I decline a facefucking.



And now I’m gonna lock my door.

A 40-something single mother who writes honestly about sex, body image, D/s, relationships, her nervous tics, and how much she loves to fucking fuck. She also likes to show you her tits.

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21 thoughts on “I decline a facefucking.
  1. I’ve always been terrible at saying no, to anyone for most anything. When it comes to sex, it’s hard to deny yourself even when you are mad at the other person. (even more so when it’s TN…he looks so…filling!) Congratulations on being stronger than I am Hy.


    1. Turns out I’m sick. I wasn’t kidding about not feeling good last night. Fever hit at 2 am. I’m proud for listening to my body, but who’s to say what I’d’ve done if totally well?

  2. It doesn’t matter that you were sick when you said no. Once you’ve done it successfully proves to yourself that you can do it. That is the thing, too, this waiting around until it is convenient for TN can mess with your sleep, then you set yourself up to get sick. I hope you feel better and good job at speaking up and setting a boundary.

  3. What if that face f’ing would have cured you? Maybe massaging your sinuses, or positive air flow. Or, working up a sweat would have burned up the fever? Now, you might never know….

    Kidding aside, I’m a advocate of mild plain speech. What if he has no clue that the unavailability of your body is meant to be a message? All sorts of subtlety is a waste of effort if you are the only one who is aware that you are doing it. My completely worthless and naïve 2¢. Take care, have a good week, and I hope you feel better. ~ hugs & hugs ~

      1. Oh dear! I shall quit hugging you and start throwing ice cubes your way. 

        Some thoughts of this week. You indicated that you felt a little over exposed. Password protected posts can enable you to share to some, yet protect the fragile things you feel. 

        I hope the fever is calming down. Tylenol can be helpful sometimes for that, if it is something you can tolerate. Though I haven’t tested it, I’d like to believe that sex has curative properties. Or, maybe I just think that TN is so hot that anything else might burn away in his presence. Take care ~

  4. This is so strange from the outside. I can see how that string of IMs could be sweet or not. Hope you’re having a fabulous time, and getting what you want out of this.

  5. Ha ha what an ingenious title and post to be introduced to your blog through! Oh site, was that sentence grammatically correct? Lessee… mmm… yeah, I think that’ll do.

    From some of the comments I glean that there is a longer story here which I will delight in uncovering. But at first glance, I think you missed a golden opportunity to reward his stealthy face attack with a backflow of the richly textured tapestry of your most recent mastication.

    1. Ha! Thanks ;) I try. And yes, there’s some backstory. Would you mind very much being my guinea pig, Ernest? I’ve tried my best to lay out the blog in an intuitive, thoughtful way for new readers to feel as though they can quickly catch up, but what do you think?

      And had I not been coming down with a fever, I would have definitely let him come fuck my face.

      1. I am very new to WordPress and not nearly as well-versed in the technology as I used to be on Myspace. So my suggestions aren’t very detailed… but I think you need a big obvious link at the very top that says “Start at the beginning…” It’s great to be able to click on topics and such to catch up, but in a blog with recurring characters, I like to start at the beginning. I had to get there by clicking through several pages of archives…

        Also, and I think this might be serious work, you can add a link to each post that links to the next in the series. I haven’t read enough of you yet to know if that’s relevant for you.

        The first blog I followed was Noteworthy,
        and she incorporates these features really well.

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