He’s aromatic.

Midday boob pic for my smelly man.

Lately, The Neighbor has smelled like a roaring bouquet of hot gay men on the prowl.


I mean, normally the man smells delicious, like strawberry fields of manliness (and yes, that’s a real thing), but these days he’s upped the ante.

He’s pillaged a forgotten shaving bag chocked full of cologne samples from Nordy’s (remember our big shopping trip? If not, just search for “I dress him up, I dressed him down”).

There’s Giorgio Armani, Polo Ponies 1-4, Polo Sport, CK1, and a couple more I can’t remember.

Each night he comes over and makes me guess which one he’s wearing. So far I’m 1 and about 10 (did I say that right?),

He’s lucky to be as furry as he is; scents cling to his luscious pelt as easily as my fragrances slip off my razored, hairless body — it’s why I perfume my hair now instead of wasting it on my skin.

He’s been completely surprised at my moaning, humping response to this new accessory of his. “How come I never knew you loved cologne before?!” he said the first night he smelled divine and I was burying my face into his neck and purring.

“I told you,” I said into his warm skin, “you just never listen to me!” He swatted me playfully and I closed my eyes, carried away on a cloud of sex, freshly cut grass, and muscles.

And today, TN learned that I’m not the only one who’s a fan:


I love being right.

A 40-something single mother who writes honestly about sex, body image, D/s, relationships, her nervous tics, and how much she loves to fucking fuck. She also likes to show you her tits.

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24 thoughts on “He’s aromatic.
  1. Next question: *gay* male work colleague? Because if it was a straight male I really would be surprised. (Or am I just showing my age? Do today’s young men really ‘share’ like that?)

      1. Not me, I’m outside the consensus I guess, because I prefer your tits bare, Hy. Call me a Philistine if you wish, but I’m sticking with bare.

          1. What, a Philistine, or outside the consensus, or both?
            Certainly you cant blame me though, for preferring your tits bare. Knowing you, I think, looking from the outside, you’d prefer seeing them bare too. Am I wrong?

          2. Huh? You’re both a philistine and against the consensus! As for me, I don’t have a strong preference for either, except my shyer nature sometimes demands modesty ;)

          3. Sorry, misunderstood you.
            Well, when you’re talking about your own tits, of course you’d be shyer. It seems to me though, you’re as happy as i am to see other girl’s bare tits.

      1. Well, I have proof of men going crazy for the scents I’ve worn. A one night stand I had last year went wild with it, kissing and licking my leg following it’s trail throughout my body. Trust me, men can go just as crazy with the right scent (vanilla infused seem to work more for some reason). xxx

  2. “How come I never knew you loved cologne before?!” he said the first night he smelled divine and I was burying my face into his neck and purring.”
    Hy, you’ve hooked the man now!

      1. I would be shocked if he weren’t. c’mon, he is much different (open and caring) than before. I’mjust happy for you. It makes me smile that all of your hard work has been worth it. Hugs to you woman. XO, Jayne

  3. Haha! I love cologne on other men but what smells good to my husband on his body doesn’t ever appeal to me. I get sensitive to a lot of the notes, I’m not sure which ones I like but there are some.

    I love how you describe his manly chest hair capturing his special new scents while your smooth body it slips right off of. So hot…

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