Friday, December 13th, is RED Boobday!


Ugh.  I had 4 stories I wanted to share with you since last Friday and I failed miserably at getting them out.  I’m continuing to struggle with having a full-time relationship, plus write, plus having my career launch, plus a kid in school.

When The Neighbor and I were doing our weird little dance of Friends with Benefits I had a lot more free time.  It used to be the second he’d leave I’d feel the need to write.  Now, I’m just tired.

However, failing sharing the lurid details of my life, I can always seem to carve out some time for some tit pics, so without further ado, lets get to those.

Next week’s theme is BEST BRA and Friday, December 27th’s theme is SPARKLEI figure we all need an extra week to plan since the big holiday is on top of us.



Want to participate in Boobday?  Go here and read the Guidelines and State of the Boob Union to answer any questions, but this is the TL;DR of what I need each time:

  1. an attached pic

  2. a sentence about why you chose this particular photo

  3. if you want to be anonymous or not

  4. a hyperlink or URL to your Twitter handle (if you have one)

  5. a hyperlink or URL to your blog post (if you have one and post, it must have my Boobday banner and a link back to me)

Emails sent to me with all of this info plus the theme will be given preferential treatment.  I will not look up links.

My RED tits:

Christmas isn’t Christmas without Charlie Brown.





NOT my RED tits (click on pics for click-throughs):

Lola and HH are still around! Click on the pic to find out more.


Anonymous Aussie reminds us that her left breast is full of surprises.
I really loved creating this pic, very symbolic in many ways…
To one & all, may your festive season be filled with boobs & may your JOY be tied & bound with cheer! ;) Merry Xmas!
Follow her at @KaylaLords

A red reminder…


Follow her at @SassyCat38

I chose this photo because it is festive. Red Christmas bows, as pasties. I really liked the angle, the way the bows are.


Click on the pic to check out Cara’s alternative pics.

Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the boobs are so delightful… Smiling face with smiling eyes


Beck gets catty.

Can’t go bad with black and red leopard print and boobs, can you?


Follow Molly and her sexy advent calendar at @mollysdailykiss.

This image is from my Christmas Advent Calendar that I completed last year. You can currently find this year’s version of the calendar on the homepage of my blog with lots of lovely sexy Christmas Song inspired images for you to enjoy.


Our new participant, Dawn’s, 3rd photo.
When I was taking those pics this morning, I was on a high.
And then as I was driving to work, I was thinking of how much fun it was to wrap myself in a bow… and then I thought about how much I’d like for someone to open the present…
This is “C” from the comments last week and her very first submission!

This is my new favorite shirt, it’s dark red and has polka dots!!  And I was just trying to find a flattering angle.  :)


G and her gorgeousness.  Follow her at @CurvyMilfy.

This is another photo taken by my husband,  you can’t see the cheesy Santa hat, but I was peeking out from under it while down on my knees like a good, no, a naughty Mrs. Clause.

Bisexual Minx puts a bow on it. Follow her at @BisexualMinx.

My Loves treat my boobs like they are the Best Christmas Gift Ever every single day, so I had fun illustrating that feeling in pictures… actually, THEY are the Best Gift I Could Ever Wish For..!!!

A 40-something single mother who writes honestly about sex, body image, D/s, relationships, her nervous tics, and how much she loves to fucking fuck. She also likes to show you her tits.

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50 thoughts on “Friday, December 13th, is RED Boobday!
  1. Great pics everyone! Thank you for sharing. I’m having trouble getting into the Christmas spirit this year, and this helped a lot!
    And I want to say : Welcome, C. And great pic! See, you can do it, none of that “lame” nonsense you were trying to pull last week! I really like the angle you found. Makes clear for everyone how nice your tits look. :-)

    1. Dawn, I LOVE your pic… I think you and I had similar ideas for this week’s theme. Yours turned out PERFECT, and you keep me looking forward to each new pic, week after week !!!

  2. Gorgeous ladies! I love how different all the photos are, yet the red theme makes them fit together so well. Happy Friday sexy friends!

