I have a sexual bucket list.

My sweet, sexy, sister from another mister, Love (or LSAM as most of you call her) of Love, Sex and Marriage had the brilliant idea of doing a little round up of our sexual bucket lists. I’ve seen a couple posted already and I’m impressed. Y’all are a bunch of fucking freaks!

I’d never given this kind of thing much thought, honestly, until recently. When I was married having sex at least once every 6 weeks was #1 on my list. So, I’m going to write this as I would have right after leaving my marriage: on wobbly new sex-legs and with a new sense of self. You might be surprised. Or maybe not. I shouldn’t really presume to know what you might think about me. I guess I should say that my list surprises me.

  1. Send sexy pic to lover
  2. Cum over Facetime
  3. Receive cock shot midday
  4. Receive cock shot from office
  5. Read a fantasy a man wrote about me Trip X took care of it in spades
  6. Open the door and get fucked with little to no talking before hand
  7. Have sex more than once in one day
  8. Be tied up and fucked until I beg for mercy done!
  9. Be spanked until I can’t sit and sob for it to stop
  10. Be fucked in my kitchen
  11. Fuck outside
  12. Fuck in someone else’s house/bed without their knowledge
  13. Suck a cock while getting fucked
  14. Be introduced to anal
  15. Be fucked with a dildo and a cock simultaneously in my pussy
  16. Be fucked with a buttplug in
  17. Fuck a man while he wears a buttplug
  18. Watch a man suck cock
  19. Watch a man get fucked by another man
  20. Eat pussy while getting fucked by a man
  21. Group sex; any combo
  22. Be blindfolded and watched
  23. Fuck a complete and total stranger
  24. Double vaginal penetration
  25. Double penetration – either a man in my arse or a dildo – I’m thinking dildo first
  26. Have welts left on my body from being struck during sex
  27. Swallow cum every time I have the chance
  28. Fuck more than one man in a single daygot up to only 2 in a day
  29. Fuck as many men in a single week as possibleso far, my record is 4 or 5 in one week
  30. *Mile-high club
  31. Have sex while being watched
  32. Fuck next to the railroad tracks near *******.
  33. Have a man do housework for me nude or in my panties.
  34. Cum with a cock in my mouth – one of many times
  35. Get finger fucked in public.
  36. Make love
  37. Be made love to
  38. Have a day or more dedicated to pleasure
  39. Wrestle as foreplay
  40. Dominate a man
  41. Have a man make me dinner while he’s naked
  42. Have sex while shrooming
  43. Go to a sex party
  44. Be given total submission
  45. Give road head – This has happened a shit ton, but is always extra fun with TN
  46. Word play
  47. Go in public with a buttplug in
  48. Have my Boy go in public wearing a buttplug
  49. Have my Boy send me a cock shot from the office

I plan on updating this after I read everyone else’s and see what I forgot.

*Posts after the * are updates

A 40-something single mother who writes honestly about sex, body image, D/s, relationships, her nervous tics, and how much she loves to fucking fuck. She also likes to show you her tits.

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35 thoughts on “I have a sexual bucket list.
      1. a friend of mine told me that her husband wants to watch her with another man. she wants it to be me. if they weren’t in another country, it would happen. some details are not agreed though. he wants to watch. she doesn’t want him to. i want to fuck her from behind while she sucks him. the devil’s in the details.

      1. Hy, it would be an honor to pop your butt cherry, paddle your ass a delightful shade of pink then fuck you silly tied to your kitchen table till you beg for mercy.

        That’s if that kind of thing interests you ?


        1. Jesus Christ… actually, I was talking to The Neighbor yesterday and we hatched a little fantasy of our own. I can’t vacuum (long story) and so he said he’d do it for me. I requested nude. Then it devolved from there. So he’s going to run me a bath, wash my hair, rinse it with one of those copper pitchers, towel me off, dress me, cum on my face, make me dinner nude with only an apron on, cum on my face again, and while I eat dinner he’s going to vacuum in front of me and then – you guessed it – cum on my face again :)

  1. Looks like Cruel’s got you covered baby! Did I really read introduced to anal … that blew my mind! Anal is unbelievable … the first time I was ever multi-orgasmic was through anal.

    As for #5 .. this morning I had a man write exactly one line about masturbating to the thought of me, I almost came on the spot. The knowledge that it is you in their mind when they are writing this is unbelievably powerful. Getting a full on fantasy, i think I’d probably pass out! LOL

    Loved your list.

      1. Read lots of anal erotica … all the instruction you need is in there. My guy is large and we’ve never even used lube. Mainly, though, it’s about trusting your partner in the beginning. After you get some experience you can control your body response to accommodate any pain that might occur.

  2. Hy, love. So glad u played. And love the list… definetly surprised by no anal. Babe, u r missing out! Just start slow and relax. And I love butt lugs (woo-hoo!). # 32 — I’m adding that to mine! *hugs and kisses*

    1. Oh, jeez. Yeah, my blog is filled with examples of how sexual we are and my friends who regularly comment are yet more women who love sex. There are lots of us out there :)

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