissed, petted and played.  He surprised me multiple times with sweet words and kind gestures, a desire to stay with me longer than even I wanted.  And all without sex. All without me wanting it.

I’m happy to feel this empowered calm, but I’m fighting a knot of nervousness that it will melt under the bright sun of my exposed week without my child by my side.  My life is cyclical: non-custodial weeks find me frantic and scrabbling for things to fill me and my time, custodial weeks I am soft and centered.  Having an awesome non-custodial week, while exciting, is also generally a fluke.  And I’m a little worried, though I wish desperately I wasn’t.  But again, it’s me, so I’m going to walk right into it and see what happens.

Last night after I’d read Little Critter and Spider Man books and tucked in my sleeping babe I went back out to my couch.  I text some friends, catch myself giggling and realize I was in that place within me: I wanted company.  So, instead of fighting it, I texted TN this with a note that said, “They’re lonely.”:

Well, hello there.

I hit send and then realize I was actually goddamned exhausted.   Hmm.  Fancy that.  But, I’m going with this shit, so I get up, put the leash on the puppy to take her out one last time before I went to bed and literally ran into TN on my way out the door.

“What are you doing here?”

“You said your tits were lonely.”  The puppy wraps her leash around his legs and wriggles against his shins.

Bent over untangling him I look up at him, “They are still lonely.  Stay here, I’ll be right back.”

We lay on the couch and he curls into me, a yang to my yin.  He discovers I’m insanely ticklish and makes me squeal and plead.  How could it be that after 7 months he doesn’t know this about me?  It’s telling.  Then he pulls down my tank top and suckles on my breast.  Heat floods to my core.  I haven’t been touched, really touched in days.   I stroke his hair, we chit-chat between his suckles, he rubs my legs, my mound over my little pajama shorts.  But I didn’t touch him.

I’d made a bet with him on Friday on our date that I wouldn’t touch his cock until he asked me to.  His bump-condition-thingy (and no, it’s not an STD, just an unfortunate rash for those of you who have been wondering) was torturing the both of us, causing him anxiety and me frustration, so the bet was to alleviate both for us.  Of course I lost the bet two hours after I made it because he caught me completely absent-mindedly massaging it as he stood behind me.  Talk about fucking stupid.  It had taken the both of us a few seconds to even realize what I was doing!  Oh well.  But I had reinstated the bet and last night I was sticking to it.  I wanted the control.  He had other ideas, however.

And because my rule is to do whatever it is I feel like doing in an attempt to appeal to whatever thing it is inside of me that drives me, I let him lead me into my room and pull the sticky door shut with a squeak and lock the handle.

He peels off his clothes and his erection springs out and down like a falling tree, bobbing and swinging under its own weight.  I snuggle up beside him and pull my covers closer to me.  I don’t know what to do.  He tells me to hold it.

I feel shy, but do as he says.  In my hand it’s thick and hot, a beautiful dusky pink.  I slide the skin up and over the head and back down again.  He rolls onto his back and I climb up on top, spread his knees with my own and watch him tug on his meet, his balls bouncing as if on a blacktop.

I lean over and breathe hotly on the head, let spit slip out of my mouth onto the head.  I look at him and his light blue eyes are boring into my own darker ones.  “Ok.  Just the tip,” I say.  “Don’t worry, you’ll still be a virgin when I’m done.”  He laughs, but cuts it short as I take him into my mouth.  His hand rests on the back of my head and I never get “just the tip,” as he eases his cock as far as I can take into my face.  My pussy pulses.  He just took control.

I lave his cock with my velvet tongue and grip the shaft with my left hand, bracing my weight with my right.  His thighs tense and relax in rhythm to my ministrations.  He is close.  And fast.   He grabs me and hauls me up his chest.  I’m still clothed, but he’s buck naked, his chest hair springy against the cotton of my tank top.  He kisses me hard, I beg him to let me finish, but he instead he orders me to roll over onto my back.  “But, why?  I don’t understand.”

“I don’t want to cum, yet.”

“I still don’t understand.”

