Someone actually likes my sexy-time writing.

When I started this blog almost a year ago I hoped that I would find my people, my little sexy tribe, if you will.  I was lost, alone, and hurting.  I also hoped that my writing would be good enough to compel people to hang around and actually enjoy themselves.  Today I feel loved and supported by so many more than I could have ever hoped for, many of whom have become relied upon figures in my life — yes, YOU, IBF — and it looks like someone likes my writing, too!!

Rori, of Between My Sheets, laboriously reads hundreds of blogs that are submitted to her each summer and picks a Top 100.  I’m number fucking 3!  I can’t believe it!  3!!  Jesus Christ, you could knock me over with a feather.  Not only did I make the list, but some of my friends did, too, like D i i r r t y, Kyle Mew, Heather & Nikki, H.H., Theo Black, LSAM, Fatal, and CC Some of my favorites aren’t on there because they didn’t meet the criteria for blog age, in case you were wondering.

It’s such a great honor to be mentioned among so many terrific reads and I’m humbled that someone like Rori likes my words.  Truly.

The other neat thing about this list is that it will expand my horizons and help me discover new talents, new worlds, and new friends.  For instance, I’ve never heard of Harper Elliot from (It Girl. Rag Doll), but I can’t wait to check out this person (shit, I don’t even know if it’s a boy or a girl!)!

Damn.  I’m still freaking out about this, totally overwhelmed.  I know I shouldn’t get too excited about it because like any award it doesn’t define my work or me or anything else about my writing — and it certainly doesn’t mean I’m better than anyone else on the list or otherwise — but fucking-A, I can’t help but have this gigantic smile on my face.  I wish y’all could see it.  It goes really well with the dried cum on my breasts.

This is where I’d put a gabillion little hearts and rainbow star-bursts and unicorns if I could.  This is also where I do a little happy dance with my fingers pointed in the air Travolta-like.  Woot!


