How to take a good cockshot.

[Update 5/2015: I just now discovered Critique My Dick Pic.  I’d say I agree with roughly 90% of her grades (I’d give higher grades to some of her Bs) .  Please click through for much better feedback from her!]

The debate on whether or not a penis is attractive or not seems to come up every now and then and I am always shocked at how strongly people feel that cocks are not attractive, that men in general can’t come close to the physical beauty and sensuality of a woman, and that the best he can do is to enjoy himself.

I strongly object to all three of these ideas.

First of all, I am a huge cock fan. Like, HUGE. — And you can read that either way, really. I’m both a fan of cocks and of large cocks. — But my point is that I think they’re beautiful. When I find a pretty cock, I tell its owner immediately. He’ll always chuckle and say he’d never heard that before. Well, of course not. Most women don’t find them attractive and it’s never occurred to men to look at it critically. But think about it. A penis is magical. It has a mind of its own, it changes with mood, fervor, desire, and thought. It can be manipulated or not. It can be bone hard or like putty. Even a flaccid penis has a serene attractiveness to it, though obviously less sexual verve.

Which brings me to the second point: why do we think that only the female form is sensual and inherently attractive? The broad shoulder span of a man and his narrow hips drive me over the edge. I simply couldn’t get that maleness from any female form. His skin, dusted with body hair, feels different from a woman’s. His musculature is by nature harder, longer, less forgiving than that of a woman’s.

I lay with both. I consider myself an amateur expert on this shit. I am intimately aware of a man’s sensual beauty and what that triggers in my reptilian brain. And same goes for a woman, of course.

And lastly, why do we as a society tend to think that the most a man can do is to enjoy the gift of a woman before him? Don’t get me wrong, I love to hear a man’s groan when he sees me laid out before him, but I’d like for him to also feel my appreciation. To know that my belly quickens as his muscles flex to pull off his shirt; that my pussy pulses when I see the strain in his upper body as he holds himself above me. Man is my sexual and sensual match in all ways.

I love a man’s body, his fickle brain, his learned maleness. It’s a challenge and a compliment to my femaleness. My femininity can only be heightened by other sensual creatures; it’s caressed one way with a woman and in an entirely different way with a man.

And so now, so other men and women may also partake in the thrill of a beautiful man and his cock, I’d like to give a short tutorial on how to take cockshots.


We’ll start with the DON’Ts and end with the DO’s.

DON’T send a flaccid cock shot to a woman who’s never seen you hard

I don’t know what I’m supposed to think about this giant flaccid penis.

A soft cock is a vulnerable, intimate thing.  I’ve never in my life enjoyed seeing a flaccid cock pic if I’ve never seen it hard first.  And even then there are caveats.  Like, you better be showing me a before and after sort of thing.

DON’T use a flash 

Flash = :(

A flash makes a cock look weird. I don’t care if you’re dark as a coffee bean or pale as a ghost. It does weird things. Ban the flash.

DON’T take a shot straight on

Screen Shot 2013-06-18 at 9.02.16 PM

It makes it look shorter than it is.

Don’t let things get in the way of seeing it all

All that shit is distracting.

DO have kind lighting 

 Screen Shot 2013-06-18 at 9.06.17 PM

Do show a hand around the base 

Screen Shot 2013-06-18 at 9.08.09 PM

Do use a side angle


This is a cock of epic proportions, I know, but it also looks inviting, ready for a mouth or a pussy and the hand gives it sexy weight.

And now here are some other great cock pics that I think are stellar.  Enjoy practicing with your own cock pics!  I’m happy to review your work any time, so email me if you want some feedback!

Men are so beautiful and different from women I can stare at a pretty cock all day and night.  Yay, cocks!!


I love the spread of his knees.
A favorite for sure. Unpeeled clothing, AT WORK. Mmm. Delicious.

A 40-something single mother who writes honestly about sex, body image, D/s, relationships, her nervous tics, and how much she loves to fucking fuck. She also likes to show you her tits.

