We masturbate with the light on.

The outfit of ill repute.

I pressed myself against his bare back and reached my arm around to find his stiff cock resting on the mattress.  We’d been cuddling for a while and our new configuration had interrupted my stroking.  I sighed into his back and kissed his shoulder, squeezed the hot thing in my hand.  He picked up his stream of consciousness and I closed my eyes with a smile as I breathed him in and indulged completely my joy of curling around him while sunk deeply into my mattress.

My hand, wrapped around his hotness, lazily moved the length of him and I felt a familiar draw between my legs.  I was surprised; I thought for sure the pounding headache I’d endured all day had surely killed any kind of libido, but no… she was purring just below the surface.  I decided to test it and thought out loud to us both.

“How long has it been since you masturbated?”

“Since Saturday or Sunday whenever I sent you that pic.”

“Mmm,” I replied remembering the glorious cock shot I’d received, all resplendent dark pink skin arched like a dolphin above the surface of his belly.  “I remember now.  Thanks for that.”  I squeezed my hand again and pulled his shoulder toward me to reposition him on his back.

“I want to watch you cum tonight,” I said softly, firmly.  The room was filled with light and an evening stillness, waiting.

He politely declined, but I persisted, perceiving the game.  “It’s so hot when your hand is a blur, to watch you tense your big thighs,” I whispered.

I traced my hand over his meaty quadricep.  “And to watch you shake a little.  To see your arm flex, your biceps harden.  Your little grunts and then you curl.”

“I curl?” he asked.

“Yes, you curl, just a little, like this at the end,” and I demonstrated the little crunch he does during climax.

He moaned a little and took over.  A slight smacking sound from the head of his cock joined the lilt of my story as his hand moved quickly and expertly over his own body.  “Mmm, how could I have forgotten about that sound?” I wondered.

“I want you to cum with me,” he said.  Then added, “Please, ma’am.”

I rolled over and retrieved the Hitachi resting on a nest of tangled cords and put the head over my polkadot shorts.  I lifted my white see-through t-shirt and lay in the bright light, his eyes locked on mine for a moment before we both shifted to each other’s bodies.

The wand seared through me as I watched the blurry arc of his hand.  Words tumbled out of me as quickly as my orgasm tumbled toward its cliff of release.  “I love your cock,” I gasped, “It’s so fucking big.  Look at you: so beautiful, so sexy.”

His body was doing all the things I’d already described.  His legs were rigid slabs of muscle, his chest was taut with exertion, his breath coming fast and in little jerks.

“I can’t believe you put that giant thing in me,” I managed to say and then my orgasm pushed through me like a wave crashing on the beach.  It came so swiftly the second I was done I wanted more.  He was still beating himself with a steady, sexy rhythm.

“You’re going again, right?” he asked, hopeful.

“Definitely,” I confirmed.  “Talking — hearing my own voice say those things — made me cum faster,” I said a little incredulously.  “But it’s hard.  I’m so shy.”  He said he felt the same way when he tried to talk and I felt less silly.

I put the Hitachi back on me and kept talking.  Again, it pounded through me in seconds and I arched and moaned and called out.  He closed his eyes and moved to his own music, his own needs.  His hand moved impossibly fast and his breathing shortened.  I pressed my hand gently on his thigh, close to the magic and waited.

And then he curled a little and spurts of his seed came spilling out to rest on the brambles of his hairy abdomen.  He giggled a little and relaxed.  “See?” I said kissing his shoulder.  “You curled!”  He giggled again and sighed, wiped the cum off his belly with his bare hand.

I took it and licked some off and smacked my lips, rolled back onto my back and quickly had a third orgasm with the taste of his cum on my lips and his mouth latched onto my breast.

“Let’s talk about our feelings,” he joked.  I snuggled down into my nook and kissed his chest.  His arm squeezed me to him and he nuzzled me for a kiss on the lips.

“Ok,” I said.  “I love you.”  He smiled and I got lost in his icy blue eyes, the whiskers he was growing back for me.

“I love you, too,” he replied and I quietly wrapped myself in the evening’s joy as I looked out into the quiet stillness of my brightly lit room, his chest a pillow beneath my smiling cheek.

What he saw.

A 40-something single mother who writes honestly about sex, body image, D/s, relationships, her nervous tics, and how much she loves to fucking fuck. She also likes to show you her tits.

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20 thoughts on “We masturbate with the light on.
  1. Something you wrote just clicked all sorts of associative things for me. It’s awesome, to me, how you observe the little details like the curling. And… that you vocalize it to TN.

    That’s something special about you. That most (non-INTJs) don’t do (or do well) – the observing and the appreciative communication, both. Many can do one or the other. Awesome. :)

    1. It turned him on — which was my goal — and surprised him that I noticed. But I have A LOT of practice being descriptive about him and he knows nothing about that :)

    1. Thanks! And there definitely is. It’s an act that, for me, is always somewhat embarrassing no matter how many times I do it and I know it’s the same for him (maybe more so). And because it’s a little shameful somehow and oh so private, it makes me feel that much closer to him.

  2. So sexy. I love mutual masturbation… mostly because, like you, I really enjoy watching men get off. :)

    But what I really liked about this post was that warm glow of happiness that emanates from your words.


  3. Hy, I’m sayin’ it – live together. How cool would that be to have that man in your bed every morning? OK, other than that lovely thought, the way you appreciate him and tell him so, is so loving. I am secretly hoping that he knows and loves that so much that and it wins out over any and all other feelings if you ever decide to reveal the blog. Just sayin’. XO, J

    1. Oh jeez… I’ve already ruined his political career just by virtue of him knowing me (forget this blog!). I don’t know if I can ever tell him about this blog, though I desperately want to!

      As far as living together goes, I’ll be patient; I’m in no hurry like my [dumbass] ex is. If it’s meant to happen, it’ll happen! ;)

      1. I was just feelin’ the love babe. If you ever do, I have a feeling he won’t mind as much as you think. We always worry more, right? I do anyway. It sounds more like it’s the secret you’re keeping that bothers you. Personally, it’s not a bad secret imo and you have pretty much made him out just to be a straight shooting real man…with some very nice skills attributes. (Btw, I’m really liking the term “first husband” for my ex husband. Ex sounds murderous. I get different reactions.)

  4. Hmmm… sounds hot! Something I never got to do, but I sure intend to have that change :-)
    The way you write about it makes me want to try it. Soon :-)

  5. The timing of your story couldn’t have been more perfect. About lunch time today, my husband was sitting on the couch next to me, watching me read your story… out of the corner of my eye, I can see him smiling at me. As I finish reading, we turn to each other and exchange very large grins… recalling OUR own sunny session of mutual masturbation, only 2 hours prior :)
    Hy, you topped off our morning !!

  6. I love the way you ended this, the haze of orgasm lingers as you love on him. The brightly lit room such a good metaphor too for the place you are in right now with him. Love it!

  7. Ahh! The aftermath is so tender and warm! Really I think we exist just in order to have beautiful moments like the ones you share with TN. ( all sweetness aside, I can’t help but imagine the hugeness of him and of how all men are sort of equal at that time of release. It’s heart warming. Warming all over!)


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