“Do you understand now?” he asks as he shifts my shorts to the side and presses the head of his cock into my hole.

“Yes.  Yes, I understand,” I moan as he slowly pushes all the way inside of me.  My pussy weeps with joy, my chest swells.  I feel one with the primordial loam, all woman-kind, the sun and moon and stars.  There is nothing more pure, more me than this moment of being filled with the perfect partner.

I am overwhelmed with a sense of balance I can’t create by myself.  The sounds of sex, of his breathing, his taste in my mouth and the stretching of my center by him.  I cry into my hand, my arm, anything to stifle the noise from my slumbering child in the next room.  I grip the wire head-board and push back with all my might.  He mewls his own passion, losing control.

He flips me over, pulls my pants off.  “Mmm.  I haven’t seen you from this angle in too long, Hy.”  I can’t speak.  I only raise my bottom higher for him.  He slides back in and roughly pushes my shoulders down, grabs both my arms and yanks them back.  Both my wrists are held tightly, painfully, in one of his.  With his other he grabs my hair and pulls my face up out of the mattress.  His cock rams into me.  Tears run down my face, gasps are all that escape me.  I rock my hips back on him.

“You love that, don’t you, you dirty little slut.  You fucking slut.”

“Mmmhmm,” I manage to reply.  “Yes.”

“Yes, you do, you slut.”  He roughly shoves my head down and pins my arms down by side and slams into me.  I’m sobbing dryly into my white sheets.  My center is blooming.  This is the first time it’s more than I can handle.

“Roll over again, Hy.  I want you on your back.”

“TN, you’re killing me.  I want to die,” I say as I comply.

“You’re not going to die.  You’re going to do as I say.”

What little protest I had in me was lost into his crushing mouth and his hand buried in my cunt.  He began to stroke.  I whimper and grasp at shoulders, hang on for dear life.  The climax swells up and over me in a thunderous crash.   My ejaculate spills into his cupped hand and splatters all over us.  My center is now flaming so brightly it’s painful.

I grab his wrist panting and pull it away from me.  “No, really.  Please,” I look into his eyes, hold contact.  “We have to stop.  I’m going to fucking die.  I’m going to die from sex.  Truly.  My belly hurts.”

He chuckles and kisses me softly.  “Ok, sweetie.  I’m sorry for breaking you.”

“It’s ok.  I think it’s my cervix.  And I have to pee.”  I stagger into the toilet and relieve myself.  When I return to the dimly lit room he’s mostly clothed, he’s trying to figure out how to stuff his giant cock into his jeans.

I feel embarrassed that I had to cry uncle and I feel supremely stupid, like Sex Stupid, which happens frequently with him.  I can’t remember my name.  “What’s the capital of Peru?” he asks.


“No it isn’t.”

“Yes it is!”

“What’s the capital of Honduras?”

“Dude, no one knows that shit even on a good day!  What’s the capital of Canada?”

“Canada City??” he says wryly.  We laugh and I walk him to the front door.

“Fuck, that was awesome.  Thanks.  It’d been way too long,” I say with a shy grin.

“Yes, it had.”

“I’m sorry I had to stop.  Maybe my body forgot how to fuck you.”

“It’s ok, I had fun.  We’ll practice some more.” he replies as he pulls me close for a long, slow kiss.  And then he leaves and I shuffle off to bed.  Feeling balanced, feeling nervous, feeling sore, but mostly, feeling happy.

I fucked, gagged, and then I kept giving.

From my archives.  The old Hyacinth (let’s call her Rose) was hobbled by the knowledge that Troy read everything she wrote about him voraciously.  My words were shrouded in hidden meaning, both from myself and him.  I’m torn on whether or not to update this story with what I was really thinking or feeling or whether to just leave it as is, as a reminder of how stunted I was with him. Plus, the story just sucks.  I would write this so differently today (and maybe some day I will…).

I guess I’ll just post it as is.  Maybe y’all will sense what I mean.  The writing is light years away from who and what I am today and this was just last August. 

