I bruised my hand from spanking.

Wine glass in hand I lay on Tina’s bed.  She was touching up the paint on her toes and we were talking life, love, and threesomes.  My phone chimed.

“It’s The Neighbor, isn’t it?”

I picked it up.  “Yep,” I said smiling.  It was his cock.

He knew I was over there.  I’d asked him to send me a cock pic earlier and he’d asked for a minute or two to clean up from the gym.  I’d told him, “Good boy,” and sent him a picture of my cleavage with Tina’s cool hand in the cleft.

“Jesus Christ,” he’d texted.  “I appreciate you so much.  I’ll be home in a few minutes, unless I crash while looking at that picture in which case I will die smiling.”

TN has been body-snatched, y’all.

“I’ll be home soon,” I’d replied.  “Leave your door unlocked.  What a sweet boy.”

Fifteen minutes later he sent the perfect Bat Signal: the image of him buck-ass naked holding his giant erection.

My response was immediate to him.  “Wow. Got the pic.  Leaving this second.”  I turned to Tina.  “I gotta go,” I told her laughing.

“Yeah, you do. Damn, that guy has it bad for you.  What the hell did he say to you just now?”

Nothing,” I smirked.

He answered the door glowing white and naked and let me in.  I walked back to his bed and sat down, but he begged me to get up.  He still hasn’t been able to stabilize it since we broke it last week.  “Just go next door.  I’ll be right there.  I promise.”

I complied and no sooner had I hung up my purse and things than he walked through the door, sadly clothed.  We sat on the couch and found each other with our mouths.  My hands ran up his shorts and found his arousal.  I peeled off my sweater and glowed under his appraising eyes.  I have never felt more beautiful with this man than I have in the past 48 hours.

I sucked and kneaded and kissed and nibbled.  He sucked and kneaded and kissed and nibbled.  “Lets go in your room,” he said.

He unzipped my boots with his teeth and tossed them on the floor with a laugh.  I was in black lace panties and knee-high socks with white stripes at the top.  “Jesus Christ, you’re hot,” he moaned and fell on top of me, crushed me with his mouth and muscles and warm, creamy skin.

“I want to turn your lily-white ass red,” I moaned back.

He stopped short then kept kissing me, dipping into my mouth and looking into my eyes.  I stared back at him, bold and unafraid of my own passion.  “Yes.  Get on your belly.”

He rolled off of me and lay quietly below me.  I spread his knees and positioned myself between them and struck his right buttock.  Hard. “What do you want to tell me if you’ve had enough?” I asked him, too shy to say “safeword.”

“You mean a safeword??”

“Yes.  I’m going to hurt you, but I’m no sadist.  You have all the control here.  What’s your word?”


“Good.  Thank you,” I said and cracked my hand down on his right flank.  I struck and wailed and rained my hand down upon him.  He writhed and tried to crawl away from me.  I wrapped my arm beneath his hips and pulled him back to me.  Asked him if I ever tried to get away from him?

I pressed my thighs into his and kissed his inflamed skin, crooned to him, told him he was a good boy.  I told him how hot he was.

He whimpered and tried to curl up with each blow, but it took no effort for me to pull him closer back to me, to my warmth and love.

I concentrated on one space of his canvas only occasionally breaking to the left.  My hand stung and my pussy dripped.  I felt time freeze and my heart swell outside of my body.  I could see every hair on his body and smell his pleasure and his fear and his contentment like fresh-baked cookies.

I paused as he laughed and cried into the mattress.  I felt a strange kind of remorse for what I’d done, but also a sick sense of pride.  I needed to care of him.  “I’ll be right back,” I told him.  “Don’t move, honey.”

I ran and grabbed an ice-cube and returned to the glowing ember of his ass.  He started when I put the cool rock on his skin, but relaxed as it slid beneath my palm.   As the water ran down his hips and between his buttocks I caressed the heat and pressed my lips to him.

