Friday, February 7th, is LOOSE Booday!


You must all have 7 as your lucky number because, lemme tell you, you are very lucky this week, Internet Boyfriend.  Our friends have really outdone themselves this week and when you scroll down you’ll see this isn’t hyperbole.

When I chose this theme I had no idea it would inspire such artistry and beauty.  My breath was truly taken away with each successive email I’d get.  It’s been an exciting week.

I will keep doing my best to set up a creative prompt, but please feel free to email me your suggestions with the subject line, “Boobday themes.”  Sometimes the landscape is pretty barren in these parts!

Ok.  Enough jibber-jabber.

Next week’s theme is LOVE.  Naturally.



Want to participate in Boobday?  Go here and read the Guidelines and State of the Boob Union to answer any questions, but this is the TL;DR of what I need each time:

  1. an attached pic

  2. a sentence about why you chose this particular photo

  3. if you want to be anonymous or not

  4. a hyperlink or URL to your Twitter handle (if you have one)

  5. a hyperlink or URL to your blog post (if you have one and post, it must have my Boobday banner and a link back to me and only be posted on Friday)

Emails sent to me with all of this info plus the theme will be given preferential treatment.  I will not look up links.

My LOOSE tits:

Loose everything.

Who likes to run loose with out pants on?

NOT my LOOSE tits (click on image for click-thru):

Bisexual Minx is very indecisive this week. Follow her at @BisexualMinx.

LOOSE, LOOSE, LOOSE, LOOSE ….Shirt, Hair, Tie, Coins..!!!

Once I got going with this theme, I couldn’t stop… hence, the collection – LOL
This is Shy Anonymous. Enjoy.

Thoughts – I prefer the light distortion so there’s some tiny veil. I tried for days to think of loose in some breastly manner – they’re already “loose” – and then it hit me to have loose curls.


Kinky Biker Mom tries to bust loose. Follow her @KinkyBikerMom.


Anisa before.
Anisa after.

  The first one shows me bound up tight with two sports bras, just home from the gym. The second is afterwards when I blessedly was able to let them loose. Every time I have to strap my tits down to workout, I envy the smaller ladies. I too wish they’d start participating in Boobday!


We get very up close and personal with Silverdrop’s dainty, loose little nipple. Follow her at @SilverdropUK.

SilverDom says: We’re taking part in the picture a day FebPhotoFest and so are short of time to do much else in the Blogosphere. Here’s our Day 7 PhotoFest entry which fits with your LOOSE theme in as much as SIlverdrop’s right breast was clearly loose and unfettered when I took the pic.  :)


This is Dark and Anonymous’ second photo for us. Makes me want to try plaid again.  And Yellow.  Jesus Christ.

I chose this picture because I so very rarely go without a bra, but my breasts were craving attention and I felt great in what I was wearing, even though Yellow isn’t always my colour.


New Dawn and her delectable breasts, loose and waiting.
I had all sorts of ideas for this week’s theme, but none that was as loose as this one.
Here is a picture of my boob, after I’ve just smeared it with my pussy juices, following a very loose morning phone call…
Dirty Girl’s breasts might burst they’re so loose.

I chose this picture because they feel SO free when you take off a bra at the end of the day.


Kayla’s girl’s full and loose for the picking. Follow her at @KaylaLords.

Feeling loose and free.


Beck is loose in about 5 different ways. Follow her at @Beck42069.


And click here to see Just Like Heaven’s contribution.  She posted on Thursday, so isn’t part of today’s list.  Please be sure to only post on Fridays, everyone!  I won’t always link to an older post.

A 40-something single mother who writes honestly about sex, body image, D/s, relationships, her nervous tics, and how much she loves to fucking fuck. She also likes to show you her tits.

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26 thoughts on “Friday, February 7th, is LOOSE Booday!
  1. Bravo my dear Bravo. What a wonderful group of lovely ladies showing a pary of the human anatomy I can’t get enough of. :)

  2. Gorgeous ladies! I love your interpretations of LOOSE! Hy, your hair is stunning, so glad you are giving us more of you these days!!

  3. Another great week of contributions ladies, I must have submitted mine too late this week Hy, I get a bit mixed up with the time difference… :'(
    (Love that your hair is loose this week!)

    1. I didn’t get it! I even checked my Junk folder!! Bisexual Minx sent hers in sometime in the middle of the night and that’s totally fine with me since I can take my time Friday mornings. I’m pretty flexible.

      But the real question is: who did you send your tits to??

      1. Oops! I’m checking as we speak! I’m always so careful with my emails! Ouch! Unless it failed to send, as I can’t find it in any sent box….hopefully my bank manager doesn’t get an awkward email in his inbox! Bahahaha!!!! :p

          1. Nope! I think it must have failed to send…oh well, maybe I’ll work out how to incorporate it into this weeks theme of love…

  4. Hy, I love the composition, the colours of your picture, the light hair against the dark bra, then the touch of pink at the bottom. Beautiful.
    Minx, I just love the tie one, and the loose change one too! :-) Hope all is well with you…

  5. It’s been such a chaotic couple weeks, that my photo just made it “by the skin of my teeth”, and I never even had a chance to comment on all the wonderful Loose tits.

    Dawn, as usual, you are so pleasing to the eye… just beautiful ..!!!

    Dark and Anonymous, Your choice in plaid was perfect .. I can’t stop looking and want to see more..!!!

    Always a treat to see such a variety of Boobies…!!!

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