Fuck.  I have so much joy and thanks for having Hyacinth in my life.  She is much better, stronger, and smarter than Rose used to be.  Much, much more.


Thursday night.

“I want to fuck you again.  Soon. Wanna come over before my date Saturday afternoon?” I boldly ask.

“Fuck, yeah,” he agrees.

On Friday I mention my plans to Troy.  I think he responded with something like this: OMG! Can I come watch and have him finish in my mouth?  PLEASE??  Pleeease???

I hesitated for a second because I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, but then — come on — of course I said YES!  This girl can’t turn down an opportunity that involves two men.  I wasn’t sure I wanted Troy to only watch, but then again the idea of him watching and cheering me on was a new and exciting idea, so I decided to give it a whirl.

We arranged to meet at my house at 2.  Troy arrived first and we laid in my bed and shot the shit.  It was comfortable and nice.  For a second I wondered why we didn’t hang out more often and fuck just the two of us a couple of times a month, but then remembered we get enough vanilla sex with our other partners.  We’re each other’s kink partners.  Rare and its own thing.  Then, it was show time.  Ryan was at the door.

I jumped up from the bed with Troy and ran to the front door, excited to see Ryan.  We hugged and the men exchanged hellos.  I grabbed us a couple of beers and we sat down in my living room.  Ryan regaled us with funny dating stories and his sexual preferences.

“Yeah, one dude actually wanted to hang out like buddies.  But I’m not into that shit.  I’m not gonna go ride bikes with some dude.”

We all laugh and I realize the three of us are in pretty good company.  We’re open, horny, safe, and willing.

A long hour later I make it pretty clear I was ready to get fucked.  Ryan laughs and comes to stand behind me in my chair.  Troy is laying on the floor at my feet watching.  Troy leans over me and bites my neck and cups a breast, tweaking the nipple.  I hear Troy chuckle.

Ryan intensifies his ministrations.  I pull my shirt down so a breast falls out.  He bends lower and captures the peak in his mouth.  My eyes close and then I feel his hand slide into my shorts.  He makes a surprised noise when he discovers I’m also pantiless.  His fingers slide through my curls to my wet lips, spreads them and enters me.  I arch my back a little.

But I’m getting nervous and make him stop.  Troy’s eyes on me are a nice addition, but I’m feeling bashful.

“Would it help if we were all naked?” Troy asks and pulls his shirt over his head. I can hear Ryan removing his clothing behind me.

But then I think I need to get this show really rolling and stand up and start to walk to the back of the house.

“Are we done?” Ryan laughs.

“Nope,” I say over my shoulder.  I give a meaningful look and the men follow me into my room.

Troy pushes me roughly down on the bed and pulls off my shorts.  Ryan, on the other side of the bed, pulls off my shirt, his engorged cock literally eye level. I scoot forward and take it gently in my  mouth. Troy creeps up beside me on my left to watch.

“You look so hot doing that, Hyacnith,” he says, “Oh my god!”  He takes his phone out and takes some pictures.  He shows them to Ryan who warmly approves.  I suck for a few minutes then say, “Ok, I need to get fucked.”  I sense Troy doesn’t really know what to do with himself.  He was 95% voyeur and 5% participant at this point, a role he doesn’t usually play with me.

Ryan comes behind me, standing on the floor and slowly enters from behind.  I’m on my hands and knees, bearing down.  Troy is to my right now, his head near the action.  Then he wiggles beneath me, his skin warm and soft, and I feel a pressure on my clit and Ryan groan.  Then more wetness and groans from Troy, too.

His mouth is on the both of us, going back and forth between my plump lips and clit and Ryan’s sack as I’m getting fucked.  I soak his face and now I don’t care if he’s supposed to be only observing.  Clearly he’s not.

I take his gorgeous cock in my mouth an start to suck.  It’s been hard from the start, right in my face, and it’s a relief to finally bring him some pleasure and to have my mouth filled with more than just moans of pleasure.

