Friday, August 16th, is Boobday!


Another week has flown by, y’all. I’m breathless and excited because this past Monday I gave my two weeks’ notice to a silly little morning job that I started back in February that gobbled up every spare, creative moment and inclination I had.

Plus, I’ve also had the terrible problem of having a nightly visitor who cuddles and kisses on me — and frequently fucks the shit out of me — and so my usual night-time writing activity has also disappeared. That was a joke, by the way. Definitely not a problem!! Ha!

In any case, I have a lot of catching up to do. With all of you and your stories and lives and sharing more of mine. I can’t wait!



What to participate in Boobday? Read the guidelines and send me a pic. I don’t censor the images, so there’s no “making the cut.” That would completely defeat the purpose of Boobday. I want to provide a space for women (cis and trans, bi, straight, gay, skinny to fat) to expose themselves and feel proud of what their mamas gave them.

If you don’t include your Twitter handle, your post URL, and whether or not you want to be anonymous, I’m not going to do any investigating, but also won’t assume anything. So be sure to have all the info I ask for every single time! No blog post required if you just want to post on mine!

Also, only post your Boobday pic on Fridays and always include the Boobday button in the post and a link back to me.

My tits:

Ok, you’re right. I should participate, too.

NOT my tits:

Beck and her bruises. @Beck42069
Silverdrop gets some work done. @SilverdropUK
Cara and one toasty boob. @carathereon
mail (76)
She’s been tweeting about this pic and Panty Parade delivers! @offgothepanties
Ginger’s man submitted this one. I like to imagine he’s this much taller and this is what he sees all the time. Also, I do the same thing with my iPhone.
Ginger again, with her Daddy’s make-shift paddle.
These lovely tits work hard and play hard, from what I hear. @xlaux
Anon Aussie says, “Oh my, what strong hands you have!”

A 40-something single mother who writes honestly about sex, body image, D/s, relationships, her nervous tics, and how much she loves to fucking fuck. She also likes to show you her tits.

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35 thoughts on “Friday, August 16th, is Boobday!
      1. Yes, what if I want to go to your archives for boobday and find yours missing today? Even if you repost the pic from yesterday (you didn’t get enough acknowledgement for how sexy it was anyway) I think it would make your people happy! We love you. Xoxo

          1. Awesome! You know just how to make this IBF feel special. Have a great day! Do you mind if I reblog since I won’t be posting today?

  1. I love boobday Hy, love boobs & just adore your opinions on being 37 & being oh so sexy to that man that gazes upon you. I myself in my mid forties see that same something in his eyes & I will take your advice & ignore my stretch marks, veins & things that apparently only I see & kick them aside & feel all the sexy & beauty he sees….

  2. Lots of lovely boobs this week ladies, thank you for all the wonderful submissions week after well. Yes Hy you do seem to be mysteriously missing. Happy Friday everyone

  3. Beautiful pics as always.. I will participate again when I get rid of this horrid allergic reaction that has left me an itchy mess.. ugh.. Oh and PLEASE do NOT put your cell phone in your bra.. It has been proven to increase the risk of breast cancer from the electromagnetic fields they put off..

  4. Reblogged this on filled and fooled and commented:
    I wasn’t able to take any suitable pics for today’s Boobday, but I wanted to link you to today’s fleshy mounds of pleasure on A Dissolute Life Means. Gorgeous women!!
    And I should be back to posting regularly now that summer vacation is almost over. We are seeing Rick and Chloe tonight, it will be hard to top our last encounter!

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