Friday, April 25th, is BEFORE&AFTER Boobday!


Well, it’s happened again.  I’ve run out of time.  I didn’t squander 1 minute today, but here I am up against the clock again so it’ll be a shell post for now and I’ll come back and fill it in with my comments and links, etc, later.

Ladies, I am so sorry!! 

Anyway, you all did a fantastic job this week and I really like how you all interpreted the theme.

Next week’s theme is POLKADOTS.



Want to participate in Boobday?  Go here and read the Guidelines and State of the Boob Union to answer any questions, but this is the TL;DR of what I need each time:

  1. an attached pic

  2. a sentence about why you chose this particular photo

  3. if you want to be anonymous or not

  4. a hyperlink or URL to your Twitter handle (if you have one)

  5. a hyperlink or URL to your blog post (if you have one and post, it must have my Boobday banner and a link back to me and only posted on Friday)

Emails sent to me with all of this info plus the theme will be given preferential treatment.  I will not look up links.


photo 3

photo 4
Faisal couldn’t resist the lap for the taking.


Before and After(1)
@KaylaLords keeps it simple!

Let’s keep this simple, shall we? These are my boobs before and after I flash you on Boobday.


Love the magic of a computer… and titties!

This pic could be viewed as Before&After OR After&Before, depending on what you prefer to imagine.


2014-02-22 10.58.57_resized

2014-02-22 11.14.37_resized_1

2014-04-24 09.53.09_resized
New Dawn peels off the layers in stages.


Hennaed years apart.

Before and after: breast reduction surgery, children, and my true sexual awakening. No, I won’t go back, thanks.

@Beckandherkinks gettin’ alllll kinds of messy.

::This is before and after a messy blow job.


Boobday 25 Apr 2
This is just the sweetest!

Boobday 25 Apr 1These were taken at bedtime last night. I always collar Silverdrop at this time and we snuggle. She has large, soft, beautiful breasts, and my cock loves to nestle in there – as you can see. I love the ‘after’ shot.


Anonymous Aussie said she couldn’t think of anything, then a BEFORE&AFTER orgasm hit her.

image(3) I just adore the physiological & physical transformation over my body during orgasm & what better way to take note than stiffening nipples as my orgasm sweeps through me…

Scarlett apologizes for the grainy images. I don’t see anything grainy!

My before and after images stem from my last meeting with Sir. Dressed in one, waxed and undone in the other.



I was stumped on this one so I decided to showcase the one thing I enjoy. My love of all things tea related. Not very creative, but that’s okay.


I realized I forgot Kinky Biker Mom last week!

@KinkyBikerMom in shawdows!
And bathed in light!

The photos are before and after the sunlight hits my boobs. Thanks have a great day!

A 40-something single mother who writes honestly about sex, body image, D/s, relationships, her nervous tics, and how much she loves to fucking fuck. She also likes to show you her tits.

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10 thoughts on “Friday, April 25th, is BEFORE&AFTER Boobday!
  1. Hy, No need to ever apologize..for being late or just busy with Boobday….We are all grateful that you provide this valuable outlet for us all! I agree great job to all the ladies. Sorry I missed this week…the polka-dot theme sounds fun and I’ll try and find some time and creative energy for the theme.

    Take care all….xoxox

  2. Hear, hear ladies! I’m so sorry if I’ve contributed to your stress Hy, by my very late submission! :( ( & to add my insult to your injury, my two pics are transposed!)
    Great effort ladies! :) lovely as always…

  3. I think it is quite obvious that we are so glad for your work on Boobday, don’t sweat it if you feel rushed. Your pics are beautiful, as usual, and you give us a nice and safe place to open up. What more could we ask for?

    Hy, I love your top. And with the black shine of Faisal’s coat, the colours just pop out even more. Almost as much as your Boobs ;-)
    Minx… that picture is a work of art. I’m jealous :-)
    I really love everyone’s ideas, before and after babies, cock snuggle, the cup of tea and the rest… Gorgeous pics everyone!
    It’s always a pleasure for me to see what everyone else came up with :-)
    Now, about polka dots… my brain is at work already!

    1. Thanks Dawn :) This one I 100% owe to my Awesome Hubby… I was completely stumped for this week’s theme, and he had the brainstorm of combining Before & After in one pic. After lots of camera clicks later, he worked his magic on the computer turning two pics into one. I have been wanting to do a B&W shot for a while and this one finally fit the bill.

      1. You say 100%… maybe not quite! After all, it’s YOUR gorgeous boobs that take center stage ;-)
        But it is a very nice bit of magic your hubby worked! :-)

  4. If this is a shell of a post, then it is pretty and awesomely decorated with lusciousness!
    Thanks for the dedication you have to Boobday and the gals, and don’t worry about being late. Only the sane are on time ;-) xxx

  5. So Funny, Hy… as I was looking through my closet for what I would wear in this week’s pic, I silently thought to myself… “a Polka Dot theme would be fun”! — But now that I have revealed that thought to you (and everyone on Boobday) I sure better come up with a great idea for an awesome pic!
    My goal for PolkaDotBoobDay is COLOR… will be interesting to see the result :)

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