Friday, September 20th, is Boobday! (Plus updates)


This week has flown by.  I’ve made some major headway on some professional projects and I feel more free to write.

I’m still thinking about Scarlett’s  post (and now Pervertically Virtous’) about one-dimensional blogging.

I reached out to a longtime reader and friend and asked him if I should reveal more about me, particularly my location.  He vehemently opposed it.  My anonymity is my protection from crazies, he said (I’m paraphrasing; he was much more eloquent than that).

In any case, I’ll be writing about one-dimensional blogging in the future.  I already tried to address it with my Don’t Envy Me post, but I think I missed the mark considering the responses.

I also plan on writing about spanking as a reward and how I’ve just finally figured that out.  I’m a quick one, I tell you.

There’s also yet another hot night with The Neighbor I need to write up.

Another topic on my  mind to write about is how I think this chapter of my life is closing.  We’ll see how it affects the blog.

Ok, that’s about it for now.  On to our regularly scheduled Boobday!



Want to participate in Boobday? Read the guidelines and send me a pic. I don’t censor the images, so there’s no “making the cut.” That would completely defeat the purpose of Boobday. I want to provide a space for women (cis and trans, bi, straight, gay, skinny to fat) to expose themselves and feel proud of what their mamas gave them.

If you don’t include your Twitter handle, your post URL, and whether or not you want to be anonymous, I’m not going to do any investigating, but also won’t assume anything, so be sure to have all the info every single time! If it’s not in your email, it won’t be in the post.  No blog post required if you just want to post on mine.

Also, only post your Boobday pic on Fridays and always include the Boobday button in the post and a link back to me.

My tits:

A serious bra beneath a silly T.

NOT my tits:

Freckles gives us the full Monty at last.
Anonymous Aussie finally reveals what she’s been hiding under all those shirts.
G’s hubby took this one. @CurvyMilfy
It’s Pash’s first time on Boobday! @NeverBeg4Mercy
Another first-timer! Meet Dizzy and her darlling dildo! @dizzygirl812
Beck has the prettiest lingerie. @beck42069
Ginger Queen teasing a suitor.
Silverdrop getting punished. @SilverdropUK
Scarlett’s pillowy kajongas. @atrueunfolding
Kayla feeling her skin. @KaylaLords

A 40-something single mother who writes honestly about sex, body image, D/s, relationships, her nervous tics, and how much she loves to fucking fuck. She also likes to show you her tits.

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24 thoughts on “Friday, September 20th, is Boobday! (Plus updates)
  1. Thanks for posting another great set of boobs. I do agree with your friend about not revealing more about yourself. There are way to many crazy people out in the world to put yourself in that situation. It adds to the mystery of who you are. I can’t wait to read about spanking as a reward.

  2. I’ve Ben contemplating the one dimensional talk too. I feel like other things are talked about in the midst of the sex. Revealing certain things can be dangerous, but it don’t think anyone is truly one dimensional. I confess to envying certain people’s fun, but that’s okay. I envy people’s vacations too, but I still come around to hear about it.

    Anyway, lovely tatas as per usual. :)

    1. Hahaha “I envy people’s vacations, too.” Classic! And a good point. My own bullshit radar goes off when I read my own posts sometimes because it really does sound like I live a charmed life. But I really don’t. I’m extremely happy, but I also struggle with a lot of other things that I simply can’t disclose here. I wish I could.

      I missed your titties this week, btw!!

  3. Such bountiful and beautiful boobs on this Friday. Hats off to all the lovely ladies that participated.

    Hy, I have to agree with your friend, safety should always come first. Protect your privacy as it also involves your daughter. I know it can be hard living two lives per say but sadly there are those out there that are not quite stable.
    I do reveal tidbits about myself in my blog but the area I live in is large and it is only myself that I have to worry about.

    1. Thanks and I’m seeing a trend here, that is to say STAY PRIVATE! hehe I kinda wish I lived somewhere like London or NYC, though, because the cities are important backdrops, I believe. In any case, I’ll just have to get over my worries of seeming “flat.”

  4. I’m in total agreement with your friend & the comments from your virtual friends here Hy….it’s not worth risking your safety or your baby’s…even within my limited exposure in my virtual world I have experienced a nasty tempered stalker who though only pestered me with nasty words to my inbox, the words were still very frightening…I for one are satisfied with what you give of yourself…thx Hy & all the lovely ladies, again it’s a delight to be in such luscious company…happy boobday everyone….

  5. Lovely boobs from all…

    And definitely things worth considering – it was hard to even show part of my face, and I still haven’t revealed my location or my real name…so I get the need for anonymity and the need to be real to everyone, fully 3-dimension, so to speak…

  6. Yeah, depending on where you live, revealing your location, may or may not be problematic for maintaining anonymity. Like, I’m fine disclosing that I live in NYC (when I’m there), but I don’t disclose the other smaller towns where I also sometimes live/have lived…

  7. Gorgeous bra Hy! It fits so perfectly. Gorgeous breasts lovelies! I’m in such good company!

    I’ve been meaning to respond to PV for a few days now. I better head over there!

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