I will make sure he never forgets me, Finale: Wherein he makes me one with the universe

[First off, let me apologize for this prolifically long story.  I felt it had so many different parts and layers that I needed to include it all for my own sake.  I try to impart real-time like details and conversation flow, but for this series, some conversations were switched around (some took place in bed, but I told you all it happened in the kitchen, for example, but the meaning and import are all the same).  Man, I’m not sure I’d be a good eye-witness, that’s for sure.  My imagination takes too many liberties.  Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4]

It wasn’t too late, but late enough for someone as hungover as I was. The two bottles of Prosecco I’d split with my two young 27 yo girlfriends, a friend of theirs and a friend of his (a geeky bass player in a local successful band whom I found out later was “happily girlfriended”) did little to erase my overall fatigue.  I wondered if it’d been the right thing to do to text The Neighbor an open invitation.

I climbed the 40-odd steps to my apartment, took care of the dog, and got comfortable on the couch.  I’m pretty sure I’m in love with Olivia Benson and Elliot Stabler and so I conjured them up on my magical black box and settled in for the night.

Around 11 o’clock I dragged my sorry ass into bed, peeled off my clothes and burrowed under the covers.  Thirty minutes later, the dog started to bark and howl and I was ramrod straight in bed, my heart beating 1000 beats a minute.  I listened and heard nothing and then the dog calmed down and I went back to sleep.

Darkness lay heavily across my room and the ceiling fan quietly whispered overhead when, at 1 am, the dog barked again.  My heart, no less accustomed to such brutal awakenings, tried to leap out of its cage, but this time, instead of a quietness following her alarm, I heard wriggling.  He had come over.

I lay back down and watched my open doorway and the soft yellow light pouring into the hallway.  His shadow filled the doorway just then and he stilled.  He couldn’t see that I was watching him from the darkness.  My breath had been coming in rapid puffs and I could tell he was listening.  I slowly calmed myself, sunk deeper into my pillows and he waited until my breathing was even and slowly, silently, closed the distance between us.

Finally, I closed my eyes and let him surprise me.  He removed his clothes and I heard them fall to his feet and then he gently pulled back the covers and touched my hip.  I stirred and rolled over.  “You came,” I said simply.

He answered with a kiss and I kissed him back.  He laid on top of me and I could feel the head of his erection pressing hotly on my belly, then scoot lower to nestle between my legs.  He licked his hand and rubbed the helmet of his cock and pressed it to my lips.  I was dry, but willing, and I spread my legs for him and pushed against him.

He teased me with his tip and I moaned, got wet, and tried to bear down on him, but he held back.  Slowing, and just barely, he entered me, then pulled back.  Then back in.  All. the. way.  That moment he knew I loved so much.  Deep.  Filling.  Huge.

He set a slow, brutal pace; the end of him hitting that little stalactite inside of me.  Again and again and again.  He never increased his tempo, he just pounded away at me with an easy rhythm, grinding into me as our bodies touched for added emphasis.

I arched and clung, shook my head and clutched at him, nibbled his shoulders, kissed his neck and ear and jaw.  His buttocks flexed with each thrust.  He was relentless.

And when I thought I couldn’t handle any more he stopped and slowly drew out of me, breathing heavily.  He pulled me into his arms and I lay on his chest recovering.  “How was it being one with the universe?” he asked.

“Good,” I said.  “Really, really good.”  I played with his chest hair and hugged him a little.  “I’m glad you came over.  What a wonderful surprise.  Did you come over at 11:30?”

“No, but I heard the puppy barking.  She must have heard my boots on the stairs.”

“You’re never going to be able to surprise me entirely, you know.  Not with her around.”

“I know, but I don’t care.”

He rose to dress, thanked me and started to leave.  “Wait.  Come here and give me a proper goodbye,” I called to him.

He came back to the bed and crawled in next to me.  His fingers hooked into me and he started to move them as he kissed me.  I clenched with all my might not to squirt into his hand and whimpered at my utter lack of control as I felt a climax begin to wash through me.  I filled his hand and he sweetly broke our embrace.  “Goodnight,” he whispered as he stood up and tucked me in, patting the covers.

“Yes, goodnight.”

He turned and left and I heard him bid his farewells to the dog, then the door click quietly behind him.  I closed my eyes, smiled, and drifted off back to sleep.





A 40-something single mother who writes honestly about sex, body image, D/s, relationships, her nervous tics, and how much she loves to fucking fuck. She also likes to show you her tits.

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9 thoughts on “I will make sure he never forgets me, Finale: Wherein he makes me one with the universe
  1. ok – seriously – if he is going to give this easy exchange away in September… He’s SO incapable of long term greatness. His limitations for you are as limited as his own foresight. He would probably reason in another limiting manner years into a relationship with you. And, him needing his alone time is perfectly fine but in a long term relationship, it will take a toll in some other way that will diminish the love you have for him right now. I know. I say in a whisper to you, He isn’t enough. He’s ALMOST enough and he’s a great fuck but heart of hearts – he never will be because he doesn’t want to be. He isn’t capable of more. Tell me I have no idea what I’m talking about – please. I’ve lived this one too and I don’t blame. I try and see without emotion when I’m hurt to learn for the next time – as TN actually said. He’s smart – which makes it hurt even more – but that’s my take from my own experience. This is yours.

    1. He “started dating” back whenever I discovered Vanilla Ice (I think that was March) and then it was a 4lb weight loss goal, then it was whenever he really wanted to be with some other girl, and now it’s September. I don’t think he wants it to end, frankly.

      And thank you for the whispers… it’s hard to hear, and I believe it for now, but who knows what could happen between the two of us longterm. I think we’d be great if he were all in. I really do.

      We’re all part of the same experience in the end: loving, losing, winning, hurting. We all do it together every day.

      1. yep – thats true, we are. And it just occurred to me that DN may not be so bright – I would immediately have thought you and TN were the ones I was hearing. I might not have said so because neither of you has made it public, but I would have thought it.

  2. Why is it so sexy to watch someone watch you? Yum. This post is sexy and tender. Lovely ending for the series.

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