I still haven’t touched myself.

Though I want to. Badly.

I had a Guinness or two last night and The Neighbor stopped by, drunk from drinking after softball. He wanted me to try some of his jello shots.

As he walked in, I could smell the baseball diamond on him, dusty and sweaty. I imagined licking him clean and splitting my face on his pretty cock.

But then I remembered my promise.

I dutifully ate my jello shots while he explained his new recipe. I laughed as I swirled my tongue around the plastic soufflé cup at his direction. “That’s right. Now suck. Like this,” and I watched him fill his mouth with the grass colored gelatin.

Our eyes twinkled as I followed suit, my mouth stuffed to capacity. I struggled to move my tongue without parting my lips; it was a mouthful, to be sure.

I sat cross-legged on my couch, my white men’s Hanes tank top stretched across my breasts. He stayed a safe distance away. He never took off his cleats.

When he left to shower and pass out at 10:30 I told him he was welcome to return and watch Cheers with me. He thanked me, but declined. My hope to be strong and turn him down foiled.

I returned to the couch and laughed as Sam and Rebecca were caught fucking in the office. Naturally it’d be an episode of sordid details.

I fell asleep in the living room eventually. At 2, an aching back woke me up. I dragged my sorry, horny ass to my bed, spied my Hitachi resting unmolested in my bedside basket and groaned.

I didn’t realize until that moment how much I rely on a good orgasm to straighten me out.

This week is going to be interesting, indeed. Fuuuuuuck.

Wouldn’t these be pretty with some pearl-colored jizz on them?

[Update: I still haven’t gotten any cockshots. If you’re shy, check out my tutorial for tips!]

A 40-something single mother who writes honestly about sex, body image, D/s, relationships, her nervous tics, and how much she loves to fucking fuck. She also likes to show you her tits.

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52 thoughts on “I still haven’t touched myself.
  1. This is going to be an interesting week as a voyeur in the nunnery. Though it may be uneventful (he he) it promises not to be boring.


  2. well, you are making it a lot harder by posting pics like that – i think i will have to ignore your request not to send dick pics by way of revenge lol

  3. Damn him for not taking the bait! Keep up the good work, I’m still with you on this but it hasn’t been that hard (but if I don’t fuck my hubby tonight he will be such an ass tomorrow I have to do it). I’m not yearning too much if you know what I mean….

    1. Good luck fending off the hubby!

      And re: TN, right?

      He saw me taking trash to the dumpster this morning, walked to his car, and reversed to meet me (I’d parked close to him and Peyton was waiting for me inside). He opened the passenger side door and said, “Get in! I’ll drive you to your car [30 ft away]!”

      I hopped in and thanked him for the valet service. Ten seconds later we were at my car. I got out and bent over extra low to say thanks and shoot him a big ol’ smile.

      He grinned back and sped off.

      I *knew* there was a reason I wore this dress today!!

      1. You have the power! That is a really cute dress by the way. He is probably at work jerking off in the bathroom while thinking of you right now.

  4. Still a drought over here…I need some action. Yes, need. But I’m seeing my guy in a few days and I think he’d appreciate an untouched pussy.. Don’t you think? He has huge hands and I have a very tiny girl so I hope it’s worth it… I just may go insane til then though. Do you think I’m crazy? Wish me luck as I am wishing it to you… Xx

  5. So with that pic are u trying to make sure that everyone does enough self-touching to make up for u not doing it?

        1. OMG, it does! And I hope so, too! But just think, we’re all lucky enough that this is self imposed. We’re healthy and normal-functioning. I’m not so self-centered as to think this is the worst kind of suffering. :)

          And thanks, sweet Dawn! xx Hy

      1. Don’t kid yourself – you normally do something to molest that body, and even though he’s not so verbal – it isn’t old TV shows he’s coming over for babe! I think he left wondering what was up.

  6. I’ve been writing my 3rd part of Tour of Duty – I’m getting worked up andhave to walk away from it right now to calm down. …maybe you shouldn’t be reading these posts. hee hee

  7. You know, Hy, I was thinking, this whole lack of sex thing is gonna seriously affect your sex blog ranking. Did you ever think about that … did ya? Unless we have some serious … and I mean SERIOUS T and A over the next week, you can kiss sayonara to a top 10 .

    You know I’m always lookin’ out for ya


      1. Believe me when I say I am super happy you’ve got it covered (or would uncovered be the better descriptor?)

  8. Yay! Day 2 down.
    Btw, you make a good looking hanger for that dress. It just wouldn’t look the same on me. hehe. Sexiii!

  9. have tied my hands up so no touching can happen so day 2 done for me and just woke up with a gigantic boner so what does one do, I started watching the ad-channels, almost bought myself a vacuum cleaner in my distress… this could be an expensive week :D but my oh my, you;re looking gorgeous in that dress.. have to think about something un-sexy now… aaaahhh… :D

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