I fucked, gagged, and then I kept giving.

From my archives.  The old Hyacinth (let’s call her Rose) was hobbled by the knowledge that Troy read everything she wrote about him voraciously.  My words were shrouded in hidden meaning, both from myself and him.  I’m torn on whether or not to update this story with what I was really thinking or feeling or whether to just leave it as is, as a reminder of how stunted I was with him. Plus, the story just sucks.  I would write this so differently today (and maybe some day I will…).

I guess I’ll just post it as is.  Maybe y’all will sense what I mean.  The writing is light years away from who and what I am today and this was just last August. 

Fuck.  I have so much joy and thanks for having Hyacinth in my life.  She is much better, stronger, and smarter than Rose used to be.  Much, much more.


Thursday night.

“I want to fuck you again.  Soon. Wanna come over before my date Saturday afternoon?” I boldly ask.

“Fuck, yeah,” he agrees.

On Friday I mention my plans to Troy.  I think he responded with something like this: OMG! Can I come watch and have him finish in my mouth?  PLEASE??  Pleeease???

I hesitated for a second because I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, but then — come on — of course I said YES!  This girl can’t turn down an opportunity that involves two men.  I wasn’t sure I wanted Troy to only watch, but then again the idea of him watching and cheering me on was a new and exciting idea, so I decided to give it a whirl.

We arranged to meet at my house at 2.  Troy arrived first and we laid in my bed and shot the shit.  It was comfortable and nice.  For a second I wondered why we didn’t hang out more often and fuck just the two of us a couple of times a month, but then remembered we get enough vanilla sex with our other partners.  We’re each other’s kink partners.  Rare and its own thing.  Then, it was show time.  Ryan was at the door.

I jumped up from the bed with Troy and ran to the front door, excited to see Ryan.  We hugged and the men exchanged hellos.  I grabbed us a couple of beers and we sat down in my living room.  Ryan regaled us with funny dating stories and his sexual preferences.

“Yeah, one dude actually wanted to hang out like buddies.  But I’m not into that shit.  I’m not gonna go ride bikes with some dude.”

We all laugh and I realize the three of us are in pretty good company.  We’re open, horny, safe, and willing.

A long hour later I make it pretty clear I was ready to get fucked.  Ryan laughs and comes to stand behind me in my chair.  Troy is laying on the floor at my feet watching.  Troy leans over me and bites my neck and cups a breast, tweaking the nipple.  I hear Troy chuckle.

Ryan intensifies his ministrations.  I pull my shirt down so a breast falls out.  He bends lower and captures the peak in his mouth.  My eyes close and then I feel his hand slide into my shorts.  He makes a surprised noise when he discovers I’m also pantiless.  His fingers slide through my curls to my wet lips, spreads them and enters me.  I arch my back a little.

But I’m getting nervous and make him stop.  Troy’s eyes on me are a nice addition, but I’m feeling bashful.

“Would it help if we were all naked?” Troy asks and pulls his shirt over his head. I can hear Ryan removing his clothing behind me.

But then I think I need to get this show really rolling and stand up and start to walk to the back of the house.

“Are we done?” Ryan laughs.

“Nope,” I say over my shoulder.  I give a meaningful look and the men follow me into my room.

Troy pushes me roughly down on the bed and pulls off my shorts.  Ryan, on the other side of the bed, pulls off my shirt, his engorged cock literally eye level. I scoot forward and take it gently in my  mouth. Troy creeps up beside me on my left to watch.

“You look so hot doing that, Hyacnith,” he says, “Oh my god!”  He takes his phone out and takes some pictures.  He shows them to Ryan who warmly approves.  I suck for a few minutes then say, “Ok, I need to get fucked.”  I sense Troy doesn’t really know what to do with himself.  He was 95% voyeur and 5% participant at this point, a role he doesn’t usually play with me.

Ryan comes behind me, standing on the floor and slowly enters from behind.  I’m on my hands and knees, bearing down.  Troy is to my right now, his head near the action.  Then he wiggles beneath me, his skin warm and soft, and I feel a pressure on my clit and Ryan groan.  Then more wetness and groans from Troy, too.

His mouth is on the both of us, going back and forth between my plump lips and clit and Ryan’s sack as I’m getting fucked.  I soak his face and now I don’t care if he’s supposed to be only observing.  Clearly he’s not.

I take his gorgeous cock in my mouth an start to suck.  It’s been hard from the start, right in my face, and it’s a relief to finally bring him some pleasure and to have my mouth filled with more than just moans of pleasure.

Minutes tick by.  I’m losing myself in sensations.  I roll to my back with Ryan between my legs and Troy stands over me on the floor, his deliciously hard cock and dangling balls inches from my face.  As Ryan invades my body from a new vantage point I grab Troy’s thighs and pull his balls into my mouth.  Both men moan.

My entire being is filled with Man.  I switch to Troy’s cock and let him gently fuck my face. Ryan is pumping harder and deeper.  My chest is feeling numb and heavy, my pelvis delightfully buzzing.  I’m wet as fuck.  I know a g-spot squirt is on its way.

Troy suddenly plunges deeply into my throat and I gag.  Hard.  So hard I pushed Ryan’s cock right out and squirt substantially.  I am laid out, bare, vulnerable, but revered and taken care of.  I gag, push Ryan out, then squirt again.  Now they have an idea.  Troy tries to time his plunging down my throat with a thrust of Ryan’s so I don’t push him out, only clench hard on his giant rod.  He’s not that successful, but it’s fun trying.

Each gag is an extreme measure in subservience and pleasure.  I can’t be more open, more willing, more involved in my own cells and those amassed around me than at that moment.

Tears of pleasure are streaming down my face.  I squirt sideways and we all laugh.  Keep going.

