I get semi-naked three stories high.

It’s a gorgeous Sunday afternoon here and my apartment pool is filled with splashing and laughter.  Naturally, I had to have that as my backdrop.

(Don’t worry, no children were scarred in the making of this post.)

photo 1
Aw… it looks like A Dissolute Life Means… Obama!


Ready for a terrible, stupid joke? Q: How do you keep your girlfriend busy for hours? A: Tell her to send you a pic of her ass. However, this one only took me 30 seconds, so THERE, misogynistic assholes of the world!  Go fuck yourselves.

photo 3
TN thinks I look “extra hot” in this shirt.  I love his leftist ways.


Be sure to hop on over and see what everyone else is up to today!

Sinful Sunday

A 40-something single mother who writes honestly about sex, body image, D/s, relationships, her nervous tics, and how much she loves to fucking fuck. She also likes to show you her tits.

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30 thoughts on “I get semi-naked three stories high.
  1. Dammit Hy, you have the best ass & set of boozies!!! Any wonder it took you less than a nano second to snap that pic off!!! Very, very, lucky TN (totally bi curious female here, getting more interested all the time!) hehe!!!

  2. Yummy pics. Yummy tit(s).
    I prefer Reagan over Obama though.
    And yes the white panties are sexy as hell.

  3. Interesting political statement. Subtle, yet effective. You should go into advertising.

  4. Well of course i’m here for the writing, the content…….. but YAY! What a nice strip-shoot and yes you do really have wonderful boobs…so we are glad and lucky you choose to share yourself with us!

  5. My brother has been fucking a Republican campaign organizer lately. Now, I have no problem with people of different political views hooking up, but for someone under thirty to be talking up how brilliant Sarah Palin is, and how grand a president McCain would have been…. I just don’t know what to think. I met her last week and kept looking at her, trying to figure out how she came to be. It was like every word she said shot straight to the part of my brain that left me with a look on my face like a deer in headlights. Are you real? What is this? You’re getting bigger, and bigger, and sweet Jesus, you’re nothing but a machine that’s going to run me down and kill me!!!! I was speechless, and she didn’t listen anyway. Just ran her mouth, and clearly couldn’t be wrong about anything. Like Ann Coulter showed up at my house…
    She teaches yoga, too, which just blows my mind. I didn’t know republicans did yoga. It was weird. And more than a little frightening.
    Yeah, so, that’s a very nice……… let’s say, shirt. Yeah. Nice shirt.

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