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39 thoughts on “How to take a good cockshot.
  1. A very solid post! I am so glad that you have looked collectively at our one good eye and set us golden bologna boys straight on how our danglers should be presented. Madame you are a true giggle stick aficionado and should be given a stiff salute! I shall therefore, tallywacker in hand, rise to the occasion and endeavor to meat said standards for shooting my tonsil tickler for a post this Wednesday.

    Thanks again for the hot tips,

    Sex Musing

  2. Oh thank goodness someone’s stuck their neck out and said it. Kiss kiss kiss.

    It has long amazed me that on (a forum dedicated to sex) that so many peole seem to object to the sight of cocks, especially in avatars. If you’re on Literotica you’re into sex. Cocks are part of that. How can they be offensive?

    I think the love of cocks and the male aesthetic has been hampered historically by society’s focus on women being somehow ephemeral and men being utilitarian – we were there to do, women were there to be pretty and useless. Then feminism came along and taught us enjoyment of our bodies was about subjugation of women and that men were to be hated as egotistical oppressors. That we are now getting to a point where a cock can be beautiful, that a man can care about himself without being a selfish cunt, that I think is post post feminism. And to be applauded.

    But we can still regard plump women as beautiful and Rubenesque while men are just fat. In the UK at least, women can have a belly and be curacious and wear a bikini, but men have to wear baggy swim shorts, not “budgie smugglers”. What’s wrong with the curve of a man’s body?

    I would like to take you to task on the issue of flacid cocks. I think your first picture shows a very nice member indeed. I concede that sending a picture of your limp tool may not be the best opening salvo, so I shall resist the urge to point you in the direction of my favourite photo of my own limp apendage (it’s out there on the web somewhere) but surely a relaxed penis can hold mystery and promise?

    I guess one eyed trouser snake beauty is in the two eyes of the beholder, but it is great to know there are at least some people who like to see some cock. :-X

    1. I agree with you on all points. The backlash of 2nd Wave feminism always seems to pop up in the weirdest, most unpredictable ways. I agree that men got lost in the feminist shuffle in this small way, but I think we’re all beginning to come back around now.

      And I don’t mind flaccid penises. On the contrary, I think they look restful in a sexy way, I only meant that I don’t want to see a flaccid penis right out of the gate. For me, it’s connected to a man I care about or with whom I’ve spent time with enough to be familiar with his relaxed form. When a virtual stranger sends me a pic like that I’m like, “Um…WTF, dude?”


  3. I almost choked laughing over this post. I love to look at men’s cocks, but I don’t want a cock shot to be my introduction to a man. I don’t send photos of my genitalia as an intro either, but I digress.

    Men are absolutely beautiful to me. The male form is luscious in all its planes, angles and shafts! The sounds men make when they are turned on are an aphrodisiac in and of themselves.

  4. I love this post!!! I agree with you regarding HOW to take a picture.

    The thing I find most surprising is the number of emails I get from men who send me a cock shot. Not the kind of thing you expect from someone you’ve never interacted with!!! Now give me a cock of a man who has made me tingle in all the right places and I’d stare at the screen and drool; calling him a work of art.

    Gillian said it best… that man sounds just make my knees tremble.

    The male form I agree with you is not celebrated as much as a woman’s. There was this one picture I was given of a man dressed up in a pinstripe suit, fly down, hard cock in his hand and you could see the pre-cum dripping. More arousing than any other picture I’ve ever seen since.

    Fabulous post!!!

    1. Thanks so much and I’m glad!

      That last cockshot I posted of a man in an office cubicle is one of the hottest goddamned things EVER. States of undress in general are pretty damn hot. I’ve never been a fan of hardcore pornographic images and I think in part it’s because I get turned on by what I might see in an average encounter (which is exactly what I’ve posted). Hence, my love of the side angle and undressed men.

