When everyone wants you, it’s like no one does.

I am an average looking woman.  I am neither tall, nor short, fat, nor slim.  I’m no genius, but I can  read people; I have a sharp wit, but prefer to turn it on myself.  I am generous, but discerning; loving, but terrified.  I am broken and weird and over-sexed.

I can’t figure out why nearly every man I meet wants me.

It makes me uncomfortable on the one hand and preen on the other.  I can’t figure myself out.

It’s a ridiculous, stupid, embarrassing thought to have about myself.  “Too many men want me.  It doesn’t feel special.”  It’s my delicate ego barking against the dogs on the other side of the fence saying, “You’re not looking close enough!  You don’t know me!  You’re stopping at the little I give you!  Go deeper!  Please!  Make me work for it!”

When I see a man’s eyes light up when he sees me I am bolstered by my effect on him, but when he fails to ask me anything about me, I am disheartened.  I didn’t do anything to earn his appreciation.  I can’t help that he likes the way I look, that my shape and coloring plug into his groin and caveman brain.  That’s not me — that’s just pure dumb fucking luck.

Where is the man who wants to know how I got to be me?  This woman eagerly sitting in front of him with a quick smile and easy rapport waiting for someone to want her.  The real her.

The Neighbor set himself apart from the very beginning because he wanted to know about me.  Why I was the way I was, where did I come from, why I did the things I did.  I reciprocated with as many questions as I could possibly think and we grew closer, we fucking bonded.

But with man after man, date after date I’ve filled my brain with trivia: his mother was a nun, he’s from Canada and doesn’t miss it, he wanted to be more challenged, nothing was keeping him there, his ex-wife was bad with their money, he fell in love with his ex’s kids, tennis saved his life as a teen, he loves being in love, he comes from a big family, he spent a year in India.

I ask, I prod, I listen.  I draw them out and into me.  I make them feel special, even down to the littlest detail, because I truly believe they are.  But I leave myself in the wind.

I tell the same stories over and over because I am rarely asked to share.  I interject snippets about my past as I can.  He tells me a story about saving a dying squirrel because I asked him about his life on a ranch and I share a similar good Samaritan story, not because he was interested enough to ask me, but because I was desperate for him to know something of me.

Even beefy, but nerdy the other day didn’t ask me any questions.  We talked mostly about him.  As it is with most of my dates.  And yet they all want me.  Sure they do.  I make it easy.  They like the way I look and they get to talk about themselves for several hours in the company of someone who laughs easily and may or may not blow them at the end of it all.

What would really make me feel special is if someone said, “Hy, what makes you tick?”

Seriously.  That’s it.

I may or may not answer it realistically, but it would be a start.  Something new and having nothing to do with my pussy or my breasts.

My Internet boyfriend sees the real me, all of me.  I force it down his throat.  I am unavoidable here, but out in the real world I am hidden in the open.  I don’t feel special.  A pair of big breasts and a white smile aren’t special.  They’re bait.

So how do I switch them out for me?  How do I get a man to come close enough to hear me — know me — without having them trip down my cleavage and get lost in my pussy?

This is inexorably related to my not trusting those who want me; how rejection feels like real love to me.  Maybe I’m looking at this all wrong and all these men really do want to get to know me, but my walls are buttressed with fear and confusion.

It doesn’t help that TN won’t leave me alone and I am left with my dick in my hand: he knows me, yet doesn’t want me.  Do I really want a man to know me?  That hasn’t yielded results either.

You’re reading the musings of a woman so mind-fucked she’s dreaming her own life to better results.

He invited me on vacation with his family.  We had separate rooms, but I was with him in his.  We hung out, bonded, it was intimate.  He requested some time alone so I happily complied.  In my own room, I put on a big, floppy hat and a bikini then thought I’d invite him to join me at the beach.  I walked back to his room and his door was ajar.  He was under the window on a trundle bed with his finger up to his mouth in a Shh sign.  I looked to my left and on one of the double beds was a woman sleeping on her stomach, her brown locks resting on her bare back.  It was her.  But he’d wanted to be alone!  And she was here!  He pantomimed that I please be quiet so as not to disturb her. I shouted at him to fuck off and slammed the door.  Slammed my own hotel room door and attended to my dying cat as he pounded on my door to let him in.  Again I told him to go fuck himself.

And then I woke up.

We haven’t spoken about Tuesday night. We watched a movie at my place Friday and Saturday nights.  4 am girl has no idea he’s been watching movies at my house; he’s been careful to keep that bit of information from her while she’s out of town.  We have behaved.  No hugs, absolutely no touching.  Then, Sunday night was different.  It was the second night that TN and I were involved with a severely mentally ill neighbor of ours and I had to call 911 both times.  Downstairs Neighbor was with me.