    1. It’s so easy to lose track… I thought I was on my 5th pic, when my Hubby reminded me that it was my 7th or 8th week… I guess time really does fly when you are having fun :)

  3. Some off the top of my head impressions here:

    1. All you lovely ladies and your wonderful boobs make me very glad to be a man! :-)

    2. I’ll never think of Charlie Brown the same way, ever again! Is “Peanuts” still in the funnies section of the newspaper? Are there still any newspapers? Well if there are, and I saw good old Charlie Brown, I think I’d automatically look under his face to see if Lola’s tits are there! :-)

    3. I’m a guy who’s really into participating in fun online group activities like “Boobday” but since I am a guy, the only thing that I have two of in pairs that are usually covered up, for me to show off here, are my balls. But not to worry, Ladies and Gents! Because I won’t be trying to join in the fun of Boobday by showing off my balls, and you can count on it! Why? Because I tried it last year and fuggin’ WP banned my blog for it, that’s why!

    Just no sense of humor at all, with those damn WP TOS cops! Hey, I mean, there ARE some similarities between boobs and balls… like how mine are round and pink, and so are many of yours. I don’t have nipples on my balls, but now that would be VERY disturbing if one morning I woke up, and I DID have nipples on my balls! (hoping at least mine would be “perky” if it ever happened.) But HELL NO!!! You ladies can keep all those nipples, cause I’m much better off without wakin’ up and seeing ’em there on my pair! Yeeuuhhh!!! :-O

    I was gonna say that my balls also hang low sometimes, but maybe I’d better not.

    But now if I push my balls together (but not too hard!) my balls do have cleavage! In fact, I could put my balls in a tailor made push up bra, (size 3.2 DD Cup – No brag, just fact) and if I posted a pic of that, I’d have photographic proof that my balls do have cleavage! Hell, a pic like that could go viral! Or the WP TOS cops could just ban my blog again, so I guess it would be whichever comes first, and I’d rather not chance it. :-(

    4. That nipple ring with “JOY” attached sums up my feelings exactly! :-)

    5. Have to admit that I felt a little jealous when I saw that lovely and large boob with “HIS” written on it… Can I write “MINE” on the other one? Just askin’…

    6. I’d agree that you can’t go bad with black and red leopard print and boobs, but if I ever caught the SOB who wrote that nasty graffiti word on her right swell, he’d be in a world of hurt! But hey, Lol @ SOB! You guys ever hear Jack Nicholson say “My mother always failed to grasp the irony when she called me a son of a bitch” :-D Gotta love that guy, even if he is older now than prehistoric dirt.

    7. G and her gorgeousness is right! But as I look at that pic, and now this is no lie or exaggeration, if you made that pic four times larger, that is just what my balls would look like, including the cleavage if they were wearing the same red plunging 60 fathoms down low neck top, and my balls were wearing a long black haired wig. Oh, and I’d also have to shave ’em real close too, or the look just wouldn’t work.

    Happy RED Boobday everybody!!! :-)

      1. I’m sure that you do, because friends don’t let friends get ink that they aren’t proud of. I also knew you wore it proudly, because I am not nearly as dumb as the things that I write, say, do, think, and the way that I generally live my life. Think about it. It’s deep. Kinda like that BP oil well in the Gulf of Mexico.

        But pay no attention to me, because I’m delusional and I suffer from this delusion that I’m a comedian. Other delusional people make my delusion worse by laughing at me, when I’m in a delusional state of being funny. Please be compassionate and refrain from laughing at me, even if you are tempted to laugh, and I’ll always think kindly of you… because I’ve confused you with someone else I know, who isn’t really the person that I think he or she is, because that was someone else I always thought kindly of, when I confused him or her with another person who was really just a casual acquaintance and an asshole.

        But the worst enablers of all, who made my comically delusional state worse than ever, was that delusional booking manager at “Catch A Rising Star” and all those people at the club who laughed at my delusional humor for 10 straight weeks, night after night. It took me almost a full year to finally realize that I wasn’t really a comedian, and I wasn’t funny.

