He fucks my wits right out of me.

“That will forever be the hottest porno I’ll ever see my entire life,” he said after I came long and hard the first time, his cock buried deep inside of me.

This was after I pet my pussy with legs splayed. After I tied him up and sucked his cock. After I rimmed his tight little anus with my finger as he slid deep inside of me. After he untied his hands and pounded into me. After he scratched my back and bit my shoulder. After he wailed like a mad man on my flanks grunting and moaning like a goddamned beast riding his mount into the belly of hell.

And lastly, after I came and sobbed a second time he dragged me up and out of bed.

He helped me stagger to the mirror. “Look at her.” I swept my tousled hair out of my eyes, but some was still plastered to my face. I was rosy from the crown of my head to my pink polished toes. “Look.” He squared my shoulders off with his hands. “Now that’s a fucked woman.”

“Mmmhmm,” I nodded and wobbled into the living room. Lost, happy, heavy. We’d somehow recalibrated tonight.

He picked up the vacuum and finished what he started over an hour before.

When he left, he sucked on my nipple through my shirt as I praised his housekeeping, “As soon as I remember my name,” I told him, “I will write you a glowing recommendation.”

He smiled and kissed me one more time and I thanked him again. “And don’t forget, you’re welcome to vacuum for Noodle when she comes Friday, too.”

“I might just do that.”


A 40-something single mother who writes honestly about sex, body image, D/s, relationships, her nervous tics, and how much she loves to fucking fuck. She also likes to show you her tits.

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16 thoughts on “He fucks my wits right out of me.
  1. Now that sounds like a night to remember. I always say the best sex is not the one that makes you pass out, but the one that makes you feel so alive you start doing chores. Like, oh shit, I should probably put a chicken in the oven and clean those dishes.

  2. er, um, I’m confused. This happened on the same day/night you were so pissed at him for his insensitive remarks about the double bj and the other boorish comments he loves to make at you? Either you’re very forgiving or you took an amnesiac pill. Honey..I think he got his power back….sigh…..

    I vote you and Noodle go out without TN and in fact avoid him ALTOGETHER during her stay….maybe pick up 2 new guys for a test drive and giggle a LOT on the balcony where he can hear. He’s already counting on getting alone time with you girls…he doesn’t deserve it……

    Sorry….I’m way less forgiving of asshole behavior. Probably explains why I’m still alone and refusing to rush the dating gig. Too many assholes. I’d rather be alone than let some guy talk to me that way and then assume he still has a place in my bed/head or heart.

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