Tomorrow is Boobday (again)!

This button looks better bigger. Sorry about the little button-font, y’all. I’m no graphic designer, after all!

Just a quick reminder that tomorrow is the breast day of the week!

Check out last week’s Boobday for more info and to see what it’s like. I’ll take submissions all day today and part of tomorrow (as my schedule allows).

Boobday Guidleines

  1. Pics must be yours and not someone else’s.

  2. Let me know if you want to be anonymous or not.  If you want to be identified and have a blog, be sure to include your Boobday post url.

  3. Anyone who identifies as having breasts is welcome to submit a photo – this isn’t limited to the cisgender definition of a woman.

  4. Pics are accepted all week long, but there’s no guarantee that if it’s submitted on Boobday that it will get posted.

  5. Please tweet about Boobday with the #Boobday hashtag.

  6. Lastly, you must link back to my Boobday post for that day and include the button below (I think my blog is on CST, so keep that in mind).  Snag the code from the sidebar, or copy and link.  Whatever floats your boat!


Here’s to another fabulous end to our week!



PS: Lemme know if that code doesn’t work.  I’m new at this shit.

PPS: I’ll be posting later about my nerves about going over to The Greens’ tomorrow for dinner.  Shit. Fuck. Damn, as LSAM would say.

A 40-something single mother who writes honestly about sex, body image, D/s, relationships, her nervous tics, and how much she loves to fucking fuck. She also likes to show you her tits.

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17 thoughts on “Tomorrow is Boobday (again)!
  1. As an avid luster …… er, reader of this blog, I’d like to encourage all the ladies to consider making contributions to this event. No reason to feel there are any expectations, too small or two big or assorted sizes… I personally have never seen one I couldn’t find something to enjoy. In fact if anyone would like an unbiased opinion before posting as to whether it would be appropriate and well received, I’ll offer my services to preview….. Just the civic thing to do…. :) (might even contribute some rhyming words for the event)

  2. Boobday again, huh? This is getting consistent. I come here for you, Hy!
    Sorry I’ve been incommunicado here for a while. Maybe it’s just taken me some time to adjust to your new looks. Sure is bright in here these days. Not so confining, like the space here is bigger now. Funny what a little color can do. I like it : )

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