Friday, April 12th, is Boobday!


Want to participate or learn more about Boobday? Check out the guidelines for info and see you soon!

I’m currently taking submissions for next week, Friday, April 19th.



My tits:

Before and after.

Not my tits:

The lovely April whose amazing tatts are revealed.
JFBreak is baring what he calls his “moobs” because “if you ladies can let it all hang out, why not me?”
The lovely Ginger, y’all.
I have a strong urge to motorboat all of a sudden.
She said it was frosting (click through).
LSAM and her amazing clamps (click through).
The boobalicious G (click through).


A 40-something single mother who writes honestly about sex, body image, D/s, relationships, her nervous tics, and how much she loves to fucking fuck. She also likes to show you her tits.

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46 thoughts on “Friday, April 12th, is Boobday!
        1. Dawn, there’s a reader – Nick, I think! and possibly at least one more — who is patiently waiting for the B cup or under sets of breasts. Hook ’em up, sister!!

  1. You are becoming quite an inspiration Hy… Thanks for bringing this together. I’d love to give them all hugs and kisses, excluding the moobies, no disrespect intended JFBreak…

    1. And JFBreak! Lovely moobies hun!
      And I wanted to say thanks for this Hy! You will always be known as the woman who got me to expose more than just my writing. *Kisses* xxx

  2. These tits are fucking amazingly gorgeous! Hy, I love your pics, you have the most lovely nipples. Can I put a challenge out to you for some future week: they make jewelry (non-piercing) for nipples, and I’m going to buy some online. I can send you a set, or give you the link, but I think your nipples would look so pretty with something sparkling hanging from them. I bet TN would like too. :)

    1. Ha! You are so sweet, G! That is a lovely challenge. I’ll see if TN is willing to buy me something, though, so you can save some nickels.

      I had my nipples pierced for 10 years, but had to take them out when my breasts hurt when I was pregnant. I wonder all the time whether or not the holes are still there. They were pierced for 10 years after all! One of these days I’ll see if the holes are still open!

      1. Oh I’m glad to “know” someone I can ask about it piercing, I’ve been so curious since the boobday posts started. On one hand, I’m not sure I want to do anything permanent, but on the other I’m done with breastfeeding now and having kids, so if it increases sensitivity and makes boob play more fun, why not?

        Yes, get TN to buy you some and then post a pic! Pleeeaaaassssee. ;)

        1. My piercings didn’t affect my sensitivity at all. I just liked the way it looked. And my lovers back then never even gave a shit. Such a strange and wasted sex life I used to have…

          I will say this: the pain is excruciating. Be prepared. Or sedated ;) xx Hy

        2. I took mine out when I was trying to get pregnant. But even by the third kiddo, I would still have milk leaking out the sides when I’d nurse. It was always such a mess!

          G-didn’t impact my sensitivity, but you can’t be as rough as you can without because they will get REALLY sore. I’ve thought about getting mine redone, but I like me some nipple torture way too much now! haha

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