I cum two different ways.

The tale of two orgasms: G-spot and clitoral.

Two nights ago The Neighbor came over after Peyton was in bed.  I was laying on the couch in front of a fire, he was dressed in a t-shirt and silky basketball shorts.  He stood between me and the TV and waited, smiling.  I looked more closely and could see the outline of a large, heavy cock straining against the fabric.

I reached out and stroked him and looked up smiling.

Minutes later he had pushed me down on the bed, licked his palm and rubbed the head of his cock and pushed inside of me.  He was huge and hot and brutal.  His lips nibbled my neck, his arms wrapped around me and we spun around the bed like wrestlers as we sought deeper, harder, more more more.

His hips curled into me and I wrapped my legs around him to pull him in closer. I ran my hands over his back and gripped his muscled shoulders which strained to pin us both in position.  I inched over the edge of the bed as he kept railing into me.

My pussy squelched a little and I lifted my head, curling my spine and a bloom spread hot and round through me, like a tendril, a rush.  It hit me again as he growled and kept curling into me as I ground down against him.

Lights sparkled behind my lids and the white-hot wave rolled out of me through my fingertips, the top of my head.

I cried out and he shh’ed me.  “Hy,” he said urgently, “Peyton might hear you!” It was true.  I had been yelling like a banshee as the g-spot orgasms washed over me.

He put a pillow over my face and we laughed as he kept fucking me and I screamed into it as another one hit me.

When we were done we cuddled and I caught my breath.  I felt stupid, heavy, happy, like I would guiltlessly give away national secrets.


Last night we cuddled on the couch and watched American Psycho (“I have to return some videotapes.”).  I was tired, but happy, and faded out at the end of the movie (as I typically do – so sexy).  When the movie finished we went to my room to cuddle.

I laid in his arms and we talked about a transwoman friend of mine who’s having troubles with her soon-to-be exwife.  I staunchly defended my friend who finds her ex to be rather stubborn about a certain issue and TN couldn’t understand why I, “someone who is so empathetic,” couldn’t understand the ex’s point of view.  It wasn’t an argument we needed to be having and he decided to deflect.

He turned to me, stroking my arm, and said, “You are so beautiful,” and kissed me.

I was taken aback a little.  As much as he says he finds me beautiful, it still isn’t that common.

I kissed him back and said thank you.  “No, really, you are.”  I beamed a smile at him in the dark, the one little votive candle really only casting darker shadows, not light.

“I can feel your smile right now,” he chuckled.  “It’s like radiating out at me.”  I giggled and nodded my head, our chat completely forgotten.  “Wow, was that all it takes to end an argument?” he laughed.

I told him hearing how beautiful he thinks I am will never get old.  He wondered if the power of the words would fade with time.  I scoffed just a little and said, “You might be surprised how little I’ve heard those words in my life. My mother doesn’t count.”

While we’d been talking I’d been gripping his cock.  It’d gone from chubby to quite hard once we’d kissed and he’d told me I was beautiful.  “How long has it been since you’ve masturbated?” he asked.

I couldn’t remember.

“Ok, then.  It’s time.”

I pulled out my Hitachi and we settled into position: me on my back, legs splayed, the head of the Hitachi on my underpants, him on his side, head cradled in his hand, his free hand roaming over me.

I flicked it on and the buzz took me away with the jolt of a speeding roller coaster.

TN watched intently as I tensed and shook a little, my roller coaster car twisting and turning this way and that. And then it had reached the top
of the steepest climb and I was falling, crashing. The roar of my own blood in my ears deafening, the fall so swift my breath left me.

I continued to plummet into the depths of release and my body arched and I moaned and whimpered as quietly as I could. Then finally the ride was over and I could climb out of my seat.

I lay there limp and panting only faintly aware of TN beside me. He put my hand — which had drifted away — back on his cock now a raging erection.

“Do it again,” he said softly. I could only nod as I began to stroke him.

As the buzz io the vibrator hit me it connected me to his cock through my hand; it was as if it were my cock in my hand.

Surprised at this new sensation I kept my hand moving. The faster I went the closer I came to cumming and then it hit me like a blast of air in a storm and I bucked and made weird noises and spasmed out through my eyelids. I went limp again.

And then he made me do it a third time. And I died. La petite mort and all that.

I laid there and contemplated my navel, my love, the true beauty of my body, this magical thing that happens to it basically whenever I want it to, and then I considered the differences: the bloom vs. the fall.