“Is that better?” I whispered against his bottom and kissed it tenderly.

“Yes,” he answered and then my hand cracked down on the wet spot.

I fondled his soft cock and gently tugged on his balls as I brought the heat back to his backside, then slid my hand to his crack and pressed at the little starfish in the center.  He tried to retreat.  “I won’t hurt you.  It’s ok.”

“But what if I’m dirty?”  he worried.

“You’re not dirty.  Your ass is beautiful and I want it.  Come here,” and I pulled him back to me and spread his knees further.  “Arch your back,” I said softly.  He arched and I pressed just one slender finger inside of him.  He was so tight I felt my own center quicken.  Oh, how I wished I had a cock to slip deep inside of him, all the way to my hips, to feel him tight around me and writhing.   Men are so lucky.

I felt for the invisible scar on his lower back with my free hand and kissed its raised skin, wishing all the reasons it was there never existed.  My poor friend.  He never deserved any of that.  My breasts pressed into his soft ass.

I barely wiggled around inside of him, only one knuckle, and continued to spank him.  I was afraid of going too far with my fragile new toy; my finger one little thread holding the beautiful puppet before me.

“I want to leave a mark on you, like you do me.” I told him.

“Do it,” he agreed.  “Let’s see how you’re doing so far.”  I let him get up and he swung his bottom into the light of the bathroom.  There were broken capillaries, but no deep, blooming welts like he leaves on me.  With a quick hand I struck him again.  He winced, but remained still.

My hand stung and throbbed and I suddenly knew we were done.  I couldn’t think straight, my memory of minutes before was blurry.  I’m not even sure I have the lead up to this right.  I could be writing complete fiction.

I next remember laying with him and him asking me, “When did this happen, Hy?  I didn’t know you had this in you.”

I thought for a second.  “It’s always been there, but this trust you give me, it sets it free.  It’s so hot, so beautiful.  It turns me on so much. You have no idea.  Do you like it??”  Suddenly I was unsure, worried I’d hurt him, terrified him.

“Yes,” he answered.  Maybe he said he loved it or thought it was fucking hot.  Again, I can’t remember, my brain was scrambled and I still can’t sort it all out.

He stroked me, kissed me, touched me, dipped his fingers inside and exclaimed at my wetness.  He started to slam his hand inside of me and a climax came up and washed over me and right out my pulsing hole, a river of emotion and arousal bounding down a mountainside of flesh.

Then he pulled me into his arms and held me and kissed me tenderly.  “Do you ever have to think about it when you spank me?” I asked him.  “Does it come naturally to you?  You’re not just doing that for my sake, are you?”

“No, not at all.  I love it.  It just happens to me, too.”

He rolled into me and spooned me warmly, wrapped his arm around me and squeezed and kissed my neck.  I began to talk gibberish and found myself awakening in mid-sentence as I struggled to maintain consciousness.  He giggled at me and I flushed at my own vulnerability — the only thing worse would be to be caught drooling in my sleep.

He rose then and tucked me in.  I muttered something — incoherent, perhaps — and I’d like to think he kissed me somewhere before leaving saying he’d lock the door behind him, but I don’t remember.  I was already fast asleep, my hand scalded and bruised from abuse.

I will never shake hands cavalierly again.



A 40-something single mother who writes honestly about sex, body image, D/s, relationships, her nervous tics, and how much she loves to fucking fuck. She also likes to show you her tits.

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41 thoughts on “I bruised my hand from spanking.
  1. Hot!! I’m not clear on whether you told him you found his profile and learned he identified as a sub. Did I miss it or misread something? This is such an interesting turn in the story.

  2. Hy dear, next time make a detour through the kitchen. Bamboo spoons are wonderful so are belts, paddles and bamboo tomato stakes. Ginger might disagree with the tomato stakes :). <3


      1. I will reply because of my intimate knowledge of the bamboo switch that Cruel refers too. A thin bamboo stick about 4 ft in length that is extremely ouchy on ones ass. It is usually reserved for when I need a lesson, although I think Cruel just enjoys my reaction regardless if I’ve been a good or a bad girl. I much prefer the belt, hand or paddle. You can buy them at the dollar store, 8 for $2. Cruel likes to say its the most fun you can get for a quarter!!!

