TN is my houseboy.

The Neighbor vacuums for Hy
In the beginning.

Six weeks after giving birth, my baby was round as a seal pup on my fat-laden breastmilk and the result was a massive, roll-covered infant.  Adorable, yes?  Convenient, no.

Silly, naive me didn’t think twice about my body and what it’d been through pushing a baby out of it, so when I bent over the middle backseat of a sedan (the safest place in a car, natch) while holding a 20lb baby in its 15lb carseat I wasn’t prepared for the pop and ting I felt from my lower back.  But there it was.  I was fucked.

Months of chiropractic work, physical therapy, X-rays and MRI’s later, it was determined that I had two bulging discs — not the worst diagnosis ever, but certainly not great.  It was a relief to be told there really was something wrong with me, though my exhusband never seemed to really believe me and, I suspect, suspected I claimed constant back pain just to get out of certain chores.

Anything that required lower back strength threatened my back (mowing the lawn, lifting a heavy trash bag, emptying the dishwasher) I would ask him to help with about every 9th time lest he feel overwhelmed by my injuries (I wouldn’t want to put him out, after all).  And the #1 chore that I needed help with the most was vacuuming.  Pushing that stupid, heavy, upright thing would send me in spasms in about a minute without fail.

The sad thing about that was that I actually loved to vacuum.  I loved to see the bits of debris disappear beneath the roar of the engine and the clean tracks left behind.  Far more rewarding that cleaning toilets, to be sure.  It was work accomplished!

By the time I moved out 2 and a half years after my diagnosis and near constant pain, I had just resigned myself to the pain and the obligatory chores that caused them, so imagine my surprise when my young lover first offered to vacuum for me when I told him of my cleaning troubles.

First he did it in his shorts, then just his underwear, then I required nudity.  Eventually, there was a dress code — which still stands today — of my panties.  I pick them out according to my mood.  Sometimes they’re lacy, sometimes they’re not.  It’s whatever I want to see him in.  Like big, fat stripes.

It’s worth mentioning that since I met TN in November of 2012, I have only vacuumed for myself maybe three times (to truck loads of regret, I might add).  He has never complained and always done it cheerfully.  For being so young, he is extremely grown up in ways I’ve never experienced (my ex is 14 years his senior).

Other things he does without complaint include taking out my trash, reaching high things, helping me make the bed, moving furniture, and being my financial adviser.  I’ve never been with anyone so generous in my life, so stalwartly devoted to taking care of me.  It’s kind of incredible.  Almost as incredible as TN in my panties with a vacuum handle in his hand.

I’ve totally hit the Houseboy Jackpot.

The Neighbor vacuuming for Hy in red and pink panties
See what I mean??



A 40-something single mother who writes honestly about sex, body image, D/s, relationships, her nervous tics, and how much she loves to fucking fuck. She also likes to show you her tits.

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33 thoughts on “TN is my houseboy.
  1. Hmmm! My reaction to the first pic was “What, but where did the beard go?!”
    Then I read your text. I had a similar problem after my last baby was born. My pelvis had shifted. For me, it was walking that was difficult. And running actually physically impossible. To the point where, when I would forget, I’d be reminded on the second step that, no, really, I couldn’t do it. After some (very) scary chiropractic maneuver, I was cured (thankfully!).
    Being in constant pain myself at the moment, I can safely say I totally feel for you!
    Then I saw the last picture… Now I’m not so sure whether you really deserve my sympathy or my envy ;-)

    1. Ha! Yeah, that too pic was almost 2 years ago! I think he looks like a baby without his beard now :)

      And I’m heartened by your story of being cured. I have that hope! xx Hy

  2. You lucked out! He’s got the cutest ass ever, likes to clean and help you, and loves you. Where’s my sexy houseboy?? Well… I don’t have a house to maybe that’ll be my first step.

  3. Fuckin Aye!!!! That made my day!

    Although I’m now wondering if this was the inspiration for the panties theme this Friday. I’m also thinking maybe just once you should have a Dick Friday and ask your male readers to submit pics in their woman’s panties or not! Just sayin’!

    1. No, not the inspiration, just a coincidence! And re the dick pics, I’d worry that no one would participate unless they had a porn cock. Men are as self conscious as we are, after all!

  4. I’m glad you’ve got someone now that is so utterly considerate of you. I was reading a few of your earlier posts a week ago or… maybe a few days ago. I don’t remember now. But what a complete turn around. So, so good to see you come full circle. And again, every time I see those damn thighs, haha. Did I mention I love men with meaty thighs?

    Xoxo and lots of <3

    1. Oh, total turnaround! Sometimes I don’t recognize either of us, honestly.

      And yes, you’ve mentioned your love of thighs! Maybe I’ll do a special photo shoot with you in mind! xx (to the moon) Hy

  5. Holy houseboy, Batman! Nice ass and nice banana hammock. Many, many, many years ago I had a Portuguese boyfriend that did everything for me. Whatever, wherever, whenever. I got bored with him after 6 months, but I some fun while it lasted. I did dump him for my x so how stupid was I?

    Sorry about you back.

  6. Holy houseboy, Batman! Nice ass and nice banana hammock. Many, many, many years ago I had a Portuguese boyfriend that did everything for me. Whatever, wherever, whenever. I got bored with him after 6 months, but I some fun while it lasted. I did dump him for my x so how stupid was I?

    Sorry about your back.

  7. I feel your pain. I too have two herniated discs, in fact I was i the ER this past Friday for it. Your houseboy does have a nice backside if I must say. As for the suggestion from Tis about this weeks theme, that may be interesting.

  8. Oh Hy, so sorry to hear about your back, speaking from experience I empathize & sympathise. I too have been in an extremely painful similar situation, the back not the sexy houseboy! There are so any comments here, that mirror my own, ‘holy houseboy batman’ for one! Bahaha! He’s as delish on the outside as he is in the inside, fate stepped in along the way somewhere, TN was indeed destined to move in next door! Enjoy lovely lady! (& man!) :)

  9. Yay! I love to see TN wearing your panties!
    I have back problems too and vacuuming, which I also kind of liked up until the pain appeared, kills me. I’m getting worried that this problem might get in the way of my sexual adventures…I have noticed that although it’s great for the soul, my lower back tends to be a painful reminder of my escapades. Which makes me imagine during sex that my vertebrae are being worn done. Hammered down. Luckily I’m six feet tall, so even if this is true, I have a ways to go before I turn into a midget! Ha!

    Je t’embrasse My Hy,

    1. Oh, Dawn! You will never be anything but an Amazon! Sounds to me like you have what I have. My lower back has ALWAYS protested during and after sex; I have to be extremely careful to protect it. I find that is always worth it, though!!

    2. Yeah, I noticed that my lower back gets tender after fun if it lasted a bit too long. Probably due to too much arching it to get hit just in the right spot, and then I suppose you don’t control much once you’re in a really nice place :-)

  10. Old post which I’m just seeing. But I have to admit, this was a fantasy of mine as a younger man. I would have loved to have been a naked houseboy for a sexy older woman.

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