I try a homeopathic remedy.


Tea with ginger and cayenne among other things, a nice hot bath, and Dexter streaming away on top of the toilet.

Breathing a little easier, though I still sound like a hoarse bullfrog.

Hopefully I can beat whatever this is on my own.

A 40-something single mother who writes honestly about sex, body image, D/s, relationships, her nervous tics, and how much she loves to fucking fuck. She also likes to show you her tits.

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40 thoughts on “I try a homeopathic remedy.
  1. I’ve read mixing 1 tsp of honey with 1/4 tsp of cinnamon and taking that 3 times a day is supposed knock stuff out. Not that I want to be sick, but I’m interested to know if this works. I’m all about home remedies!

      1. Hey, hey, nobody asked you to step in and effectively tell her I already get to see enough of her at her best. What are you trying to do, ruin my game, just when I had her thinking she was going to send me more hot sexy pics of herself? It’s like hypnosis you know, the power of suggestion. Since you’ve clearly snapped her out of the hypnotic trance I had her in, I think you need to make it up to me by sending me pics of yourself. Don’t you think that’s only fair. ;)

        1. Now… I agree that a hypnotic trance is powerful. I’m sorry you feel I ruined your game. I personally don’t think it’s possible. :-)
          As for sending you pics of myself, I have a few remarks :
          1) You DO get to see me on Boobday every week too. Did you think I’d forgotten that?
          2) I couldn’t possibly do so without Sofia’s approval (you know, girlfriends sticking together and so on…)
          3) not withstanding all of the above, I’m usually one to face the consequences of her actions… what’s the email address ;-)

          1. And to answer your question more completely… aside from this, he is kind enough to offer support and gentle advice on my blog and his… and that is highly valuable to me… so I’m willing to play a little more with him here than I would with someone I don’t know…
            You’re welcome to come visit too ;-)

          2. Awww Dawn. I love how you make me laugh (at your wit) and make my heart warm (about wanting my approval)… Which was very sweet of you to write here and yes I agree girlfriends do come first and need to stick together. :-)
            Kisses girl.

          3. Oh no. :-(
            Because of what you wrote here or something else entirely.
            I don’t like to hear that you are having a bad day.
            Wish I could take you out for drinks.
            We would have so much fun… I know it.

          4. Something else entirely, last post written today. I’d love to govout for drinks, was planning to go out, but now that’s off too :-(

        2. Hahahaha I love when your comments make me laugh….
          But Baby next time you tell me “you are too much, little girl.” I am so going to reference this post… Smooth operator. ;-)

  2. Just before I started my new job, I gad the worst cold, was coughing continuously, congested, feverish… you name it!
    I used essential oils to treat myself and was able to start my job as anticipated.
    I used a mixture of 2-3 drops each of tea tree oil, eucalyptus radiata, ravintsara and lavender oil. Take this and rub a few times a day on your sinuses, on your upper lip, on your throat and gorgeous chest. To really kick it, use a drop each of tea tree oil and lavender oil on a teaspon of honey (otherwise the taste is just too strong). Or dilute in your hot tea…
    and if I may, you’re using plants, which is quite different from homeopathy ;-)
    Feel better soon!

      1. Homeopathy means basically fight the ebil with a similar evil. The idea behind it is that, if you were to ingest a substance that would make you suck in a certain way, then if you dilute the substance, then it will create such a reaction in your body that it will be capable if fighting the infection itself. Think of it as some sort of vaccination. The substance doesn’t necessarily come from plants, though it often does (i.e. oyster shells).
        When you use plants, you use another type of experience. You’d use willow to relieve headaches (it’s at the origin of aspirin) for example.
        Sometimes, the natural therapies overlap, but not always…
        End of the lecture. Sorry ;-)

          1. No, I meant that’s more or less the extent of my knowledge ;-)
            After that, it would have to be a private consultation. I have helped a few friends with similarcthings, and would be more than hapoy to help you, but
            1) I’m not a doctor nor have I ever operated a natural therapies ofgice
            2) it real depends on your precise symptoms, which I would need you to describe to me and need to be able to ask questions to différentiate between this and that remedy. A blog post might not be the best place for it :-)
            But if you’re interested, I’d be happy to help you, though not tonight, it’s getting really late here!

  3. Can I piggy back on what Brian suggested? This would be a great Boobday theme. All the pretty ladies with their own favorite mug of something and, of course the boobs. I hope you feel better soon.

  4. I feel for you. This seemed to be a severe season here in Austin for sickness :(
    Personally, I SWEAR by homeopathic remedies :) – that, and working out 4x a week -PLUS- good beer, red meat, plenty of vegetables and really Good SEX. Healthy living is awesome lol

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