Eventually, Ryan lifts my knees and rolls me up a bit.  His angle is fierce and determined.  Troy takes a picture of my soaking, rosy cunt being split wide by a milk-chocolate pole.

We stop and I lay panting and in (yet another) wet spot.  Ryan stands on the floor and Troy lays on the bed.  He wants to suck now.

On his back with his head slightly off the bed he takes Ryan’s balls into his mouth. Troy’s cock is rock hard and bobbing.  I kiss and suck on Ryan’s shaft, too, but I keep looking at Troy’s big cock so lonely and unattended.

Trying to honor his “observe only” request to the best of my abilities I ask first before impaling myself on him.  He says YES.  I roll on a condom and climb on board.  With Troy’s cock deep inside of me and Ryan’s huge cock deep inside Troy’s throat I start to move.

Troy’s big hands rest on my hips as I move enthusiastically on top of him.  My pussy gushes with abandon, my head thrown back, my breasts jiggling with creamy goodness.

It’s almost more than I can bear.  Being filled with glorious cock, witnessing Troy deep throat a 10″ cock, and seeing Ryan’s face frozen in pleasure, his muscles tense and flexed in front of me.  I’m trying to increase Troy’s pleasure, not take away from his fantasy.  Whenever I sense he’s being distracted by me I slow down, massage his cock with my pussy and let him refocus on the cock he’s dreamed about for years.  I want him to feel wrapped in the velvet of a woman while the silky hardness of a man is rammed down his throat.  This isn’t about me.

Occasionally I lean forward and touch Ryan’s body.  He shudders and tells me how hot it is to see me fucking Troy.  I hadn’t understood the scene he must be experiencing as well.  I lean back and give him full view of me.  I feel on fire.  Sweaty, vibrating, lustful, gorgeous.

He pulls out of Troy’s mouth and starts to stroke himself.  Troy laps at his balls and I lean in for a suck or two myself.  He’s getting closer.  I sit up and bear down hard on the cock inside of me just as Ryan starts to moan in pleasure.  He quickly slips his cock down into Troy’s mouth and keeps sliding until it completely disappears.

I am in awe.  I can feel Troy twitching inside of me and can see Ryan’s surprised face as he pumps load after load down Troy’s throat which is straining and flexed, veins popping.  Fifteen or 20 seconds later Ryan is still buried deep in Troy’s throat, his cock is still in me to the hilt.  I am seeing things through a haze of lust so thick it seems like we aren’t even in Kansas anymore.  We are definitely in Fucking Oz.

Troy taps out and Ryan is beyond words.  He says something about how he’d never done anything like that before.  I am smiling like a fool, so happy for my friend Troy that after all these long months of trying he finally got a load pumped into his throat.  I give him a big kiss and he laughs and apologizes for not being able to let me taste any cum seeing as it was all down his throat.

We take a small break, but I want to suck Troy something fierce now.  I ask him to climb up on the bed but he declines because the woman he’d fucked the night before had “worn him out” and “worked him over.”  A “No thanks, I’m good,” probably woulda sufficed, but, that’s Troy for ya.  I don’t miss a beat and flop down on the bed and ask for my vibe.

Each man is kneeling on opposite sides of the bed on the floor, Troy to my right.  They’re talking about what just happened and their deep timbres and the conversation topic was the perfect backdrop to my orgasm.

“Please, keep talking.  I’m just gonna cum now,” I say.  They chatted for a little while, but were soon distracted by the humming of my vibe. Troy begins to run his hands all over my body, Ryan is stroking my leg and thigh.

“You’re so beautiful, Hy.  Cum for us.  We want to see you cum,” Troy whispers hotly in my ear, “You’re such a good girl…”

And my orgasm, which had been swiftly climbing and wrapping itself through all my fibers, exploded into me.  Maybe a mouth was on me somewhere, more hands, I have no idea.  It tore through me, bigger than anything I’ve had in recent memory.

Ryan had never seen a Magic Wand before and Troy explained it to him while I recouped.

“I’m going for another.”

This time the chatting stopped right away and my breasts were kissed and fondled and my skin caressed.  Troy sneaked his hand between my legs and put gentle pressure on the towel covering my throbbing, sensitive skin.  His voice and words filled my ears with encouragement and praise and even before I knew what was happening the combination had me blasted out of my body and into a sparkling cloud of orgasm, cries, and shudders.

Seriously.  Two orgasms to go in the record books.

I didn’t have to get ready until 7 o’clock for my date, but Troy had to leave for his at 6.  Ryan stayed behind with me and went and laid out at my pool and chatted amiably for an hour or so.

Needless to say, it’s days later and it’s almost all I can think about.  Turns out I had to cancel my date that night, but I had one Sunday and Monday and I couldn’t bring myself to sleep with either of them for fear of the sex not being even remotely as pleasurable for me (well, that and I didn’t feel like fucking either of them).

Sometimes I wonder if this MMF stuff is wrecking me or awakening me. I haven’t figured it out, yet.  I guess only time will tell.

A 40-something single mother who writes honestly about sex, body image, D/s, relationships, her nervous tics, and how much she loves to fucking fuck. She also likes to show you her tits.

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16 thoughts on “I fucked, gagged, and then I kept giving.
      1. I could resist reaching down and rubbing my wetness… Damn… Your experiences combined with your pictures (i LOVE see you) gets me crazy… keep ’em cuming… I mean coming.. haha…

  1. So, wait…that is your old “not so good writing”!?! Fuck me raw hy, you’re insane…I LONG to write so beautifully, erotically…sigh…
    And btw, OMG…I really wanna try the whole MMF thing…sounds hot as hell

  2. How do you get these awesome experiences. I’m dying to try out a MFF or MMF (secretly want the MMF more than that MFF) but its so hard putting one of these shindigs together!

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