    1. Yeah, maybe. I did have a couple of glasses of wine, but that shouldn’t have wiped me clean like that before and after the spanking. Very strange and I felt so differently, ethereal and hovering…

      Thanks, Fatal. I have no idea why you admire me, but I’ll take it. xx Hy

  3. This made me giggle: the bed is still broken. Why is he not fixing the bed??? Men.

    Anyway, it seems that you were always right and Mike and I were wrong wrong wrong. Clearly he’s in love with you and seems he’s finally accepted it, too.

    ice your hand!

    1. I know I asked if you were fucking with me. You said NO, but I still can’t believe this. I am not declaring anything. It’s been 3 days. As far as I’m concerned, nothing has changed. I’ve just learned a new recipe for disaster (she said with a twinkle in her eye). xx Hy

      1. I don’t know about that Mike. He’s done a complete 180 in the past four days or so, like he’s a completely new man. For all we know the spirit of Christmas future visited and showed him what a twerp he was being.

        In the previous post he told her he’d TALK to her about why he was pulling away, the came over and said, “you’re gonna be so happy when you get to be with this hot, buff dude one day.” That right there was future planning. He then he followed that up the next night (the post I responded to yesterday) telling her that he appreciated her so much and that looking at pictures of her, he could die smiling.

        He’s gone from running away to telling her how sexy, beautiful and amazing she is. He cuddles, he spoons. He then he made this comment: “You must have been so beautiful pregnant. I would never have stopped sucking on your tits.” Also, he’s constantly over and texting and is no longer withholding sex and he hasn’t detailed her faults lately

        You’re thinking that he’s bullshitting her still? And if so, do you think it’s because they are supposed to have that sex party this weekend and he’s doing what he did when Noodle was going to town and he thought they were going to have a threesome and he spent the week prior treating Hy like gold, only to push her away after? If he is, that would be terrible.

          1. I think you’re a delightful cynic and a lovely person Mike. Like all of us, you’re interested in Hy’s story. I hope it turns out for her, but, like you, I don’t think she’s willing to follow-thru on any of her oft-made resolutions to change anything. That being the case, she’s waited him out and stayed, and has done everything he’s manipulated her in to doing. I still think he sounds like a pussy, particularly with his over-the-top weight issue(s), but he does SUDDENLY seem to be coming from a different place, going by these posts. For all we know he finally realized he wasn’t going to find anyone younger or hotter to put up with his neurosis and that scared him straight.

          2. And, that being the case, would be a win/win. She wouldn’t have completely wasted a year of her life on someone who really didn’t care for her as anything other than a bed warmer, and he’d have Hy, someone who really cares about him, despite how fucked up he is.

          3. This year will never be considered “wasted” by me. Just because I don’t do what you want me to do like a good video game avatar should doesn’t mean I’m a fucking idiot. I obviously make decisions some disagree with, but frankly, that’s life. I’m here to entertain and get support.

            I encourage feedback, but I don’t want everyone thinking they know me through this blog or the little I decide to share. Cut me some slack, girl. And cut TN some too.

            He’s an unwilling and ignorant participant in all of this and it’s cruel to profile him based off of my one-sided accounts. He’s a good man who’s figuring himself out. Yes, he’s hurt me, but so what? Everyone hurts each other at one point or another.

            The accounts I share are to titillate and connect, not to judge. I know what I’m doing. While I write nonfiction, it’s still subjective.

            I’ve told you this before, Ella, that I think you’re screaming at yourself 10 years ago (or whenever that was), not really me so I never take your words personally, but mentioning wasting a year of my life is too much. I’m not doing this for anyone but myself and success is a personal measure, not a public one.

