A lady always knows what to do with her panties.

I drove away from The Neighbor’s office parking lot with a smile on my face and watched him walk back to the building as I pulled out into traffic.  I giggled out loud as I thought about the huge erection he was trying to walk off before stepping through the office doors and of the slick wetness between my bare thighs.  My underwear was cleverly shoved into my console, as any proper lady would do.


I had business on the north side of town on a Sunday and he was in the office — as usual.  A friend of ours was selling jewelery on the east side and he wanted me to pick him up on my way over to lend support.  It made sense to swing back down south, get his adorable company-t-shirt-wearing ass, and head to  the other side of town.  Bonus: it was a real treat to see him during a work day and the extra driving would give me a little more time with him.

We laughed and told sick jokes as I meandered through traffic, found a parking spot and walked up to the bar patio.  Hipsters were draped over pastel-colored metal chairs, a beautiful piebald pit bull languished in the shade of a table, her tongue giant and lolling, and jewelery and junk sellers had their little tables set up under umbrellas ready to hawk.

I ordered a habeñero-infused margarita and got one a non-spicy one for TN and walked back out into the heat of the afternoon.  We’d set up camp next to my friend and her boyfriend and she was thrilled to see him, nearly as much as I was to be with him.

“TN!!  I can’t believe you came!!  Oh my God!” she gushed.  Everyone who knows TN knows how rare it is for him to show his face somewhere not softball- or work-related.  Occasionally, they’ll see him if they’re at my house, but a random friend-themed day like that day?  That was a lottery-ticket-buying kind of day.

We sipped our drinks and when we realized an hour had passed it was time to turn back into pumpkins.  Hugs, kisses, I’ll call you soon!  We headed back to the car and I teared up when I saw a freshly killed squirrel not 6 ft from my car.  TN laughed at me, but rubbed my arm consolingly.  I couldn’t help but wonder if it was carrying food back to its babies.

To distract me as I drove away, TN reached over and dipped his hand into my cleavage and cupped a heavy breast.  I quickly forgot about the red smear next to the little rusty rodent.  Sorry, squirrel.

We parked in the back of his office lot and as I set the car in Park I noticed the bulge in his shorts.  He didn’t seem to be rushed, so I tested the waters and reached across and grabbed it.  Hot, hard, patiently waiting for more pets.  I squeezed it and patted it and leaned in for a kiss.

His red beard tickled my lips and I inhaled his clean soap scent.

“Pull it out,” I said huskily as I locked my eyes on his.

He wiggled a little and flopped himself out, mighty and pink, the shaft resting heavily on the bed of his balls.  I tucked it all into my mouth as far as I could take him and felt his hand rest gently on the top of my head; the AC blasted on my face intermittently as I bobbed up and down.

He moaned and stretched a little beneath me and I was reminded of the time I blew Nixon two years before.  I don’t think I’ve ever blown TN in my car before, he’s usually the chariot driver and he’s received plenty of road head as a driver.

I slurped and sucked and ignored the pain of the console in my ribs.  My joy bubbled up and out through little mewls and giggles.  I’m sure he could feel my smile stretched across his cock.  This was Sunday Funday all around.

I don’t know who suggested it, but I found myself climbing into the backseat and using my toes to hook my panties down over my ankles and straddling his erection carefully.  I was sopping wet.  I had to hunch and grind in order to avoid slamming my head into the roof, but the awkward contortions were well worth the spasms of orgasms.

We laughed and guffawed as I had to stop a time or two to remove a book from beneath my knee, or some toy.  “God you’re fucking hot when you peel books off your shin,” he groaned into my ear as he slammed me down on him.  I laughed, but it came out more like a moan.  I was embarrassed and turned on simultaneously and my outburst didn’t know which tone to take.

We gyrated and kissed and snuffled into each other’s necks until the car rocked.  More laughing.  It was broad daylight.  The office is nestled in a mixed area and some little old lady could have been walking her pair of gray-haired Beagles at any moment.

Eventually, I was tired of hunching over and humping him, totally sated, over the moon with Sunday delights.  I rose up and unstraddled him, giving anyone at the hood of my car a gynecological view only money can buy from me.  His cock slipped out and slapped his leg with a thwack.  It glistened in the light through the tinted windows.

I demurely pulled down my skirt and scooped up my black mesh panties.  “Can’t be leaving evidence back here,” I said as I kissed him full on the mouth again.

“Well, have a good day at work!” I winked at him as he pushed himself back into his silky basketball shorts and righted his shirt.

He kissed me one more time and left the car.

I climbed back into the driver’s seat and stuffed my panties into the console, out of sight, wondered how many other people across town were doing the same, and put the car in Drive.

A 40-something single mother who writes honestly about sex, body image, D/s, relationships, her nervous tics, and how much she loves to fucking fuck. She also likes to show you her tits.

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31 thoughts on “A lady always knows what to do with her panties.
  1. Yum!! Sunday Funday indeed!

    It’s surprising (to the newly discovered slut in me at least) how much fun cars and car parks can be!
    I’m about to write a post or two on the subject, though nothing as fun as your story here :-)

  2. Oh, this sounds positively delightful. What a great adventure. xx

    I will have to remember to move my son’s toys out of the back seat of the car when I pick Johnny up from the airport in two weeks…because I plan to do the same thing to him in the back seat!

  3. Hmmmmmm car sex is so very teenage & HOTT HOTT HOTT regardless of the weather! I’ve been partaking regularly over the last 18 months, not as much in the past 6 months as I now have my own digs ;) thanks for sharing once again Hy, hope you’re enjoying the teenagers in each other.

  4. HOT & SEXY! Although, I think a more ‘appropriate’ place for your panties would’ve been to slip them into TN’s pocket, for him to find/remove later!
    I do this occasionally, after public playtime, which ALWAYS gets him going again!

  5. That was an exhilarating Sunday! I’ve been doing it in new places lately too and I love how urgent it feels. Your brain has to make this split-second decision as to which is worse, being seen by gawkers or not doing it at all. Sorry gawkers!

    Hopefully that squirrel didn’t have children.

    Bisous Hy!

    1. Oh god, the squirrel!! Poor thing! It was so sad! I mean, a little life was lost while I was enjoying a margarita! No justice :(

      What’s the weirdest place you’ve done it lately?? xx Hy

      1. Yes, please, tell us Dawn, we want to know (well, at least Hy and I ;-) )
        As for the squirrel… well, unfortunately that’s the way life works. Some lives end and some lives start all the time :-)

        Bises, my friends

  6. Such a hot post! Omg! Everyone seems to have experience in cars but I just very recently had my first vehicle experience a week ago. A fun threesome(ish) in the front of a pickup truck.

    And poor squirrel! But what a great way to illustrate your relationship with TN.

      1. Yes. I don’t think you usually get quite so much raucous reader involvement in posts! Nor so many enticing and juicy details of what all the girls have been up to recently.

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