Friday, June 28th, is Boobday!


Not only is it Boobday today, it’s also Noodle Day!

That’s right, she’ll arrive this morning all bouncing curls and delicious accent and warm, soft hugs all for me.

I am so lucky to have found her in this crazy, fucked up world.

The Neighbor will hang with us later tonight, I think, though I’m not sure.  No blow jobs, no groping, no sex for a live audience this time.  We’re all a year older; I feel more shy somehow.  Bone weary, honestly.  I don’t feel peppy or perky or playful.  At all.

But, never say never and all that jazz.  I’m open to any kind of hedonistic dog pile the Universe wants to throw my way, let’s be honest.  Hyacinth isn’t dead yet!!

Enjoy the tits for today!



Wanna participate in Boobday?  Go here and read the guidelines.  Your email MUST include “Boobday” in the subject line and clear instructions on whether you are to be anonymous, or not.  Also include your Boobday post URL or your blog URL, as well as your Twitter handle if you have one and want to be linked up.  Please don’t make me look this shit up :) I’m about to stop doing that extra step for y’all.  I’m a cranky Hy these days. xx

My tits:

My tits and a love mark.

Not my tits:

Ginger says, “This is what happens when you lie flat on your back with ginormous boobs!” And then she got fucked :)
Beck, and a little something extra.  Follow her on Twitter: @beck42069.
Scarlet is “grabbed from behind.”
Our dear Anonymous Aussie and some incredible underboob.
It’s my sweet G and her lusciousness on display.
Silverdrop fresh out of the shower.

A 40-something single mother who writes honestly about sex, body image, D/s, relationships, her nervous tics, and how much she loves to fucking fuck. She also likes to show you her tits.

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17 thoughts on “Friday, June 28th, is Boobday!
  1. “Noodle Day!”
    Does this not defy some law of quantum physics that says you can’t have so much gorgeousness occupying the same space at one time?
    The two of you in one room must be illegal on some scale!

  2. Everybody is gorgeous…as always! I hate that missed Boobday this week, but I’m celebrating in spirit today…hashtag and all… :)

    And yay for a visit with Noodle! I can’t wait to read both of your follow-up posts after the visit. :)

  3. Even though I have Fridays off right now I still have two reasons to get up in the morning; One is Boobday and the other is a wake up call I make. All very lovely submissions this week…..Enjoy your visit with CN ;-)

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