He likes it rough.

I wore a strapless dress and my leopard print push-up bra. He answered the door tall, muscular and with his nerdy glasses. His dark brown hair swooped back in Mad Men style.

We hugged and I pulled out the Topo Chicos he’s requested to make us drinks.

His little efficiency was quaint, chocked full of creative and sentimental trinkets. Incense filled the space overhead as two of his cats lounged on his sofa and bed.

He made us some kind of divine gin drink in grey milk-glass glasses. I curled my legs under my bottom and relished in the normalcy. I was at a man’s house, sober, during the day; I liked him.

The conversation turned to sex. He offered me a book, “Sex on the Mind.”. I read the jacket and we discussed proclivities in broad terms. I liked very
much that he wasn’t willing to show all his cards. “People forget that our sex drives are as deeply rooted as our personalities,” I said in between sips. “You’re better off pairing up with someone with the same desires than not and we never put that on our lists of desirable traits. We always think it’ll ‘just go away,’ or something.”

“Right,” he agreed, “Like it always starts out vanilla, but it has to grow from there.”

My eyebrows raised.

Then I challenged him to a wrestling match. I made him get on his knees since he has 7 inches on me. I bounced around, the three drinks in me warming my veins. I closed the gap and pressed my breasts to his head.

“You have to start,” I said.

He grabbed my ass and tries to flip me down. I resisted my bare feet sticking on the laminate flooring. Then we full body to body. I kept breaking to pull up my top, laughed hysterically as I pulled up my top and stuffed my breasts back in.

We were on the floor, I was on my back. His strength thrilled me, his weight crushed me.

He’d kissed me twice before we started wrestling, his kisses firm and sensual: wonderful. He pinned me down and kissed me, my arms pinned between us.

I bucked up and flipped him over. He came after me and slammed me into his couch. It slid feet beneath us, we followed. His heavy form folded behind me and crushed me into the cushions. Toby the orange tabby meows and thrashed his tail at is.

I reared back and he twisted me around and pinned me beneath him again. I wriggled out of my top, my white breasts spilled out. He growled and dipped his head, lightened his grip on me.

I dropped my hands to his flanks and pulled him closer. He ground into me. “I don’t trust you,” he laughed into my nipple. I answered by arching into him.

He staged my had to his erection. Smaller than I hoped, but certainly fine with me. His easy wit, good looks, and out chemistry outweighed my preferences for once.

I gripped it and stroked as his arm wrapped around my bottom and his fingers delved into me. I was proudly wet as fuck. He growled again.

We stayed locked my out hands for a minute more before I finally said, “Do you have a condom??”

He stood and stripped, came back and knelt between my legs. My dress was a rumpled heap around my waist. I was all creamy things and breasts on the floor by his front door.

He entered me and immediately hitched my legs up over his shoulders. “Give me a wall,” I pleaded and motioned for him to slide me to the front door.

My hands firmly on the jamb I pushed back hard with every thrust. He kissed and bit the fuck out of me, crushed my mouth with his.

Them he pulled me up and shoved me to my hands and knees and groaned. “Uh oh,” I heard him say as he pulled out.

“Are we done?” I asked.

“Yeah. Sorry.”

“Take it back. Don’t say sorry. That was awesome.”

He refused to take it back. But really he should have. It was just what I needed. Rough, filled with laughter, sexy. Seriously some of most fun sex ever. And he smelled like amber and aftershave.

We lounged around and I gave him a pep talk for his Skype interview in an hour and a half. “You’ll do great. You’re qualified, they want you. Ask for a moving budget and for a month’s rent to find a place and shoot for the stars.”

“I’m gonna ask for $5k a month.”. I
Could tell he was experimenting with the number with me.

“Do it. It sounds right. Fuck it. You gotta look out for you.”. We were entangled on his couch, Toby the cat was passing between our laps. My panties were on the floor on a heap.

I offered him my wrist to kiss and instead he bit it. It was exquisite. I cried out and pressed into him. Offered him a different spot to bite. He obliged.

Them it was my breast, then the other. We kissed again before he abruptly stood up and started to fidget.


“You’re getting nervous, huh?” He nodded. “Beefcake, don’t worry! You’ve got this! You just got laid, you’re all set up, you know what you’re gonna say. I promise, you’re gonna do great!” I lifted the hem of my dress as I said this exposing my thigh.

Without hesitation he closed the distance and spanked me hard. I winced and offered my bottom again. THWACK!

He struck me again and again, then leapt up. “I have to stop. Otherwise I’m going to want my fingers in you and my cock in your face and I need to get ready for the interview.”

I narrowed my eyes and pulled down top. “You have an hour.”