            I simply don’t believe that’s possible. Everything has meaning, even if it doesn’t make sense to anyone else. xx Hy

          4. I don’t think you’re a video game avatar. How silly. When I say wasted time though, what I mean is that you kept yourself from experiencing other things. You’re a more forgiving sort than I. I regretted the loss of my time and the waste, but you don’t feel that way.

            Meanwhile, this is the silliest ‘argument’ I’ve ever seen online.

          5. Dammit– last message cut off. Anyway, silliest ‘argument’ blah blah blah, erase my comments and be done with it. I could have said that better but there’s no editing in blog comment land.

          1. I’ll bet you are!

            It’s lonely here being the only one on the Titanic who’s screaming “Iceberg! Iceberg!”

          2. The things you are writing about how you’re having sex and are in love with your best friend tells me you are FULL OF SHIT HY! You are saying nothing has changed because YOU THINK IT HAS and you’re afraid to jinx it.

            And Mike- come on!! Don’t you think he’s behaving COMPLETELY out of character??????? Either he’s had a change of heart or he’s been lobotomized. She’s more in love than ever before (no matter what hash you sling Hy!! I can see it!)

            I’ll remain cynical if I must, but I’ve learned the hard way never to believe that longheld beliefs are actually worth shit. Stranger shit has happened on earth than TN changing his spots.


          3. k … I’m gonna get it out of my system, and then I’m done. Yes I’m a cynic … and a bloody good one if I do say so myself. Earned the very hard way. Here’s the thing … I backed off for 2 months because I believed you … you said you were Hy-slowly cutting the bonds … this relationship was beginning it’s death spiral … you just needed time to do it in your own way. You got my 100% support for that, Babe. A new season … remember that line? Then what happens? Back from SF and it’s starting all over … when did Ground Hog day move to November? 1 whole year you have been so close (in your own mind) to him … you knew him so well … if only he will just come around. 1 year with him like you have been and you know squat about him. He’s really a sub? Oh my! What a revelation. Why … then I’ll just play like his D, and THEN he’ll come around. You’re no domme … you’re not even a switch. This little cub of yours has a lot more in his past and shaking his brain than either you know, or you have told us. You have been an oasis in his sea of troubles for a year. Sure he likes “doing sub with you now”. It suits him. Anything you do will suit him. He’s playing you likes he’s always played you. And you’re falling for it like you’ve always fallen for it. … There … done

        1. Going by his typical patterns of behavior, I predict we will know one way or the other whether to be hopeful or totally disgusted sometime between now and next Friday.

          For Hy, I hope he’s changed, because she isn’t going to. I mean no offense by that statement, I’ve done it (and worse) myself. She will always talk herself into accepting whatever he gives her, no matter how demeaning it is. So, if he’s finally going to treat her appropriately and SHOW APPRECIATION FOR WHAT SHE DOES FOR HIM, then that would be very good for her I think.

          Even a broken clock is right once a day, which means at some point, some hopeless asshole somewhere that everyone thinks is a chode must really be a decent guy. Why couldn’t it be TN??

  4. I can honestly say that’s the first time I’ve ever read about an encounter involving a man with submissive tendencies that turned me on…and what you did for him with the ice? aftercare, which was the perfect thing to do…and I agree with someone above, sounds like topspace to me…

    This development between the two of you is powerful to watch (read)…it’s almost as if realizing it’s your best friend that you’re fucking has taken everything to a different level…

    1. I honestly don’t have a clue what I’m doing and I’m not holding my breath. Nothing has changed. Not really. I’m still too old, divorced, and a mother. I don’t trust this as far as I can throw it. But I will enjoy it. xx Hy

  5. Hy—not going to get into the dissertation here between ella and mike and you, buuuuuuuuuuuuuut i would like to say this— enjoy it for what it is and time time in doing so–i think you know all the pro’s and con’s to this relationship–enjoy!!

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