Friday, August 2nd, is Boobday!


Today I want to celebrate being alive, walking down my stairs each morning to a wall of sticky, loamy humidity, to being vexed, elated, tickled, hungry, itchy, sleepy, horny, shattered, and satisfied.

I want to celebrate being able to meet each need, to counter an imbalance, and to voice an opinion.

I want to be proud in my skin, accepting of my character, and never stop believing in the meaning of life, which — obviously — is meaning.  At least it is to me.

Sometimes I think what I do here is frivolous, silly, opportunistic, but then I think about the good I can do with it.  The teeny, tiny amount of good to the few I reach on occasion and I erase those thoughts and blow lustily on the little bits left behind which obscure the beautiful words beneath.

It’s all worth it.



My tits:

photo 2
A clear, sunny morning…

photo 3
… means revealing…
photo 1
… myself to you again.


NOT my tits:

SilverDrop being a good girl.



Panty Parade says, “I like this shot because it shows that I’m wearing a baseball jersey (I’m a huge baseball fan), but it’s also flirty.” I’d say it’s a lot more than flirty!




Emma brutalizes her pert little titties in the best possible ways.




Ginger and her friend had fun with yet another in the room.




This is Naughty Nic’s first submission. Apparently, she and I are of a mind this week.




photo (4)
Kayla killin’ it with the shiny objects and luscious breast.




Cara worried that this might be too much. I assured her it was perfect. She’s also a birthday girl this week. Happy birthday, honey!!




Molly rejoins us with this ethereal imprint, as if she’s pressed against glass.




Scarlett plays with fire.




I love this image for a lot of reasons. Just one of them being the weight of Beck’s breasts.




G says she loves participating in “massive boobage” each week.  I love it when she does!

A 40-something single mother who writes honestly about sex, body image, D/s, relationships, her nervous tics, and how much she loves to fucking fuck. She also likes to show you her tits.

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24 thoughts on “Friday, August 2nd, is Boobday!
  1. I feel like I’m cheating life as its not yet Boobday, I mean Friday here. Lets not kid ourselves, Friday no longer exists. Very inspiring photos this – as is par. My love to you all. xo

  2. BEAUTIFUL women! I was speaking not to the tits themselves which are everything good in the world, but to the gesture of sharing in such a fun and loving place. Thanks, Hy. Your post makes me proud to be female with company such as all of you Ladies. xoxoxo, Jayne

  3. There is this one advantage to being in the Southern Hemisphere, 6 hours ahead – I am one of the first to see Boobday! Fantastic line up this week. Awesome girls, well done.

  4. I was a day late with my post. I decided to post a different boob pic on my site to try and make up for the faux pas. Thanks, Hy, for organizing Friday Boob Day each week. I will work on my tardiness.

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