Friday, September 27th, is Boobday!


Another Friday, another Boobday.  I’m a big fan of this week’s submissions.  They’re everyday-beautiful.

Sweet snapshots as she walks by the mirror in a steamy bathroom.

The view of a man on his knees.

The view of someone above her.

Cleavage during the work day.

A quick pic on the side of the road.

A moment frozen in time as she is rendered his toy box.

And of course mine, my usual morning pics of a body poured out on dark sheets with a lonely heart inside.  I always wish he were there and could see this with his own eyes.  It makes things more real, don’t you think?

Later today I’m heading to Noodle’s, my first visit to her neck of the woods.  I can’t wait to sit on her porch and see the sunset she’s often texted me with my own eyes.  Seeing, sharing a space, makes things that much better.  It closes a gap.

The rest is all just imagination.



Want to participate in Boobday? Read the guidelines and send me a pic. I don’t censor the images, so there’s no “making the cut.” That would completely defeat the purpose of Boobday. I want to provide a space for women (cis and trans, bi, straight, gay, skinny to fat) to expose themselves and feel proud of what their mamas gave them.

If you don’t include your Twitter handle, your post URL, and whether or not you want to be anonymous, I’m not going to do any investigating, but also won’t assume anything, so be sure to have all the info every single time! If it’s not in your email, it won’t be in the post.  No blog post required if you just want to post on mine.

Also, only post your Boobday pic on Fridays and always include the Boobday button in the post and a link back to me.

My tits:

 hy_boobday_092713 hy_boobday_092713

NOT my tits:



Foggy tits. @KinkyBikerMom



G, post-shower. Curvy, curly, wet, and gorgeous. @CurvyMilfy



Freckles stands tall.



Kayla is watched. @KaylaLords



I had clips on my nipples last night for about 15 seconds. I can’t imagine what this is like. It’s a powerful moment, frozen in time. @SilverdropUK



Scarlett gets cheeky and wonders if you like her nails. @atrueunfolding



Anonymous Aussie assured me she pulled over to take this pic. The spring weather was calling to her. And she mostly covered up when she got back on the road.



Beck’s collar, her tatt, and her breast. @Beck42069 (and I finally just got what the numbers stand for!)



Anisa got dressed up for work.

A 40-something single mother who writes honestly about sex, body image, D/s, relationships, her nervous tics, and how much she loves to fucking fuck. She also likes to show you her tits.

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30 thoughts on “Friday, September 27th, is Boobday!
  1. The numbers do stand for what you think, but they also compile to make our wedding anniversary date. We wanted to get married 4/20, but the family thought it was stupid. We had our tax money and had to do it then or we’d never have the cash to do it, so we decided to combine 420 and 69 – two of our favorite activities – and came out with 4/29.

  2. Sharing that space is so much better Hy, hope you get to share space again with him soon….& thanks for reminding me about Noodkes, I headed straight on over & followed, I won’t forget now! :)
    & thank you ladies, I find myself in such awesome company once again this week …I’m loving the creativity…happy boobday!

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