I am juxtaposed.


My heart stops for her

her heinous end

I amble forward

compelled, have to

my life grows


hers ceased to be


petals fallen to the ground

I face the sun and follow

my heart in shadow

with her

I am juxtaposed

Sinful Sunday

A 40-something single mother who writes honestly about sex, body image, D/s, relationships, her nervous tics, and how much she loves to fucking fuck. She also likes to show you her tits.

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38 thoughts on “I am juxtaposed.
    1. I haven’t truly entered the competition, I just really responded to the challenge. I’ve been hiding lately and wanted to take advantage of an opportunity to be vulnerable again.

  1. I have spent a GREAT deal of time studying this image, it is darkness and light, it feels vulnerable and yet strong. It is exposed, raw and yet slightly masked. Bravo!


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