Fireman Sam pays a visit.

In a land across the pond, a lady of sexual means, Molly, won a prize.  She was at first perplexed, then later inspired.  Her treat — a fireman, no less! — was hers with which to play in any fashion she chose.

When she was done, she decided to hand him off to another lady of sexual means.  And then another and another (BlackSilk, Jilly, Rose, Rebel, and Penny, to be precise).

Until finally he landed on my doorstep.

I am Sam’s lucky #7.

And I am a fiend for MMF threesomes.  I love watching a masculine hand on another’s cock, a scruffy face close to some balls.  Mmm… so fucking hot.  So, the sweet Neighbor and Sam got to work for me.  What ensued was pure masculine magic.

I fucking love dudes.



photo 1
Sam, meet TN. TN, Sam.


photo 2
Sam gets into position.  No fanfare.


photo 5
TN, take it off now.


photo 1
Please note how safe sex is a priority in my house.


photo 2
If only this were a real penis. Sorry, Pinocchio – er – Sam. I would’ve died and gone to heaven.


photo 3
Sam’s cock is certainly impressive, but you gotta respect the hot cock to the left, too.


photo 4
This is where things started to get interesting.  Sam loved it.


photo 1
Then he got a turn with TN.


photo 3
And was really quite sadistic.


photo 5
And a bit of a show off.

Fun times with well endowed men.  That’s how I spend my Sundays.

Thanks, Sam, for visiting.  I hope you speak of me fondly with your next woman.

If you want Sam to visit you next, contact Molly and she’ll hook you up.

Sinful Sunday

A 40-something single mother who writes honestly about sex, body image, D/s, relationships, her nervous tics, and how much she loves to fucking fuck. She also likes to show you her tits.

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67 thoughts on “Fireman Sam pays a visit.
  1. Bahahaha! Oh Hy, that is so funny, pure gold, love that you have such a great sense of humor TN. Thanks for the laughs, all three of you! ;)

  2. Geezus fucking Christ….TN in those jeans!!!!! I couldn’t care less about fireman Sam, too focused on TN. Fun pics! Thanks to you and TN for sharing.

  3. I’m with C on this one. I think my favourite pic of all is the very first one. I mean, aside from the one you’d given us a peek of already :-)

    The last pic made me laugh! I had noticed already how ridiculous it is that Sam’s cock is longer than his arms!! Lol!!

    Well, I’m glad you had some fun with Sam. I look forward to seeing what awaits him at his next stop :-)

    1. YES! That first pic of TN and then the one with his jeans undone and his shirt coming off. Good lord they’re so amazing! :)

      1. Uhmmm, not sure really… It may just scare a lot of women off who just needed a cuddle ;-)
        Sorry, I’m in more of a need-a-cuddle frame of mind tonight than anything else :-/

  4. I have to agree with everyone else… TN is smoulderingly hot and puts Fireman Sam to shame but as each picture went by they just got funnier and funnier until the last one nearly made me snort coffee out of my nose. Bravo Hy and bravo TN for playing along


  5. giggles… that is one sexy man you have there Oh and the doll is not bad either. love the fun in these shots

  6. “Fun times with well endowed men. That’s how I spend my Sundays.” –Hell yea!!

    These are AMAZING! I love those hot cock boxers, & TN & Sam are so hot together! :D

  7. If TN ever wants to pop across to the UK I think Molly and I would be fighting for him!! Lol.

    What an absolutely brilliant set of image and that last one had me laughing so hard that my bf had to come and see what was making me laugh so much!

    ~Mia~ xx

  8. These pics are miraculous – they’re hilarious but SO hot at the same time! Love this!!
    His hand around Sam’s cock – that’s so sexy… and mmmf TN in his pants and oh that tummy :)

    1. I sorta agree about their miraculousness lol We had so much damn fun taking these!

      I read him your comments and he said, “Cara Sutra?? Now she has a great name!” Hehe

  9. That was fucking awesome. Best photo spread…really…award winning!

    That inflatable cock how some skills. It bends at a 90 degree angle and does tripod stands. Such talent!

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