I get begged, I get ignored.

The candle on my bedside table gutters under the ceiling fan as I stretch out naked beneath my dark sheets.  I imagine my creamy whiteness and soft curves stand out like the flesh of an eggplant against its skin.

I hear you push through my front door, the puppy wriggle, and then see my bedroom door push open.  It’s “very late,” just like you said it’d be.

You come to me, closing the distance, and remove what little clothing you have.  Your meat hard and hot in your hand is by my face.  I lean over and suckle the glistening head and push my face down farther.

“I’ve missed you this week, Hy.  I’m so sorry I’ve been distant.  There’s no excuse for that.  You certainly don’t deserve it.  But I’m here now if you’ll let me.”

My answer is a harder suck…

Only, that’s not what happened.  At all.  Instead I woke up to a warmly lit room at 1:30 am alone and with no returned message.  My phone tells me the last of our correspondence went something like this:

A little after 11 pm, when I got home from a first date with a handsome 30-year-old, I asked, “You win??”  And when I awoke, restless and unnerved at close to 1:30 am I checked my phone.  Nothing.

I texted again, “Why do I keep waking up and you’re not here?? :(  And you haven’t said boo.  So not like you.”

It’s almost 9:30 am and I still haven’t heard from you.  I’m sure you’re headed to work.

This just isn’t the man I know.  All week I’ve struggled with this “no plans” thing.  It feels like a line out of He’s Just Not That Into You.  Just the week before you were laying plans with me and then I reneged on our “no feelings” policy and here I sit.  Angst ridden and feeling slighted. This is, I’m certain, all my fault.

Monday night you met the friends I’ve wanted you to meet.  We drank and laughed riotously and headed down to the hot tub.  Seven of us, you the only stranger, and you fit in and were charming and gracious as ever.  And as I let you out of the pool gate you whispered to me that maybe you’d come fuck me that night, but later said no.  Instead, you promised you’d fuck me the next night.

Tuesday night you cancelled on me with a genuine apology, but no promise to come over either.  I left the door unlocked hoping you’d come over anyway, but instead you called to say you wished you could get both 8 hours of sleep and fuck me, but that you were opting for the 8.

Wednesday you flat-out ignored a text of mine asking if you were busy and to come over, the door was unlocked.  The next day — after I inquired — you said you hadn’t seen my text till 1 am because you’d been busy.

Thursday, I put myself out there again and felt good about it.   You gave me hope with your filthy response only to detract it all with silence and absence and yet another feeble “maybe” in your language.

What is going on, dear Neighbor

Tonight, you need a favor from me and I must admit I’m ill inclined to come through for you.  This is bullshit.  No one else treats me this way and I plan on pointing this out to you.  I’ve been thinking long and hard about my feelings and I’m confident that I’m reasonably upset after this week.  And reason is always paramount for me.

I miss you, friend, and yet you are handling this poorly all of a sudden.  Where’s the man who was checking in with me nearly every day last week?  The man who cleaned my apartment, met my friends, silently got me a chair to sit on unasked before their watchful eyes?

Where did you go??

The date helped peg me back to earth as I cheekily declined a quick fuck with him.  I didn’t feel the chemistry. He was extremely handsome and charming, but lacking in some invisible way.  Perhaps it was how he told me he loved the idea of a 17-year-old lusting after him and that 18-year-old pussy was a delicious treat.  I’m certain the disgust on my face was more than a flash, the look in my eye more than disdain.

But he begged me to come back and to let him fuck me.  Begged.  I told him I didn’t need notches on my belt anymore and I felt proud of saying no, of doing what you’ve been coaching me to do for months.  “But I’ve never fucked someone I’ve only just met!” he pleaded.

“I have,” I replied, “And frankly, I might get fucked again later.  How many men am I going to fuck in one night?  If saying No to you tonight means I’ve wrecked my chances for a second date with you, I’m ok with that.  I don’t need this.”

His pleading was embarrassing.  He wouldn’t stop.  He was throwing out everything he could think of to turn me around, desperate.  I hung up on him and drove the rest of the way home hopeful of seeing you, my young friend who lives next door.

(Funny thing is that dude texted me at 12:30 to ask if the fuck I’d been looking forward to with you was worth passing up on his offer.  Oh, the irony.) 

I’ve run out of plays this week.  I’m not sure what my next move is.  I want to hide away and be left alone.  I fear you asking me to fulfill that favor in equal measures because I don’t want to and I want to.  I never say no, remember?  I’m bothered that I’m afraid of the word with you when you are so comfortable using it with me.  And that bothers me.