Minutes tick by.  I’m losing myself in sensations.  I roll to my back with Ryan between my legs and Troy stands over me on the floor, his deliciously hard cock and dangling balls inches from my face.  As Ryan invades my body from a new vantage point I grab Troy’s thighs and pull his balls into my mouth.  Both men moan.

My entire being is filled with Man.  I switch to Troy’s cock and let him gently fuck my face. Ryan is pumping harder and deeper.  My chest is feeling numb and heavy, my pelvis delightfully buzzing.  I’m wet as fuck.  I know a g-spot squirt is on its way.

Troy suddenly plunges deeply into my throat and I gag.  Hard.  So hard I pushed Ryan’s cock right out and squirt substantially.  I am laid out, bare, vulnerable, but revered and taken care of.  I gag, push Ryan out, then squirt again.  Now they have an idea.  Troy tries to time his plunging down my throat with a thrust of Ryan’s so I don’t push him out, only clench hard on his giant rod.  He’s not that successful, but it’s fun trying.

Each gag is an extreme measure in subservience and pleasure.  I can’t be more open, more willing, more involved in my own cells and those amassed around me than at that moment.

Tears of pleasure are streaming down my face.  I squirt sideways and we all laugh.  Keep going.

Eventually, Ryan lifts my knees and rolls me up a bit.  His angle is fierce and determined.  Troy takes a picture of my soaking, rosy cunt being split wide by a milk-chocolate pole.

We stop and I lay panting and in (yet another) wet spot.  Ryan stands on the floor and Troy lays on the bed.  He wants to suck now.

On his back with his head slightly off the bed he takes Ryan’s balls into his mouth. Troy’s cock is rock hard and bobbing.  I kiss and suck on Ryan’s shaft, too, but I keep looking at Troy’s big cock so lonely and unattended.

Trying to honor his “observe only” request to the best of my abilities I ask first before impaling myself on him.  He says YES.  I roll on a condom and climb on board.  With Troy’s cock deep inside of me and Ryan’s huge cock deep inside Troy’s throat I start to move.

Troy’s big hands rest on my hips as I move enthusiastically on top of him.  My pussy gushes with abandon, my head thrown back, my breasts jiggling with creamy goodness.

It’s almost more than I can bear.  Being filled with glorious cock, witnessing Troy deep throat a 10″ cock, and seeing Ryan’s face frozen in pleasure, his muscles tense and flexed in front of me.  I’m trying to increase Troy’s pleasure, not take away from his fantasy.  Whenever I sense he’s being distracted by me I slow down, massage his cock with my pussy and let him refocus on the cock he’s dreamed about for years.  I want him to feel wrapped in the velvet of a woman while the silky hardness of a man is rammed down his throat.  This isn’t about me.

Occasionally I lean forward and touch Ryan’s body.  He shudders and tells me how hot it is to see me fucking Troy.  I hadn’t understood the scene he must be experiencing as well.  I lean back and give him full view of me.  I feel on fire.  Sweaty, vibrating, lustful, gorgeous.

He pulls out of Troy’s mouth and starts to stroke himself.  Troy laps at his balls and I lean in for a suck or two myself.  He’s getting closer.  I sit up and bear down hard on the cock inside of me just as Ryan starts to moan in pleasure.  He quickly slips his cock down into Troy’s mouth and keeps sliding until it completely disappears.

I am in awe.  I can feel Troy twitching inside of me and can see Ryan’s surprised face as he pumps load after load down Troy’s throat which is straining and flexed, veins popping.  Fifteen or 20 seconds later Ryan is still buried deep in Troy’s throat, his cock is still in me to the hilt.  I am seeing things through a haze of lust so thick it seems like we aren’t even in Kansas anymore.  We are definitely in Fucking Oz.

Troy taps out and Ryan is beyond words.  He says something about how he’d never done anything like that before.  I am smiling like a fool, so happy for my friend Troy that after all these long months of trying he finally got a load pumped into his throat.  I give him a big kiss and he laughs and apologizes for not being able to let me taste any cum seeing as it was all down his throat.

