I get help from my friends.

I’m going to go out by myself later and I asked for advice from one I trust implicitly.  I have this feeling that 4 am girl is coming over tonight to stay with The Neighbor (he’s been over at her place four nights in a row; it makes sense she’d come tonight).  And I want to be scarce.  SCARCE.  Or just so drunk I don’t give a fuck.

The texting took a turn for the worse. All my fault, naturally.




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18 thoughts on “I get help from my friends.
      1. No, as per usual, I don’t concur. Your home is your castle, and you should not feel like you should have to run away. Make THEM feel uncomfortable. You need to man up to this. It’s time.


      2. ” … Sitting at home alone is a punishment to me…. ” You are using this as an excuse. If 4am girl wasn’t coming, you wouldn’t sat this. Be a man!

  1. I suggest you call your manager and ask if they have another fucken apartment. OMG I see me banging on the wall to shut the fuck up and basically acting like an asshole therefore I would have to call the manager and ask what is open or to tell them to notify me when something is available. Jayne

    1. I don’t want to change apartments. I LOVE this one and it’s Peyton’s home, you know?? I gotta just tough this one out. And I only have a feeling she’s coming over. I don’t know for sure. But I’m usually right…

      1. just another spot – same layout same place – I would be climbing the walls – I don’t want to know if you hear those two “at night” – Loud – music – shit – ambien!! ( I know you could tough it out but damn it anyway that it has turned out like this. It’s now cruel punishment if you have to hear them in his apartment – just plain cruel. – I know – earplugs and a great book. TDND has talked about “Sirens” he says its better than 50 shades. I don’t know but I remembered the title. : )

        1. I can’t hear anything next door. I just might run into them on the balcony. I just left my house. His car was still there. I’ve made a pact with myself that no matter how lubed infer tonight I WILL NOT CONTACT HIM. And if he contacts me I will ignore him. Tonight is about me and pushing my boundaries.

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