Love is a little boring.

Even my boob pics to him have gotten a little boring.

Last night I slathered on peachy, vanilla scented lotion wrapped only in a towel and listened to The Neighbor come upstairs, the jingle of his keys like a little bell about his neck.  I smiled and felt warm and fuzzy.  Peyton was asleep in the other bedroom and I had an evening ahead of watching Luther from beneath a blanket while my love(r) taught himself some new programming language on the other couch.  Very domestic of us, very sweet, very safe.

When he came into my room he didn’t kiss me or try to unwrap me.  He just emptied his work bag and left to the other room.

I called out to him.  “What are you doing?  C’mere!”

“Ah, man!” he replied.  “I just laid down!”

I rolled my eyes.  “TN!  Come on!”

“Ok!  I’ll be there in 30 seconds!”

I sat there in the dark, perched on the side of my bed and waited.  It took longer than 30 seconds for him to fill the doorway.

“You didn’t even kiss me,” I pouted.  I pulled him by the t-shirt and drew him closer between my knees.  He dipped down and pressed his lips and whiskers against my face.  I pulled his knee closer and pressed it into my crotch.

I inhaled his scent and closed my eyes, my hands rubbed his shoulders and I arched up in to him as his bulk pressed me down into the mattress and I imagined him pushing into me, but I quickly knew nothing was going to happen when he said, “I had a terrible day.  Very stressful.”

“Then you definitely need some of these.”  I peeled the towel apart and exposed my warm, clean breasts.  He pretended he didn’t want them and I jiggled my tits and giggled.  He latched onto one and suckled for a minute, then the other.

He popped off and stood up straight and announced, “Ok!  I had a great day!”.  He laughed before heading back into the living room.  I stood and put on my pajamas, made some popcorn and laid on the couch until sleep tugged at me.  He crawled into bed with me and we talked nose-to-nose until the tug became a roar.  He kissed me again, told me he loved me, and left.

A riveting evening, right??

I remember when I was filled with tension each night: would he come by?  would I get laid?  would he want me??  Now my nights are filled with exhaustion and cuddles.  I have no doubt about his feelings and my contentment is quiet, soft, lulling.  A mighty difference from the sharp-edged heartbreak I was so used to experiencing nightly.

I call it boring, but I’m not bored.  Life just isn’t as exciting as it used to be.  But I guess that’s ok, other things are challenges.  My brain whirrs every minute to adapt to the new configurations of our relationship. I say Hi to his parents now when he’s on the phone with them; I plan overnights with him when Peyton’s around; my parents want us to come over for dinner; I hear 3 words every day that I never, ever thought I’d hear from him.  I wake up everyday wondering if I’m dreaming.

Hi, my name is Hy and I’m in love and I’m boring.  Welcome to my blog.

You’ll have to wait for the sexy sloppy sex a little while longer, though I guess I could tell you really quick about the other night that started out as just a sweet, quick vagina hug and quickly turned into him pile-driving into me from behind while he pressed my face down into the sheets.  He grunted and thrust like an animal on top of me and I came and yelled and hoped my new neighbors could hear me.  Actually — on second thought — that was pretty exciting.

A 40-something single mother who writes honestly about sex, body image, D/s, relationships, her nervous tics, and how much she loves to fucking fuck. She also likes to show you her tits.

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32 thoughts on “Love is a little boring.
      1. Welcome to being married, now stretch that out for 22 years until you pray for the sweet release of death and envy pioneers with a 47 year life expectnacy. :-) The last part sounded fun though.

  1. I swear, woman… if you had ended this as believing you’re boring or in a boring place in life… I’d turn Marian loose on you. :)

    (Really, dropping by to say howdy, since you left us in the dust with your tricky little move to off-dotcom. Of course I haven’t forgotten about you, silly. Won’t be online much to comment next week, though… seems like I’m flying a lot these days. But I’m not complaining, ya know… )

    1. Ha! I didn’t leave you!! Just update your WordPress feed manually and I’ll show up! Pretend I’m from How do you follow those folks? Wait – surely you already know this!

      Glad you’re traveling so much… You lucky dog ;) Xx Hy

      1. I already updated manually updated my feed for you. ;)

        As far as – I don’t follow any of those second-rate hacks. In fact, I follow a couple of WP-self hosted, and that’s about it except the standard folks.

        Funny thing about all this travel: I’m so utterly drained and exhausted when I get home, I end up taking the following day off to recover. Last outbound work session for a while, though. The next one is already scheduled close to home…

          1. It was the typical shit. No push notification that there was gonna be a change. Best bet would have been to do a push email to all subscribers minutes before the switchover.

            You should have access to that subscriber list still, I think. If so, there is (or was) an option to bulk email everyone and tell them what to do.

            The other suggestion I’ve got is for you to have the Boobday participants post an instructional blurb informing their readership that they have to come back over here and jump through the hoops.

            That should give a decent cross-section of common followers that simply will then be aware of what they have to do to follow you again, eh.

    1. Ha! We’re laying on opposite couches again as I type and I’m too tired and stressed out for anything other than a cuddle in a few mins. It really is domestic bliss lol

    1. Oh, we are! So boring in fact that TN vowed to immediately fuck me when he comes over tomorrow because he knows I’ll be too tired if he waits! Haha ;)

      And thanks!!

  2. Hello, darling.

    Knew you were full of shit. :) And the pic is very sex (per usual), not boring at all. Your happiness resounds here. I’m happy to see it.


  3. Psssh. Boring. HA!

    Yeah, I manually updated my feed too and you’re not showing up there. Ah well, I’ll just have to visit your site on purpose more often.


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