Friday, May 10th, is Boobday!


A strange thing happened last night: under a balmy, cool night sky — and before the watchful eyes of our friends and a cute, young thing he’d been sitting next to — The Neighbor sat in my lap and nuzzled my neck.  He whispered how beautiful I was and pressed his heavy hand in between my jean-clad thighs.

I’d been wondering if the cute, young thing was more his type when he got up, came around the table and sat beside me, his leg draped over mine.  I guess not.

And then he took me home with the windows down and the wind in our hair and fucked me so senseless that I could only abuse my clit with my Hitachi.  My stubborn, fickle body refused to comply with my demands and I gave up whimpering, orgasm-less.  So he came to my rescue again as I lay alone beside him and curled his fingers into me and gave me one of my new orgasms with a messy, ridiculous splash and a shudder.

I slept on a towel and a smile.

Happy Boobday, y’all.



Want to participate in Boobday?  Go here to check out the guidelines. 

Also, I’m going to change it up a little and say that I need to have pics no later than Wednesday.  My softball schedule makes it next to impossible for me to get this put together Thursdays. 

My tits:

Cross my heart.

NOT my tits:

A return participant who invites us to crawl up that lusciousness.


It’s the lovely, lovely, G.




The creamy and delicious LSAM.


Scarlett left her funk for us to share this.


Silverdrop posing for her SilverHubby.


This is Shannon. She’s a long-time reader, she says, but this is her first submission. Her goal this year is to “gain more self confidence and just put myself out there, flaws and all, no matter what everyone else thinks.”


She let me pick which pics to post. I chose them both.


This is also PinkKitten’s first time sharing her breasts and, as she put it, she has “finally managed to muster the courage to submit my tits for Boobday, and my fiance was kind enough to make a small contribution.”


An anonymous, (badass), Aussie submission.


“Ginger, Daddy’s little pet,” as she says.


Kayla and her ridiculously pretty jewelry.

A 40-something single mother who writes honestly about sex, body image, D/s, relationships, her nervous tics, and how much she loves to fucking fuck. She also likes to show you her tits.

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29 thoughts on “Friday, May 10th, is Boobday!
    1. Awwww, thank you. Never thought it would be quite as exhilarating to bare my boobs to strangers. Looking forward to next week. And to all the other ladies, thanks for filling my Friday with fantastic titties

  1. It just goes to show that we are all our own worst critic. For the ones that posted before, I say thank you again. For the ones that are just posting for the first time, I say where have you been.

  2. I am jealous…you all have boobs and you can squirt. Maybe not all of you. Can squirt I mean. I’m going to act like a grown-up and stop pouting immediately! ;)

    Happy Boob Day everybody!

    PS: Can’t we have an ass day?

        1. I know but I’m so good at fantasizing…and I have my one frenchman I had a brief affair with on a tropical island. Let’s call HIM France. John Mark… In all seriousness, if we can reach the highs of happiness, I believe it is innate to grow it – we just have to decide and do it….like France…I just had to decide and do him….a million years ago..ok bye – back to work. kisses to you. – one on each cheek as the Frenchman do.

    1. Dawn! STOP IT! You do too have breasts! So what, they’re littler than some? There are a gazillion men out there who prefer that!! I know Nick is patiently waiting for the little titties! And I’m pretty sure N. Likes prefers his smaller, too!


      All the love, hugs and kisses – xx Hy

  3. Duh to some issues with a baby momma my further submissions will have to be here only.. although I will take all blog visitors my images will be password protected. I promise to have something fabulous for next week though..

  4. What a great gallery of beautiful boobies! Thank you again for putting this together.

    Hy, I love that he is so openly affectionate, you must have felt so light and happy!

  5. Very lovely boobs all around. Love seeing familiar boobs, but also greatly appreciate those first timers. And it’s extra nice for Hy to sneak a double pick when she’s made to choose ;)

    1. *waves at Hubman and blows him a kiss*
      Sorry couldn’t resist when I saw you here, my sexy friend. ;-)
      Now I can go back and admire all these delicious boobies…

  6. “curled his fingers into me and gave me one of my new orgasms with a messy, ridiculous splash and a shudder.
    I slept on a towel and a smile.”
    This was just perfect… It made me smile as well.

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