Between My Sheets
1. Molly from Molly’s Daily Kiss @mollysdailykiss
2. EA from Easily Aroused @EasilyAroused
3. Hyacinth Jones from A Dissolute Life Means…
4. Cheeky Minx from Love Hate Sex Cake @LoveHateSexCake
5. Amy from Anal Amy @AnalAmy
6. My Trousers Rolled from My Trousers Rolled @rolledtrousers
7. Sexual Life of a Wife from Sexual Life of a Wife
8. Dark Gracie from Gracie’s Playground @darkgracie
9. diirrty from d i i r r t y
10. nilla from Vanillamom’s Blog @swirlednilla
11. Suggestive Tongue from Suggestive Tongue @Suggestive
12. Sunny Megatron from Sunny Megatron @SunnyMegatron
13. Aisha from Being Aisha
14. Dev from Delving to Deviance
15. Amie Wee from Crevice Canyon @crevicecanyon
16. Remittance Girl from Remittance Girl @remittancegirl
17. Lady Dragonfly from Lady Dragonfly @miladydragonfly
18. paltego from Femdom Resource
19. Bella Blush from Clean, Moral, Polite
20. Girl on the Net from Girl on the Net @girlonthenet
21. Clarisse Thorn from Clarisse Thorn @clarissethorn
22. Kyle Mew from Kyle Mew @kylemmew
23. Violet+Rye from Uncommon Appetites @UCAppetites
24. Mina and Sylvanus from At Longing’s End @mydesire and @sylvanus
25. Athol Kay from Married Man Sex Life
26. Heather and Nikki from Vagina Antics @Heather_Cole1 and @Nikki_Blue1
27. Ferns from Domme Chronicles @Ferns__
28. Conina from Exploring Surrender
29. Kaya from Under His Hand
30. Joan Price from Better Than I Ever Expected @joanprice
31. Dumb Domme from Dumb Domme @DumbDomme
32. Sadie from That’s What Sadie Said
33. Nikki from Nikki True @Thenikkitrue
34. Lucas Brooks from Top To Bottom @Top2Bottom
35. HH and Lo from My Sex Life with Lola
36. Harper Elliot from (It Girl. Rag Doll) @HarperEliot
37. Charlie Glickman from Charlie Glickman @charlieglickman
38. Lady Cheeky from Smut for Smarties @Lady_Cheeky
39. TemptingSweets999 from Tempting Sweets: Story Heat
40. Monocle, Redbud, and Ximena from The Erotic Writer @_Monocle_ and @_Ximena_Writes_
41. Happy BDSM from Happy BDSM
42. Charlie Nox from Charlie Nox @charlienox
43. Theo Black from Theo Black
44. Chrystal Bougon from Better Sex from Bliss @blissconnection
45. Rockin from Light Switch @RockinwithaCock
46. Dr. Marty Klein from Sexual Intelligence @drmartyklein
47. Miranda an Aaron from The Swinger’s Attic
48. Karen from Kissing Blue Karen @kissinbluekaren
49. Axe from Unspeakable Axe @unspeakableaxe
50. Peroxide from Submissive in Seattle @Peroxide__
51. Rachel Rabbit White from Rachel Rabbit White @rabbitwhite
52. Jill McDevitt from A Day in the Life of a Sexologist
53. LSAM from Love, Sex and Marriage
54. Hubman from Hubman’s Hangout @hubman38
55. Coyote’s Kitten from Kitten’s Paw Prints in Slavery @coyoteskitten
56. Betty Dodson and Carlin Ross from Dodson and Ross @dodsonandross
57. Daisy Danger from The True Life Sex Adventures of Daisy Danger @daisydanger
58. Oatmeal Girl from Submission & Metaphor @oatmeal_girl
59. Fatal from You Linger Like a Haunting Refrain
60. Ruby Ryer from Pegging Paradise @Ruby_Ryder
61. Kyle Jones from Butchtastic
62. Anakin and padme from Journey to the Darkside @AnakinDarth and @padmeamidala
63. Lady Pandorah from Lady Panorah’s Sanctuary @ladypandorah
64. Marie Rebelle from Rebel’s Notes @rebelsnotes
65 Thumper from Denying Thumber @thumperMN
66. Jade from Pieces of Jade @piecesofjade
67. Jason Stotts from Erosophia @jstotts
68. BD Swain from Leaning How To Tell You @redswain
69. Bre from Owned, Collared, Loved
70. Dangerous Lilly from This Could Be Dangerous @dangerouslilly
71. Modesty Ablaze from Modesty Ablaze @ablazingmodesty
72. Suzanne from All Mine
73. Kitty from My Secret Life
74. Domina Victoria Rage from Domina Victoria Rage @VictoriaRage
75. Sin from Finding My Submission
76. Maggie Mayhem from Miss Maggie Mahem @msmaggiemayhem
77. Artemisia Absinthium from Absinth Cocktail @ArtiAbsinthium
78. N. Likes from My Dissolute Life @nlikes
79. TheOthers1 from Undue Creativity
80. Roxy from Uncommon Curiosity @sroxy
81. Mollena from The Perverted Negress @Mollena
82. Jerome from Let’s Talk About Sex
83. Liza from Always Each Other @lizawrites
84. Figleaf from Real Adult Sex @talkingfigleaf
85. Red Vinyl Kitty from The Sub Mission @The_Sub_Mission
86. Omega and Mouse from The Power Exchange @talesofmouse
87. Innocent Loverboy from Innocent Loverboy @innocentlb
88. Shelby Cross from Shelby Cross, Writer
89. Blacksilk from Being Blacksilk @BlacksilkBlog
90. Kaleigh Trace from Fucking Facts @TheFuckingFacts
91. Romantic Dominant from A Faded Romantic’s Notebook
92. BiLikesSciFi from A Tale of Bi and Bi @bi_and_bi
93. Curvaceous Dee from Curvaceous Dee @curvaceousdee
94. Evoe Thorne from My Whole Sex Life @WholeSexLife
95. Ponyboy from Marriage in the Bedroom @Ponyboy0000
96. Jack and Jill from Frisky in the 916 @jackandjillcpl and @jillandjackcpl
97. The Gentle Nibbles Writing Team from Gentle Nibbles @gentlenibbles
98. Kitty from The Submissive Wife
99. Kat from She Makes the Rules

100. YOU! As always, I want to leave a place on this list for ALL the awesome sex bloggers out there! So please leave a comment on Between My Sheets with your name/URL to tell us about your sexy blog!

A 40-something single mother who writes honestly about sex, body image, D/s, relationships, her nervous tics, and how much she loves to fucking fuck. She also likes to show you her tits.

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52 thoughts on “Someone actually likes my sexy-time writing.
  1. Many congratulations! It is an awesome feeling isn’t it? As is dried cum on ones breasts…yum!

    Oh and Harper Eliot is a girl, I am honoured to be able to call her my friend and say with great confidence that she totally rocks!


  2. Yay! I’m so happy for you Hyacinth! You are so loved and appreciated in our blogging corner, by me and by everyone. You are an excellent writer and a beautiful women.

    Je t’aime Ma Belle! Félicitations!

  3. Congratulations! Well deserved recognition for sure! I’m thankful to have stumbled upon the gold that is your blog, it was my introduction to sex/erotic blogs, and I swear my life will never be the same…:)

  4. You know you are # 1 with the people who count … us … the ones who admire your writing and love you totally. You know you rock! Congratulations.


  5. That’s amazing and so deserving for sure. Have bookmarks this now to go through some of these bloggers. Will be a loooooong weekend ;) surprised that Lady Cheeky was so far down the list though, think she deserved to be a little bit higher as well Kyle with his filthy but awesome poems. Anyhow, congrats!

  6. It’s OK to say you are 97 spots better than the others, it is what it is, nothing to shy away from, that’s why Rori puts numbers on them.

    Be proud, you should be!

    Gonna check out your blog now… Make sure you earned that number 3… ;)

  7. I like you very, very much. In fact you and a few others gave me courage to take the plunge and make my own blog. Thank you, it means more than you’ll ever know. XXOO

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