I’m too busy to write anything decent.

This is one of those cop out posts with basically no content.

I have two big posts I want to write — no, need to write — swirling around in my fat head, but I can’t carve out more than 30 minutes here and there and that’s not how I work. I need at least a 2-hour block to really make my voodoo.

And I have more hot sex to share, which to some of you may seem boring by now, but I like to keep it fucking dirty around here as much as I can.

In the meantime, however, apparently I have plenty of time to be loved on by a furry, four-legged free-loader who thinks he’s starving if he can see the bottom of his food bowl.

What a little drama queen.






A 40-something single mother who writes honestly about sex, body image, D/s, relationships, her nervous tics, and how much she loves to fucking fuck. She also likes to show you her tits.

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35 thoughts on “I’m too busy to write anything decent.
      1. Seems lately I haven’t been in much of a creative mood… Alone time is soothing for many, I’m ready for some distraction…

        But you are always one of those that can put a smile on my face, even with your clothes on… ;)

        1. Sure you do!! “Today I fed my cat new kibble.” Day 2: “He didn’t like it.” Day 3: “Bought new laundry detergent.” … Day 30: “Wow, I have lots to say!” ;)

  1. Well heck with the writing even though I just joined your blog I am enjoying it. I also like the pictures you posted on this one. Pictures say a lot as well. I have had a writers block too for a couple of days when it comes to my reviewing. I really need to get on the ball before I fall behind and that is what I don’t like.

      1. You are absolutely right Hy. I needed time to regroup because I have just been so busy lately. I will get back in the groove soon. I just needed some time off and I have to remember to not rush to get things done then I won’t get overwhelmed.

  2. Oh Hy, you already write & contribute to so much of my ‘must read’ reading material! Surely you’re entitled to a break now & then?
    As for Faisal, the little shit has it all worked out! Love these pics of you & your little shit!

  3. Lots of people don’t know this, but cats are major pervs. Their paws just “happen” to touch boobs and vaginas when they’re slipping and sliding over your hand. What an opportunist that Faisal ;-) xxx

  4. There’s a pussy on your tits! [mind *blown*]

    As for throwaway posts, I actually feel like they serve a purpose (for me at least) — they force me to remember that writing is important to me and makes the “ugh, I haven’t written for so long!” feeling a little less. I guess it keeps me connected, which is good.

    Here’s hoping you get some time to yourself soon. :)

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