“Fuck,” was all he said as he pulled out his erection and aimed for face. I latched on and sucked. He gripped my hair and pulled me off of him kissed me passionately. Spanked me more. I played my tongue over the salty aperture on his head and pulled on his balls with my free hand. He moaned and I smiled around his shaft.

He pushed me off and tried I gather himself.

“Please, Beefcake, will you spank me two more times?”

“No. I can’t.”

I pouted and threw him a sultry look, my heart pounding at my shameless antics.

“Fuck it,” he said as he lamely swatted my thigh again.

“That’s all you got?”

His eyes burned as he hit me harder five more times, his fingers buried in my soaking cunt. I thrilled at the burn.

It was time for me to go and give him some space. I went to the bathroom, took this pic and sent it to him.


“I don’t see anything special about this pic,” he teaded.

“Me either. Thanks for the wonderful afternoon. Good luck tonight. You’re really gonna do great.”

I stood on my tip toes and wrapped my arms around him. He dipped his head and kissed me, pulled me into him.

“And thank you for everything you’ve said. That really helps.”

“Don’t mention it.” And I walked out with my panties in my purse and a bar in Las Vegas that will likely have a new employee in a month on my mind.

A 40-something single mother who writes honestly about sex, body image, D/s, relationships, her nervous tics, and how much she loves to fucking fuck. She also likes to show you her tits.

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42 thoughts on “He likes it rough.
  1. I love that bc is FUN!!!! Even if he didn’t make you cum. Kind of a bummer that he might be moving though, if you wind up really liking him. When will you see him again?

    1. I rarely cum (or climax or squirt) with lovers (hence TN’s specialness to me). He’d leave in a few weeks. I’m certain he’ll take the job *because* we like each other. It’s just the way things work.

      Not sure when I’ll see him again. He’s texting me about rent in LV right now. Haha he’s very excited.

  2. Lv cost of living is phenomenal. No Personal income tax. If it wasn’t so damn hot there I’d move myself!

    I didn’t know about the no cum no squirt thing. I’m remembering reading a post about some other guy tho??? Tony? I’m shit with names.

    1. There have been a few who’ve made me squirt. Troy was the first, my threesomes (MMFs) made me squirt, too. But TN was the master ;)

      Apparently, LV is cheaper than where we live, and by LV, I mean “LV.”

          1. Yeah, I hope to get some more soon! BUT, he thanked me profusely as I was leaving because he said he wasn’t sure he “still worked.” He said he’s had no desire for a couple of months. I told him I was doubly flattered bc if it weren’t for his interview, we’d have fucked again. My point? His sex drive is low (& now he’s moving), so I bet sex won’t be on his mind. :-/

      1. I refuse to believe that if a guy you wanted, seduced and worked you, you would / could cum when he did if you wanted or before him – whatever. There needs to be porn with guys who work it well. A lot of he stuff is done JUST for guys and its so stupid. Sticking it in and out is great but it is not necessarily for her benefit at all. I just hope to hell that women don’t watch it and then don’t even expect better. Anyway, I’ll shut up on that crap.

        1. I don’t doubt some could learn other ways to work it, it’s just the big ones work for me the best. Porn is harmful for lots of reasons, namely the way it portrays sex, so I agree with you there for sure. In and out is the easiest part.

      2. So, a number of times you’ve mentioned that the size didn’t meet up to your preference. Do you think you could do a post of some pics of cocks that are acceptable to outstanding in your opinion. Just curious as to how big is “big” in your book.
        Loved the post, btw!

  3. Well I see it went well ;). Awesome pics…ruby red ass and all….I had a coffee meet up with a new local guy today and as soon as he smiled and flashed his grey teeth I wanted to run. Ugh. Thank God for vanilla guy who came through and gave me a snack….before lunch.

    As for squirting…for me the trick is girl on top…does it every time if I make the guy pump up while I hold still over him….I know you know how to squirt..but just saying…guys who have had a hard time making me cum..if I switch to that position and coach them…works like a charm so maybe that will help?

      1. I was gonna say Hy- on top, you get the hit on the G spot with the right grind ( like when you were a kid and you rode those rocking toys on those huge springs) and the slide on the clit with the right angled slither while also doing the in and out for him -omg however the hell it works for your body – one of them O’s only or both vaginal and clitoral – a double header of another sort! Your post when you had “him” inside and you used the vibrator – reminded me of that double fucken ogasm – I really hate this topic becaiuse I can’t go do it unless I rape someone! Can’t talk anymore TMI? J

  4. That’s one red bottom. Sounds like you’re having a lot of fun with him. Getting spanked and fucked by a muscular nerd? Good for you Hy, goddam it, good for you.

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