      1. I have to agree with you on that…that last pic is my favorite of all of them. “…hottest goddamned thing EVER.” pretty much sums it up for me too. It’s the only pic you have posted here that really caught my attention.

  5. Gillian said it right again!!! That last picture is so very yummy!!!!

    The picture I spoke of… I have been trying to find it to post in my blog but I cannot find it!!! There is something about men looking so proper or doing “proper” things but suddenly… just like that last picture. See!!! If I got pictures like that??? I’d demand more!

    1. I get pics like the office one a lot from that friend. I go CRAZY when he’s wearing dress pants. I can tell you it must’ve been a Friday in that pic because he’s wearing jeans lol. Mmm. Dress pants.

      1. Now, see … I would pay money to see photos like that on the regular. Am I the only woman eyeing men’s crotches when I’m out and about? I wonder what’s underneath and partially undressed men just so get my engine going. I love a naked man too, but the anticipation of just that bit more skin gives me shivers!

  6. Those are some serious monster cocks! They all look different than the uncut one I’m used to, though. I realize this comment is way past the date on which the post was written, but I just had to throw in my two cents. Have you ever had sex with an uncircumcised guy? (In my personal sex opinion it’s probably one of the most amazing experiences I’ve had yet so far.) Once you get past the different look of an uncut cock they’re really very beautiful, too–a penis in its natural form! :D

  7. Go team Hy! I adore a gorgeous cock! I agree with every single thing you’ve said here, in their own right they are beautiful, even the pulse & throb as it lies against you, in you….just divine….& yeah dontbgetbme started on how beautiful and sensual a mans body can be….consider me definitely a worshipper of the magnificent & beautiful cock…. :) thanks Hy, love your blog…

  8. By the way….the office is my favorite pic too….damn HOTT being partially dressed, cock out, in the office…..I’d likebto see more of this too….

  9. I’m not so sure about your criticism of the flaccid cock shot as the first to send. It makes you wonder, is he a shower or a grower, perhaps he’s already starting to grow in that photo and he’s not as big as you might think. You see the erect shot first, you know what he’s got, if he sends a flaccid cock shot first, keeps you wondering just a little.

    My $0.02….

  10. Yes! Agreed! I’m not sure there’s anything more I’d add… I find men to be extremely visually appealing and, while not as devoted as some, find cocks to be attractive. Yum on the pics.

  11. Since the last comment here was almost two years ago I admit that I’m late to the party, but I have to agree with the Accidental Masturbator. There is a very narrow range of men who look good naked and an even narrower range of acceptable cocks. Women are beautiful in all shapes and sizes, but if you are Beckham or Pitt, you best keep your clothes on.

    I just took a few shots for a friend of mine, none of which made me look as good as I look fully dressed. The physical challenge is that men, most men, gain weight in one spot, the belly, and that’s tragically close to our cocks so getting one to look good while the other looks bad is almost impossible. Even though I’m only about 12 pounds from where I want to be, i’m miles away from looking good on camera.

    I should have take more pics when i was 22. now that was a good year for cock shots.

  12. Funny, I actually find the third last one the most sexy rather than the office one. It’s just the way it bulges is so sexy, I just want to rub myself against it. I find it incredibly sexy. I think it’s cos the idea of an office, I duuno it doesn’t do it for me but the way he fills those boxers in that pic, I think I would feel torn between wanting to stare and admire and want to whip it out of his boxes and have lots of yummy fun with it. Ohh the power of the imagination! I’ve always thought the biggest sex organ is the one between our two ears. Thanks for this post Hy. I enjoy your appreciation of cock. It’s refreshing to see a healthier point of view on the deliciousness that is the male body. Soooo sexy.

  13. OUTSTANDING objective post Hyacinth! Bravo! I totally agree with your initial objections and completely agree with your Do’s and Don’ts. If it is truly social and gender “equality” we seek as a human virtue, then MEN and their sexuality, sensuality, and primal animal absolutely deserves as much admiration (lust) as the equally gorgeous women’s.

    I stand applauding you!

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