We take a small break, but I want to suck Troy something fierce now.  I ask him to climb up on the bed but he declines because the woman he’d fucked the night before had “worn him out” and “worked him over.”  A “No thanks, I’m good,” probably woulda sufficed, but, that’s Troy for ya.  I don’t miss a beat and flop down on the bed and ask for my vibe.

Each man is kneeling on opposite sides of the bed on the floor, Troy to my right.  They’re talking about what just happened and their deep timbres and the conversation topic was the perfect backdrop to my orgasm.

“Please, keep talking.  I’m just gonna cum now,” I say.  They chatted for a little while, but were soon distracted by the humming of my vibe. Troy begins to run his hands all over my body, Ryan is stroking my leg and thigh.

“You’re so beautiful, Hy.  Cum for us.  We want to see you cum,” Troy whispers hotly in my ear, “You’re such a good girl…”

And my orgasm, which had been swiftly climbing and wrapping itself through all my fibers, exploded into me.  Maybe a mouth was on me somewhere, more hands, I have no idea.  It tore through me, bigger than anything I’ve had in recent memory.

Ryan had never seen a Magic Wand before and Troy explained it to him while I recouped.

“I’m going for another.”

This time the chatting stopped right away and my breasts were kissed and fondled and my skin caressed.  Troy sneaked his hand between my legs and put gentle pressure on the towel covering my throbbing, sensitive skin.  His voice and words filled my ears with encouragement and praise and even before I knew what was happening the combination had me blasted out of my body and into a sparkling cloud of orgasm, cries, and shudders.

Seriously.  Two orgasms to go in the record books.

I didn’t have to get ready until 7 o’clock for my date, but Troy had to leave for his at 6.  Ryan stayed behind with me and went and laid out at my pool and chatted amiably for an hour or so.

Needless to say, it’s days later and it’s almost all I can think about.  Turns out I had to cancel my date that night, but I had one Sunday and Monday and I couldn’t bring myself to sleep with either of them for fear of the sex not being even remotely as pleasurable for me (well, that and I didn’t feel like fucking either of them).

Sometimes I wonder if this MMF stuff is wrecking me or awakening me. I haven’t figured it out, yet.  I guess only time will tell.

My ejaculate landed on the walls.

Another from the catacombs of my past.  This was my one-on-one encounter with Ryan.  Before the threesome, after an MMF.  Enjoy.

Ryan and I went on a date last Thursday.  We hung out at a dive bar near his apartment, chatted up all the locals and generally had a great time.  He wasn’t affectionate or touchy-feely and I had a moment of panic that maybe he’d decided he didn’t like the way I looked upon setting eyes on me again.  I shouldn’t have worried.

We fucked like maniacs all night long.  I rode his mocha-colored body while we were both bathed in the blue light from his TV.  He lapped at my pink folds and delved his fingers deep inside of me.  He turned me around and bent me over and pounded me so hard from behind we moved the couch a foot.  We finally decided to move to the bed once the rug was soaked from my streaming cunt.

I’m pretty sure some of my ejaculate is on the walls of his bedroom.  He would take his huge cock and  slap it on my clit with quickfire movements and I’d squirt uncontrollably.  I had to hold my hand over my mound to stop the splatter from dusting my own face.  Then he’d slide deep into me, exclaim at my wetness, and how I’d clench down on him.  An hour or more and he never came; he’d stop, yell out at how good it felt and then laugh at what torture it was for him to fuck me.  He wanted so badly to cum, but also didn’t want it to end.

Eventually, he fucked the shit right out of the both of us, sans orgasm for either, and we passed out in the mighty wet spots on his mattress.

I slept fitfully, if at all, and finally decided to go home at 5.  But, I told him, not before he came.

He smiled and rolled over on his back and I nipped his neck, his shoulders with my lips and teeth.  Trailed my hair down his muscled chest and found his turgid shaft ready for me.  I sucked for a few minutes, learning what he liked and what worked best, and when I sensed he was finally ready I sucked harder, though still slow, steady and silky.  He came in a rush, his cum mild and pleasant in my hot little mouth.

“I see why Troy says you’re the best!” he chuckled.