        My wife was a tremendous support for me during this very difficult and trying time, because she told me I wasn’t funny every single day, and often three and four times a day, when I was really struggling.

        She still tells me I’m not funny at least once a day, every day, and I’ll always think kindly of her… because I’ve probably confused her with my Uncle Lucas.

      1. ONLY 5 Minutes, G? ONLY 5 Miniscule Minutes??? You gotta push ON Laddie/Lassie!!! 5 Minutes is only just a blink interval of a malfunctioning animatronic eye in Disney World! BTW, I’m guessing that you’re a “Lassie” here (NOT the TV Collie dog!) because I gave you a compliment, and I generally don’t compliment members of the male gender, since most of them seldom deserve the praise that should be given to me, since praise is a finite resource and it shouldn’t be wasted upon guys who are not me.

        But now back to the grave issue at hand… Ball cleavage DOES exist somewhere on the web, and I will waste an entire NIGHT of my life looking for images of BC, and even after my entire night has been wasted searching, by dawn’s early light I will have a Whitman’s Sampler worth of ball cleavage images! Mark my words… and damn it, I can NEVER remember the rest of that line!!!

        But what I CAN remember, is nice pair G! :-) I just had one bad moment when my “amazing pair autonomic visual reflex” kicked in, and my mind was yelling “Look UP at her eyes! Look UP at her eyes!!!” And then “WTF?!?! How can I look up at her eyes, when I can’t even FIND her EYES?!?!”

        But then I calmed down and chilled, as I thought ‘Hey, I tried my best to not be a pig, and now I’m gonna just relax and do what comes naturally.’

        Oink! Oink!! Oink!!! Squeeaalll!!! Snort! Snort!! Snort!!!

  4. Man – Those were fun. I’m wondering how many pics it takes to get the final picture to submit!! Between everyone, there have to be hundreds, right? I’m going to choose which bra I have to do this next time. Hy, that’ a genius idea! I know I am not the only woman with a drawer full of many styles of bras. Hey – I have one that’s black velvet with rhinestones lining the edge(what was that for?) – Maybe you could have a “ridiculous” bra theme and I could wear that one. Anyway, the bra theme is a great reason to go shopping for a new bra too! Great idea lady. XOXO, Jayne

    1. To answer your question about how many pics it takes for me, I usually get frustrated after at most 10, but my husband usually gives me 3-5 pics to pick from. If it takes me more than 10 I dress and try again later. Then after choosing one I mostly like, it takes one visit through editing on my phone’s photo app.

    2. Probably 10 to 20… but I’m new at this, still have plenty of exploring to do with shape, angle, light… and how to work my phone ;-)

      1. and don’t forget practicing the way you have to hold the phone to tap the screen and get the angle for the best shot – an assistant would make it so much easier, right?

        1. Yes, an assistant would make it much easier… Not to mention not having to sneak up taking the pictures… but unfortunately, I don’t have anyone on hand to assist with this or many other things that might require assistance in my frustrated life…

    3. I’ve taken anywhere from 10 to 60 shots trying to get one I’m happy with…. but then again it’s taken me MANYYYYYY years to even be comfortable enough with my boobs to take any pictures… I am truly enjoying the sharing and creativity each week <3

  5. GREAT JOB, once again, as always..!!! Thanks so much Hy, for your efforts in showing the world how awesome all our boobs really are!
    All the ladies are SEXY this week…love them all…!!!

  6. I finally decided to join in – but I didn’t read the instructions first, so I was too late to send in a pic. :-( But I posted in my blog anyway. :-) I hope to join in again in future, and maybe this time I’ll be on time, cuz this is an awesome meme. :-)

  7. Well done ladies! Love the theme this week & had fun playing with the idea too….hmmm I usually take between 5 & 10 pics before deciding…the trickiest bit this week was the little ribbon unravelling & not hanging at the right angle! Hopefully time stays with me again this week!

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