I played with two cocks on a dark and stormy night.

Another from my journal archives. I’ve been obsessing over MMFs lately — God, I miss them so much. Like, it almost hurts I miss it so much. Here’s the night that Troy and I met Ryan, a deliciously brown and muscled young man with no inhibitions. Enjoy.

Picture this: A big cock and an even bigger cock filled my line of sight. I took one in my right hand and the other in my left and licked from balls to balls, nibbling with my teeth, slurping with my tongue. I could hear moans of pleasure, feel them press their hips forward into my hands and mouth.

Earlier Ryan’s laugh filled me with a sense of warmth and trust. He’s been “in the lifestyle” for most of his adult life at the tender age of 28. Troy and I met him for drinks, decided he was cool, and went back to Troy’s apartment where I found myself with chilled white wine in hand and between the two of them, giddy, nervous, and excited.

I don’t know what magic voodoo happens in an MMF, but it’s there. There’s an element of freedom, acceptance, and sheer fun that vibrates off of the participants. I would venture to say it’s that way in any group situation, but, ohmygod, the fun of an MMF!! The brilliance, the sensation, the hotness! Nothing puts a smile on my face like a good MMF. Really.

When Ryan’s hands found my pussy I was a faucet. Troy murmured how hot I was and that I was a good girl, which caused me to flood Ryan’s hand further. I tried to control the flow, but my body wasn’t mine anymore. It was theirs to do with as they pleased — and please it they did.

I was bent over and stuffed, kissed, stroked, licked, patted, spanked, caressed, and impaled for 5 hours. Ryan squeezed into me while I wrapped my arms around Troy’s waist as he lay back on the couch. “She’s so tight,” Ryan said as he pushed his 10 inches deeper and deeper. His upward curve making my cunt more accommodating to his size. He laughed that I didn’t need any lube. I felt proud.

And when he started to pump I buried my head in Troy’s waist and tried to take it all in. The pounding from behind, the cock jutting between my breasts, the hands firmly on my hips, and the arms wrapped around me. I bent down and took Troy’s cock in my mouth and let Ryan’s thrusts dictate my sucking. Someone grabbed my braids.

I cried uncle a time or two and they let me rest and would play with each other. Between heavy lids and a buzzing pussy I would watch as masculine jaws practically unhinged as cocks were worshiped. Muscles flexing, big hands wrapped gently around tender packages of low hanging flesh. We tried DVP with Troy on the floor and Ryan entering from behind, but we couldn’t make it work. And it really didn’t matter. Everything else was so goddamned amazing.

Ryan’s kisses, his scent, his moves. Troy’s calm presence, his downy chest, his sheer enjoyment of seeing me enjoy myself, his moves.

Once, when I was on Ryan’s lap, happily, stupidly impaling myself on him, Troy was low to the ground watching like a porn cam operator. “Hy, it’s so hot watching you get fucked. You’re so hot, Hyacinth,” and I wasn’t even self-conscious. Ryan’s hands played on my breasts and I bounced and wriggled like I was on a pony ride.

When Ryan came I was on my back on the floor; he was deep inside of me and Troy’s tender balls hung over my face. They were facing each other. I reached up and suckled Troy’s low hanging fruit as I was split open. I take a break I see that Ryan has bent over me and is sucking Troy while he fucks me. I squeeze on Ryan’s shaft and push back hard and lick Troy’s balls some more while Ryan’s mouth works him over.

Almost suddenly, Ryan pulls out and in one stroke peels away his condom and cums all over me and Troy. His smile broad and rakish. “Holy shit, I couldn’t wait any longer. I think cum went that way!” and he motioned over his shoulder. We all laughed and I lay panting on the floor, overwhelmed with desire and satisfaction.

When I was ready again Troy got behind me and to my surprise it felt no different than the 10 inch cock that had just been filling me. I manage to tell him as much and I felt like I’d figured out the secret to his fantastic fucking: He’s got a magic dick. It’s 8″, but feels like 10″.

He pounded into me and I bore down with everything I had. I swiveled my hips at the end, I wiggled back on him whenever he tried to stop. Ryan’s thick rod was in my mouth and I did my best to not bite him as Troy continued to take me higher. Cum poured down my thighs and it was pooling on the rug at my knees. The tempo increased and I thought my chest was going to explode with tingling and numbness and then I hear moans and Troy pulls out and rips his condom off and unloads on my back. I turn around and let him finish cumming on my breasts and on my mouth.

I fall back onto the couch and lay my legs across Ryan’s legs. It’s started to storm and lightening flashes into the darkened living room. I barely know my name anymore. I think we talked about the weather as Troy cleaned up a little. He had a date the following night and he lamented about the state of his couch and rug (drenched by my pussy). How was he going to explain it?

Suddenly, I wanted to be home. So badly. I don’t know what happened to me, but I wanted to run through the rain to my car and lay in my own bed and dream. Hastily I got dressed, assured the men I was ok and ran out into a warm, summer downpour. The drops heavy and silky soaked me to the skin in seconds. I wasn’t upset to discover I’d forgotten my phone and had to run back. Troy met me at the door with it in his hand. I grabbed it and ran back. Soaking wet. Stupid-fucked. Reeling. Happy. Disoriented.