“I want to fuck you again.  Soon. Wanna come over before my date Saturday afternoon?” I boldly ask.

“Fuck, yeah,” he agreed.

Hyacinth with two men.

This pic should have gone with this post from eons ago.  I just came across it last night and realized it’s by far one of my favorites ever.

That's Troy's hand on the left, Ryan's on the right.

This is for part of Wanton Wednesdays, but the internet cafe I’m at won’t let me access her site, so I’ll have to link back later.  Fucking people and their delicate sensibilities…


I have a sexual bucket list.

My sweet, sexy, sister from another mister, Love (or LSAM as most of you call her) of Love, Sex and Marriage had the brilliant idea of doing a little round up of our sexual bucket lists. I’ve seen a couple posted already and I’m impressed. Y’all are a bunch of fucking freaks!

I’d never given this kind of thing much thought, honestly, until recently. When I was married having sex at least once every 6 weeks was #1 on my list. So, I’m going to write this as I would have right after leaving my marriage: on wobbly new sex-legs and with a new sense of self. You might be surprised. Or maybe not. I shouldn’t really presume to know what you might think about me. I guess I should say that my list surprises me.

  1. Send sexy pic to lover
  2. Cum over Facetime
  3. Receive cock shot midday
  4. Receive cock shot from office
  5. Read a fantasy a man wrote about me Trip X took care of it in spades
  6. Open the door and get fucked with little to no talking before hand
  7. Have sex more than once in one day
  8. Be tied up and fucked until I beg for mercy done!
  9. Be spanked until I can’t sit and sob for it to stop
  10. Be fucked in my kitchen
  11. Fuck outside
  12. Fuck in someone else’s house/bed without their knowledge
  13. Suck a cock while getting fucked
  14. Be introduced to anal
  15. Be fucked with a dildo and a cock simultaneously in my pussy
  16. Be fucked with a buttplug in
  17. Fuck a man while he wears a buttplug
  18. Watch a man suck cock
  19. Watch a man get fucked by another man
  20. Eat pussy while getting fucked by a man
  21. Group sex; any combo
  22. Be blindfolded and watched
  23. Fuck a complete and total stranger
  24. Double vaginal penetration
  25. Double penetration – either a man in my arse or a dildo – I’m thinking dildo first
  26. Have welts left on my body from being struck during sex
  27. Swallow cum every time I have the chance
  28. Fuck more than one man in a single daygot up to only 2 in a day
  29. Fuck as many men in a single week as possibleso far, my record is 4 or 5 in one week
  30. *Mile-high club
  31. Have sex while being watched
  32. Fuck next to the railroad tracks near *******.
  33. Have a man do housework for me nude or in my panties.
  34. Cum with a cock in my mouth – one of many times
  35. Get finger fucked in public.
  36. Make love
  37. Be made love to
  38. Have a day or more dedicated to pleasure
  39. Wrestle as foreplay
  40. Dominate a man
  41. Have a man make me dinner while he’s naked
  42. Have sex while shrooming
  43. Go to a sex party
  44. Be given total submission
  45. Give road head – This has happened a shit ton, but is always extra fun with TN
  46. Word play
  47. Go in public with a buttplug in
  48. Have my Boy go in public wearing a buttplug
  49. Have my Boy send me a cock shot from the office

I plan on updating this after I read everyone else’s and see what I forgot.

*Posts after the * are updates

I had a lovely threesome once, Part 2.

Here’s Part 1. This was when I really understood where I fell on the sexual orientation spectrum: a little more straight than wholly bisexual, I know now that given the opportunity to have sex with a woman I’ll do it, cuz I do love pussy and the feel of a woman’s body against mine, but I’ll want to have a man around, too.

I groan and Becky smiles knowingly then kisses me passionately. Her hands run all over my body, knead my breasts; her mouth slides over the sides of my breasts and up and over the mounds to capture my hard nipples in her hot, wet mouth.

My pussy is slick and happy to be filled again. I haven’t fucked anyone since the last time I was with Troy and Ryan together. My body is screaming for touch and satisfaction.