I kept her calm, talked to her, made her feel safe Saturday.  She trusted me as she said her boyfriend was invisible and crawling with bugs.  Sunday, she was mad at me.  Blamed me for her previous night and for being Denise’s sister.  I was careful not to agitate her, but I told her I was calling for help again.

The sick neighbor was hauled away kicking and screaming, strapped down onto a gurney by 8 rescue workers.  Her shrieks bounced off the building and skittered across the treetops, the red and blue lights flickered on our sad faces.

I’d done the right thing, but I was gutted.  Hearing her screams, seeing her struggle.  It was too much.  I went home to bed, alone.  Downstairs neighbor pulled me into his friendly arms before he went home to his apartment.  Later, TN texted me, then knocked.  I opened the door and he pulled me into his arms.  He held onto me for many moments.  It felt so right.  We cuddled on the couch, then he asked to use my vibrator on his leg.

We went to my room, I drifted off.  He finished massaging his leg then began wrestling me.  It was weird and exalting and wholly inappropriate.  I should have shoved him off of me and told him to go fuck himself, but I hadn’t yet had my dream.  The real Hy wasn’t ready.  He pinned me down, pinned my wrists, spanked me.  I laughed until I thought I was going to pee my pants.  I wanted it, yet hated it simultaneously.

I was flooded with confusion: the moon shone red in the sea and the mermaids swung from apple trees.

Finally, I pinned his arms over his head and he reached up and snatched a nipple in his teeth.  The cloth of my tanktop did little to protect me.  It hurt and I couldn’t pull away.  I released his wrists and he grabbed both breasts and shoved them into his mouth.  I was frozen.  A horny mare, any angry bear, a fearful, timid rabbit.

So I only let out my breath.  He sucked and nursed on me, pulled the fabric aside and filled his mouth with my softness.  His moans music to my ears.  I told him we couldn’t do this.  He asked why.  I said, “Because we don’t have sex anymore.”

“But this isn’t sex.”

He grabbed the vibrator then and pulled me up to my knees, switched it on and pressed it between my legs.  His eyes bore into mine as he put his free hand on my throat and watched me climax and shudder, my hands on his shoulders.  We never kissed.

He lay back down beside me with our legs entangled, our breathing heavy, our minds elsewhere, my heart in tatters.  Everyone wants me, no one wants me, he doesn’t want me.

I walked him to the door, kissed his cheek.  He left.

I am a walking contradiction with a bad attitude and a wet pussy.  So fucking help me.

A 40-something single mother who writes honestly about sex, body image, D/s, relationships, her nervous tics, and how much she loves to fucking fuck. She also likes to show you her tits.

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38 thoughts on “When everyone wants you, it’s like no one does.
  1. I can’t help you find your way out of the maze you’re in except to let you know a bit about life from a beta male’s perspective.

    I generally stay away from pretty women. My self-esteem has run aground on the rocks of a pretty woman’s ego too many times. Intellectually, I know that the more attractive a woman is deemed to be, the lonelier she likely is for real company. Practically speaking, it’s no longer a risk I’m willing to take.

    You may find male company worth the effort if you look for men whose eyes do not linger on your figure when you talk to them. Demisexual and/or Sapiosexual men won’t begin to exhibit signs of attraction until sometime after (a few dates) they’ve heard what you have to say for yourself.

    It’s the way I operate, anyway. I end up in the friend-zone way too often, but I can’t operate any other way.


    1. I appreciate the perspective, Gideon. The friend-zone can be skipped while still being sapiosexual. All it takes is a touch from a man and we know. One touch and the rest can be all neck and above. It’s disheartening to think that it’s either or — though, I don’t think that’s what you’re saying at all. Either it’s all my mind and he slips through the cracks as a disinterested friend or it’s all appreciation of the facade and I am missed.

  2. ” … I can’t figure out why nearly every man I meet wants me… ” Pardon me?
    ” … my shape and coloring plug into his groin and caveman brain… ” Ha! perfectly said
    ” … Where is the man who wants to know how I got to be me?… ” from the femme fatale who insists on sperlunking (sp?)

    And for the record, I’d love to ask you a million questions … but I know you wouldn’t answer.

    Now to the serious part of the post and your request. 1st, let me say I do not believe you are a contradiction. I, in fact, believe you are just the opposite. You are a very easy read. 2nd, you do not have a bad attitude. You have a wonderful attitude.