That’s the best way I can describe the two. I would never be able to choose between them, though they are very different.

Lobster vs. truffles. There’s no bad choice.

How are they different for you?

A 40-something single mother who writes honestly about sex, body image, D/s, relationships, her nervous tics, and how much she loves to fucking fuck. She also likes to show you her tits.

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18 thoughts on “I cum two different ways.
  1. Hy, your life is a complicated and compelling as ever. I don’t know you you manage it, it would take a lot of emotional disconnection for me to do that. And at least two Excel documents.

    In my life, I have been older man, younger man, fubu, step dad and house husband. I also had a gay relationship when I was a teenager (which added to my sexual repotoire).

    So, here’s where I am. Alone, but not lonely. Wary of a full time relationship, but deep in thought of one. To quote Joni Mitchell:
    ‘I can keep my cool at poker, but I’m a fool when love’s at stake.
    Because I can’t conceal emotion, what I feel is always written on my face’.

    Maybe love is not what I’m after. I feel in my last relationship, everything was pulled out of me. I am here in contemplation, not wanting love again. Thank you for showing me the way.


          1. Yes, from one of my favourite English bands, Prefab Sprout. Here’s another:
            ‘Oh words are trains,
            For moving past what really past
            What really has no name’.

  2. I don’t understand why we all don’t do this more often. It is fun, calorie free, a beautiful and wonderful bonding experience, and yet we let it slip by, we miss opportunities every night to feel so good. Why do we let it slip by?

  3. I am afraid I struggle with a lack of mutual enthusiasm. I try to bring enough energy for two, that is difficult when there’s interest only from one. So, I live vicariously through your blog and that keeps life pretty happy.

    1. I’m making a sad face right now. I’m sorry you have to lug that around with you, but I’m glad I can bring a little bit of sunshine. Should I post more tit pics??

  4. I’ve only recently had G-spot orgasms after nearly a 20 year hiatus, but when I do it reminds me of that game “Light as a feather, stiff as a board”. I swear I levitate, seize and instantly start crying. lol Clitoral orgasms just aren’t as intense. Don’t get me wrong, I’d still rather have a clitoral one than none at all. But the G-spot O, well OOOOO! ;)

    I have to say, what really spoke to me about your post though is when TN told you, you were beautiful. That resonates with me and has been on my mind a lot lately. When it’s not often heard, it makes an impact on the heart and head in ways that seem to alter time itself..

    1. A 20-year hiatus, huh? Why the long break? Do you know?

      Oops! I totally left out the part that when we’re fucking and he’s hitting my g-spot that’s when I squirt! I guess I’ll have to go back and fix that (what a dummy!). And like you, I’m a crier, and it’s always associated with g-spot intensity. Funny how that works!

      I can’t believe he thinks I’m beautiful sometimes (I swear, my boyfriends/exhusband have almost NEVER told me I’m BEAUTIFUL – they’d say I “looked pretty” or “nice,” but that feels different, it’s so much less important), but he even told me he thought I was way hotter than a friend of mine whom I think is drop dead gorgeous. I guess he really is in love me ;)

      1. Yeah, I’m pretty sure I know. Long story short, I think I held back from letting my husband give me a vaginal orgasm as a way of keeping control from him over my body. ~rolls eyes~

        Anyway, a few months ago I was able to let go of that idiotic thinking and finally let myself free fall. It happened during my first subspace and was ….. Unworldly!!!!

        I know exactly what you mean about being called beautiful. I’ve been working on a post about the topic of being called beautiful for over a week now and I’m so hung up on it and what it means to me. I can’t get through it without having an emotional breaking down (which is so not me). But you are the second person now that I’ve read about that it has had an effect on and I will take that as a sign that I have to finish getting it out of my head.

  5. I’m sure there are orgasm-types that I haven’t had yet, but let’s see…there’s the G-spot squirting orgasms, there’s the clit-stroking squirting orgasms, there’s the wrung dry no more squirting jerking shuddering orgasms, there’s the orgasm that comes (hehehe) from being teased and tormented for so long that all I can do is cream everywhere – my entire body a tight bow string…wow, I like that question. Ask another!

    And, as always, your moments with TN are delicious and HAWT!

    1. Haha! Yes, there are all those which I would call “subgroups” of either g-spot or clitoral. Isn’t it amazing what our bodies can do? Whether we consider ourselves fit or not, whether we struggle with pain or not. Sometimes none of those things matter and our body does this miraculous dance :)

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