Becky climbs off of me and bends her face low to my curls. She carefully avoids getting bumped in the head by Ryan’s thrusts and presses her tongue on my clit. I arch my back and grab the cushions. Minutes tick by. I’m on Cloud 9.

Then we switch around: she lays on the couch with knees apart and I kneel before her. Ryan situates himself behind me and enters roughly. I fall forward onto her shaved pussy. She tastes tangy and female and her slight stubble scratches my tender skin. I push forward and find her nub and start to lap at it with the rhythm of Ryan’s pumps.

His hands grip my hips, my hands grip her small breasts, she grips my hair.

I’m so happy to be here with them. They are so generous, it feels so collaborative. I only hope I’m giving as much as they are.

We switch around again. Ryan takes a spot on the couch and has his girl climb aboard. I’m still on the floor and can see her pussy stretch to take all of him, her dark pink anus a little star in front of me, his darker brown balls an enticing pouch, low hanging fruit.

I duck under and take his sack into my mouth as she bounces on top of him, then sit up and reach around and rub her clit. She moans and leans back against my breasts. Her skin is so unbelievably soft. So different from a man’s. I flatten my fingers and press hard. She rocks into me and on him. My shared goal with Ryan is to make her feel more pleasure.

The music on the TV fills the space as our pants and moans interchange depending on who’s being the center of attention. Sometimes it’s me, sometimes it’s her, sometimes it’s him. There’s no rhyme or reason, but it all seems to make sense.

It’s my turn again to climb on top of Ryan’s gorgeous cock. I slide down, feel it deep inside and start to move. My clit pressed tight against his abs. My arms and chest are heavy and numb and Becky is behind me nibbling on my shoulders and cupping my breasts.

Suddenly, my eyes fly open as I feel her tongue on my asshole and perineum, bold and assured. I guess she’s licking us from balls to anus and back again because he gets twice as hard inside of me and a small yell escapes my lips. They are both fucking the shit out of me.

I stop moving twice because I got overwhelmed. This space I’m in is so heady and lustful. Whenever I get here I sometimes lose steam because I’ve lost myself in bliss. It’s delectable, rich, exhausting. But I come back down and keep impaling myself, keep getting licked and caressed. Keep. getting. fucked.

Once I’ve exhausted myself I throw myself over on the couch and tell them they’re wonderful. They laugh and smile and thank me for saying so. I watch for a few minutes as she fervently sucks his sack and he strokes his pole while idly playing with her clit and tits. I catch my breath and stand up over her and press my breasts against his chest, nibble his shoulder, then bend down and take his cock in my mouth again.

I recall what he liked from before and I do my best. He gently pushes me off of him and Becky sits back on her haunches obediently, her eyes locked on him as his jerking tempo increases.

I kiss her neck and rub her breasts and I hear Ryan lose it as he cums all over her chest. My hand smears it across her silken skin and she and I kiss a final time. Her skin shines in the light from the TV.

We all repose on the couch and Ryan starts channel surfing. We chat amiably. I try hard not to doze, but unsuccessfully. It’s past midnight, so I beg off. Hug them both, say I hope we can do it again sometime and leave.

Driving home I think about how tonight felt. It was fun and easy, but I’m still not so sure I’m the biggest fan on the planet of FFM. Several times I found myself longing for another cock despite Becky’s devoted attention to me — and she is truly devoted and lovely. They made me feel like an equal partner and as wanted as possible and still the lack of cock was not something I could chase from my mind. The lesson here is: I LOVE COCK.

I think MFM, MMF, or MFMF is more up my alley than only one cock in the room.

I had a lovely threesome once, Part 1.

From my archives.  This was one of the two positive FFM threesomes I’ve ever had.  I’d initially met Ryan with Troy for an MMF and then he and I had hooked up just the two of us once also.  Then he hit me up for an FMF with his girlfriend, whom I’d had no idea existed up until that point.  I felt only mildly guilty for pretending not to know Ryan to Becky, but not enough to call the whole thing off.