Actually, none of this sits well with me.  You are a wonderful guy and I hate that I have these sniveling little things to say.  I like being proud of the way you treat me and this week… well, I’m not so proud.  Not proud at all.

I hope we can talk today, but the ball’s in your court.  It will be up to me to have the strength to leave it there.

Fuck.  I hate that that this is what I have to say.  Hate it.

A 40-something single mother who writes honestly about sex, body image, D/s, relationships, her nervous tics, and how much she loves to fucking fuck. She also likes to show you her tits.

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24 thoughts on “I get begged, I get ignored.
  1. I think you know what’s happening with him, but I’ll say it anyway. He’s ducking you because he doesn’t want to end up in a committed relationship. You won’t change his mind. It’s not going to get better.

    I know you saw this coming. I’m sorry it’s happened. FWIW, you deserve better from him; from any guy, really. *hugs*

  2. Continuing to cling to TN is like repeatedly putting your hand on a hot stove. There’s no need to question him further, he has made it clear where you stand with him. It is imperative for your self-respect to call a halt to this bullshit. It was great that you turned down sex with the handsome skeezy dude and resisted his pleading. Ugh. Why have anything to do with a man who raises such a red flag? You are making strides in recognizing your worth and what you want. It isn’t easy but just take it a day at a time and you will get there.

    1. It’s not that simple, Petunia. He’s been wonderful all these months. I have a sneaking suspicion as to what I might do, but I’m not going to judge him pn my unrequited love and a bad couple of weeks. He’s still a good force in my life.

      My posts are a peek behind the curtain and my goal is acceptance. No one does everything just right all the time. As painful as this is, I want this lesson.

      As always, thank you for your words. :)

      1. I’m concerned that he’s been wonderful while everything was casual, but now he’s freaked out by your feelings because he doesn’t return them. He has set such firm criteria about acceptable age, etc, that I can’t envision him changing his mind and I hate to see you wasting your time and tolerating such boorish behavior on the hopes that he will toss a crumb of attention your way. I understand that he’s not a villain, but I know that you can do, and more importantly deserve, way better than this.

        1. I hear you and that makes sense. I need to scale it back. I’m the one who reneged. I don’t know if I’d be as gracious as he has if it were reversed. It’s hard.

          I think once I stop feeling this way things will be back to normal. And I need to concentrate in finding another partner, one who’s on the same page.

          A little strife keeps it interesting, no? Haha

  3. My first gut reaction is to say you put all of your eggs in one basket that was bound to break, but I haven’t been reading you for very long (so that’s not fair). But suppose that’s what happens when you’re enamored by someone. You expect that they’ll always make you happy, and when they’re absent, it’s a damming loss. We naturally want to be on that high again.

  4. Ok, this is the first post I’ve read, but I am definitely going to go back and read more…I am very into where all this started…and god, now I see why you felt “compelled” to reply to my “about” section…because when I read this, damn if we aren’t so alike…well, except your stories are much more well-written…
    Can’t wait to read more

  5. The next level up from neighbours who have sex is what? And whatever that is, what are the characteristics of it? What is the goal, and how will you know you’ve reached it?

    If readers don’t know already, then perhaps TN doesn’t know what you want either. If he is exiting, then why not be bold and tell him what you want? There are all sorts of unconventional relationships possible.

    My extraordinarily naïve $0.02

    1. This is true and I hope he and I can be unconventional inasmuch that we fuck and are friends for as long as possible. Of course, that’s entirely up to me. I have to make sure my feelings are appropriate for the situation. And truthfully, I don’t know what I want from him.

      1. You’ve said you had feelings for him. What did you want those feelings to mean? How did you want him to respond? How do you want him to treat you differently than he is treating you now?

        Is it monogamy you are wanting from him? 

  6. Whatever fruits you bear and arguments well disclosed to a knowledgeable audiences, there are certain truths that pertain to us all:

    1. Acceptance is a small and quiet room, and the pain is only yours to share.
    2. Almost everything in life will be okay. Almost everything. Some things should have been brushed under the old Persian rug years ago, and others have been fought for for so long that theyre possibly is not anything left to salvage. Forget your vagina, the first world problems, crude usages of our anatomically correct bodies.. and just go for a long walk.

    1. Yes to #1. And I’m not sure what to say to you about #2. Are you driving by and leaving armchair Buddhist delights? Because I don’t want to forget my vagina or crude usages of our anatomically correct bodies and as far as first world problems go, I have them and I also have the right to live them and express them. I also regularly go for long walks which help me think of all of the above.

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