Friday, October 25th, is [Spooky] Boobday!


So, this was a lot of fun!  Would you guys be down for more themes in the future?  I’m thinking of really simple stuff, like “blue,” or “upside down,” or “under the covers.”  Lemme know what you think.

In other news, I’ve been following this French porn blog since its inception and I gotta tell you a little secret: old time-y porn turns me the fuck on.  I mean, check this shit out:


It seriously makes me feel all twitchy.

And, on that note, here are the spooky tits I’ve promised you!



Want to participate in Boobday? Read the guidelines and send me a pic. I don’t censor the images, so there’s no “making the cut.” That would completely defeat the purpose of Boobday. I want to provide a space for women (cis and trans, bi, straight, gay, skinny to fat) to expose themselves and feel proud of what their mamas gave them.

If you don’t include your Twitter handle, your post URL, and whether or not you want to be anonymous, I’m not going to do any investigating, but also won’t assume anything, so be sure to have all the info every single time! If it’s not in your email, it won’t be in the post.  No blog post required if you just want to post on mine.

Also, only post your Boobday pic on Fridays and always include the Boobday button in the post and a link back to me.

My [creepy] tits:

photo 1

photo 2

NOT my tits:

Kayla had to run out of town this week, but first she snapped off this lovely thing.  @KaylaLords



SassyCat got nibbled on. Fucking hawt. @SassyCat



Panty Parade gets wiggy with her luscious tits. @offgothepanties



I love this. How many times have we all done exactly this?



Kinky Mom supports breasts! @kinkybikermom



Halloween 2013
Silverdrop plays with a masquerade ball costume. @SilverdropUK



Beck gets bloody just for us. @Beck42069



BisexualMinx makes her debut appearance alongside a jack-o-lantern.  @BisexualMinx



G says, “A little peek at a costume I wore last year. Glinda the good witch. The magic is in the tits… getting them all in that is.” @CurvyMilfy



Penny pulls an Alfred Hitchock.   @PennysBlog


A 40-something single mother who writes honestly about sex, body image, D/s, relationships, her nervous tics, and how much she loves to fucking fuck. She also likes to show you her tits.

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21 thoughts on “Friday, October 25th, is [Spooky] Boobday!
  1. Wow, some pretty fantastic boobs there! Happy Boobday ladies! Penny’s pic is amazing, like you said. She is so creative!

    I like prompts, it’s more exciting to see how each person interprets it. :)

  2. Old time porn is fascinating – it shows how men for centuries have been turned on by the same memes: two women, masturbation/insertion, flashing. And the ubiquitous ‘fucking’.

  3. Great shots this week ladies, apologies, time got the better of me this week….a themed idea is a fantastic idea Hy, love getting creative & yep that old time porn is seriously smokin’ hot!

  4. Tantalising titties as ever dear Hy.

    If you like Victorian porn, here are a couple of books to put on your Secret Santa list: Sins Of Our Fathers Vol 1 and Vol 2. I got my copies before they were collectors’ items and the prices seem a little steep these days, but they are stunning compilations of erotica if you can find someone else to track them down for you.

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