Also, new writing to commence today, but until then enjoy this old one!

I arrived at Ryan’s apartment exhausted from a fitful night’s rest, but determined to get fucked and to eat pussy.

I’d pretended to ask for directions earlier from his girlfriend, Becky, and so there I was.  On his doorstep.  Again.  About to fake a first meeting.  I wondered if the lie was evident on my face, but took a deep breath and knocked.

Becky was in the bathroom when I stepped in and when she came out my breath was taken away.  She is slight and fit, narrow-hipped with luminous hazel eyes.  After hugging Ryan hello, I quickly closed the distance to her and hugged her tightly.

She and I had been exchanging sexy pics for weeks.  She’s always been swift to reply and sweet and Ryan had spoken extremely highly of her.  I wasn’t disappointed in person.

They were both dressed in their bathing suits, but I was too nervous to just head straight to the pool.  I had a six pack of cheap beer under my arm and so requested that we just chill for a bit.  It was fun and easy, though still weird for me.  And not because I’ve fucked Ryan three times before and we were pulling a fast one on Becky, but because I always get nervous before these things.

A couple of beers in me and I’m a lot more relaxed.  We decide to get more and to go swimming.  I get my stuff from my car and change, then we head down.  Ryan dozes on a lawn chair, Becky and I settle in the water with our beers.  She sweetly compliments my bathing suit.  I try hard not to be intimidated by her youthful figure and instead remind myself that they know what they like and maybe it’s not a perfect hard body (which I very much successfully fulfill).

We talk about expectations and what we like to do.  I share with her a somewhat recent threesome I’d had Lina and Troy and tell her how god awful it’d been; how I’d been left out and ignored.  She assured me that would never happen with her and Ryan.

A couple more beers and we’re all hungry.  We head back upstairs and order pizza.  Ryan goes for another beer run.  Becky and I wait for the pizza guy and continue to get to know each other.

Suddenly I’m tired of waiting for something to happen.  “Hey.  You wanna take a shower with me?”

We laugh because it’s so ridiculous.  We have less than 15 minutes before pizza is due to arrive.

“Sure!” she agrees.  We start the shower and laugh the whole time, get naked and step in.

She’s significantly shorter than me; smaller than me in every way.  Where I am soft and pliant, round and pendulous, she is narrow and tight, firm and muscular.  Soap helps me explore her body and her different angles; her hands fill with my white breasts; water slips over us.  I cradle her head in my hands and kiss her upturned face.  Her lips are so soft, my breasts heavy on top of hers.  I imagine we are quite the sight.

Then we hear the knock at the door.  She throws on a towel and races to the front door.  “You gotta come here, too!!” she shouts with laughter.  I quickly finish my rinse and wrap a towel around me and meet her at the door.  The pizza man is slack-jawed.  Just then, Ryan waltzes in.  We sign for the food, shut the door, and fall over laughing.

We grab our food and sit on his couch and accidentally end up watching a 2 hour movie.  They had  forgone a birthday party that night to keep hanging out with me and so my eye was trained to the clock; I didn’t want to disappoint them.  Ryan repeatedly reassures me that he’s cool just hanging out because they’ve never “met a stranger” before and just had sex immediately, but I’m still determined to get fucked and eat pussy.

And then, once the movie was over, something clicks and the mood shifts.

Ryan gets on the floor in front of me and Becky and slides his hand up my dress to my pantiless pussy.  “Take these off,” he says to Becky and tugs on her shorts and panties.  She obliges. “And this,” and he tugs on her top.

She strips down and turns to me and helps me pull my dress off over my head.

Ryan’s mouth finds my warm and pulsing pussy.  I moan.  Becky’s mouth is on my breasts, nibbling on the tight peaks.  I feel wrapped up in a big, sexual hug.  These people are serious, precious, and lustful.

“Straddle her,” he says to her, and then I can no longer see him as her muscled thighs straddle my hips and her tan lines fill my view.

She leans over and kisses my neck the same moment Ryan slides his shaft inside of me…

(Part 2)