Unicorns do it, too.

His view.  Also, panties as per this week’s prompt!

I was considered a “Unicorn” once — I guess I still am — a woman who is unattached to traditional relationship models and is willing to play with couples of any combination.

This is the shirt I wore yesterday as The Neighbor plowed into me for our inaugural fuck (illness had kept us apart for 4 interminably long days).  I’d hiked it up to feel his soft chest hair rub and scour my breasts as he moved over me and left it that way as I knelt between his legs and blew his hot ass cock.

When I was done I rose up on my knees, my shirt still scrunched up over my breasts.  He gasped a little and said it was “the best view ever.”  The man is president of the Underboob Fan Club.

So naturally, when he left, I took a couple of snapshots and sent them to him to remember our night by.

I just wish it had never shrunk; it’s not decent for public consumption — /sadface*

Afternoon Delight t-shirt in all it’s shrunken glory.

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Sinful Sunday

* The shirt’s been discontinued over at Threadless.com.  However, they have a reorder option if they get enough requests, so ladies (and gentlemen), feel free to add your name to their list of requests and maybe they’ll reprint some!  And if they do, I’ll be sure to get an XL next time to allow for any (or a lot of) shrinkage.

A 40-something single mother who writes honestly about sex, body image, D/s, relationships, her nervous tics, and how much she loves to fucking fuck. She also likes to show you her tits.

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61 thoughts on “Unicorns do it, too.
  1. Oh my goodness I LOVE this t-shirt…. and you look amazing in it, maybe even better for it being a little on the small side ;)


  2. Ahhh, the slow reveal :) – i think I’m one of the few guys who actually enjoys clothed boobs or half-revealed just as much as nekkid boobs. There is something about the curves under the cloth – the nipples poking thru the fabric…(damn!) <3

  3. Hy, I love your boobs and BoobDay, but I must tell you that the photos I enjoy the most of you are of more of your body… shots of you from boobs, down your torso, including your hips and panties are VERY SEXY, SO FEMININE, and TRULY BEAUTIFUL..!!!

  4. And of course, in all my naivity (or call it being a newbie), what I wonder most is how does one become a unicorn?
    I agree with everyone else, I don’t know why you say it shrunk… It looks just lovely on you!

  5. Guh. Also nnnngh. *mops up drool puddle*

    I have quite some nipple envy going on here – mine just don’t get firm or long enough to hold up fabric like yours do in the top image, although they do tent nearly as nicely as yours in the second.

    You look positively fantastic, both uncovered and covered in fucking unicorns.

    xx Dee

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