    As a highly sexual woman, you have some very basic needs and expectations. They are very important to you. Men have often disappointed you in their ability to address these needs. This has put you on the defensive. You are also extremely intelligent and creative. You are a wonderful caring person. None of this is complicated, but you seem to think it is. You would be an amazing catch … you just need to understand this, and more importantly believe it. Once you truly understand your gifts … and I don’t mean lip service here … but truly understand and believe what a wonderful person you are, then this will shine around you just like an aura.

    Last week when you spent the night talking to bartenders, I could see this was the problem. Once Hy believes in herself, her WHOLE self, men will also start to see the complete Hy, and not just the hot chick with the great tits sitting in front of them. You believe TN “got” you … I think that is so wrong as to be laughable.

  3. Are you me? It is so scary to read this and to agree with every word that you write. I’ve honestly never had this before… so so scary. Love your blog, recently started reading it – no idea how i found it, but i’m so glad i did.

    1. I don’t know, am I? ;) I’m glad I’m not alone in feeling this way. I felt vulnerable and ashamed to complain about this. Thank you for being my sister in this. And welcome!!

  4. I agree with what Mike said, particularly “You believe TN “got” you … I think that is so wrong as to be laughable.”

    I see it because I lived it. Maybe Mike sees it because he’s a man? But what TN did is a form of emotional abuse. He’s keeping you caged in. You don’t know this yet, but you will. All things in good time. Could be tomorrow, might be next year. Eventually 4am will come home and movies with you will not be on the agenda, and it will hurt you more that you let him in during this time.

    Seriously though… I got chills when I read this passage: “The Neighbor set himself apart from the very beginning because he wanted to know about me. Why I was the way I was, where did I come from, why I did the things I did. I reciprocated with as many questions as I could possibly think and we grew closer, we fucking bonded.”

    If you read my blog today, I think you will understand why that hit me, hard. It’s a sisterhood for sure. (not that I don’t believe guys deal with the same thing)

    1. I’m feeling angry at him again today. No longing, no confusion. Lots of imagined yelling at him, but I thought of your words from before and decided that silence is most powerful, so I’m holing up. I have Peyton and things to do. 4 am returns soon enough so I might as well adjust now.

      I’ll read your post later. I posted and ran today :) xx Hy

  5. Wow, so raw and honest, I really feel and understand what you are going through. Been there and didn’t like the scares they have left me. I agree with what Mike and Ella wrote, you need to believe and be true yourself. I don’t know how to do that since I struggle with it also, but I do believe are a good and beautiful woman inside and out and the right guy is out there waiting for the you that you truly are. Hope this makes sense. ((((((Giving you a big hug.))))))

    1. Thank you, Ses. Whenever I open up about this kind of stuff I quake in boots and wait for someone to tell me what a real piece of shit I am. Imagine my surprise to get comments like yours. Thank you so much. xx Hy

  6. Mike said it very well. So many women are taught to be afraid of their sexuality. You are not afraid. This makes you exciting and probably scary to most men. Had I met you a year ago I would have been terrified of you. You have power and most men just can’t handle that I think.

  7. There is something that happens when you KNOW (not believe, not understand) more of the things that are valuable for a guy BUT HE HAS TO KNOW IT TOO – BEFORE he meets you. So it has to be a smart guy. I think it happens when you reach a point of not wanting less from the start. That includes sex for sex’ sake…omg perhaps abstinence – AAAAAHHHHHHHHHH : ) maybe not – I don’t know. I’m theorizing. I love you , Jayne P.S. I think that many guys “want” – period. I also think that if you put something in easy reach, you’ll have many hands reaching. Waiting for one that you WANT to give your most valuable self to, is not a quick wait, nor is it an easy wait. I think it matters on what you’re looking for and in what package you believe it comes in. Like I said – I don’t know, I’m theorizing.

      1. i think its called … “Focus” not saying I’m a fan but the blatant continual existence of turmoil doesn’t go away unless it’s examined and dissipated. I could be wrong…

  8. Men might find you so attractive because of your scent. You may just be sending out signals that even they don’t understand, but know on a subliminal level.

  9. Mike and Ella…said it best. And Hy…I am amazed by how it feels like you’ve stepped into my skin and my heart and mind…I have these problems and I struggle with them. Now I just stay caged up at home because I’ve begun to believe men can’t get past the physical with me…but they are almost always too intimidated to approach.

    I had someone say the same thing to me that Mike said to you…that I’m easier to read and apparently I just have either such low expectations or low self esteem I think its “unusual” for a man to want to know what’s inside the pretty package.

    Sigh…TN is an ass…I think we all agree. hold on and hang in there….we’ll get you through.

  10. This was a weird encounter indeed, but life is filled with them! All you can do is keep moving forward… And find someone who will actually listen to new stories! You deserve it!

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