My belly still hates me, but at least my tits are huge or More musings on the Introvert-Extrovert exchange.

I woke up alone today.  That wasn’t the original plan, but the stresses of the week took their toll on The Introvert – er, I mean – The Neighbor and he sweetly begged off.  “I need my Fortress of Solitude,” he explained as we ate the dinner he’d brought over for us.

“I wholly support your need to recharge,” I told him, “But know that while you’re getting what you need tonight, I’m going to need to get filled up, too.”

“What?  This isn’t enough?  I’ve already been here for 20 minutes and plan on staying for a little while.”

This has always been a challenge for us: my need for connection and closeness, face-to-face time and activities and his exact opposite need for alone time.  It does not compute with him that an hour and some change is not at all what I’m looking for.  While appreciated, my heart needs deliberate, concentrated attention for longer periods of time.   If only I were more like him… but I digress.

I explained my thoughts to him and he nodded as if he understood and we made plans to hang out tonight with Peyton at his place: unpacking, pizza, a movie.

I stretched and fondled the kitty, thought of fondling my other kitty, but then felt ill and my hope was dashed.  I was frustrated, a little lonely, still sick.  I stood up and my breasts pulled at my chest, much heavier than usual.  I walked into the bathroom and they pulled against the fabric of my tee making three folds.  For photographic evidence, I snapped some pics and instantly felt better.

Hy's big boobies
It’s not just me, right??

I decided to stop by for an unplanned cuddle with TN on my way out.  When I called to wake him up to unlock the door I could tell he’d been deeply asleep.  “Hullo?” he mumbled.

“Good morning!” I beamed, ever the morning person.  “I’d like to come over for a cuddle.  Unlock your door.”

“Mmmkay,” he murmured.  We hung up.

Ten minutes later I passed by his boxes and strangely placed furniture to find him beneath the cotton ball clouds of his comforter.  I quietly slipped in next to him and stroked his warm milky skin.  He purred a little, grumbled and stretched, pulled me closer and seemed to doze. I lay there thinking how small a gesture as that — pulling me closer — made my heart cease her constant twisting.  It felt so fucking good.

I let my hand fall beneath the covers and follow the contours of his muscles until I found his hot, half asleep cock. I squeezed it gently and it came to life.

The pillow covering half his face couldn’t hide his little smile.  Despite my temperamental belly I couldn’t resist falling on it with my mouth.  Nothing spectacular happened other than I loved on something I love a lot and he got to feel my soft, wet, expert mouth on him.  No fireworks, but I was ok with it.  It’s the act, the journey, not always the destination, right?

It was time for me to go and I stopped my slurping and lay on his chest again.  When I tried to leave he snatched at my hand and wouldn’t let me go.  My heart melted a little more.  It felt so, so good.  I thought, Maybe I need to catch him in the mornings more often.

Hours later I took a nap to gear up for tonight’s festivities.  Lust laced through my dreams as Dream TN lay on my couch with a massive erection, ready and waiting for me.  I tried to reach him, but couldn’t.  He begged me to come to him, but still, I couldn’t.  I broke through a dream in my dream and felt such relief that finally, I could go to him, but alas, another foggy wall lay between us, but this time I could feel his hands on me, the pull of my sex as my body reacted to him.  Maybe he even got a chance to slip into me, I don’t know, because I woke up for the second time, this time into reality.

The nap had done its job: I felt ok!  I thought about the missed opportunity of last night, of that missed connection, of his dreamy giant cock inside of me and decided to send a quick text.


Him: K

I laughed and thought, We’ll see.  The Universe has been conspiring against us for weeks now it seems, this week in particular.  I also thought, Men are robots. Cute robots, though.

Cross your fingers for me tonight that my dreams really do come true.



[Ed. Note: I have the most beautiful picture of TN naked and milky white wrapped up in his bedding all ready to share.  He approved of it this morning, but when it came down to the final approval he balked and said it showed too much of him.  I found that confusing considering some of the images I’ve shared for TNT, but of course agreed to not share it.  A man’s prerogative, right?]




A 40-something single mother who writes honestly about sex, body image, D/s, relationships, her nervous tics, and how much she loves to fucking fuck. She also likes to show you her tits.

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11 thoughts on “My belly still hates me, but at least my tits are huge or More musings on the Introvert-Extrovert exchange.
  1. Whoa. Surprised no one has commented yet.

    Does he understand your need for quality time? I have a lot of mixed introvert/extrovert tendencies so I have to have a balance between spending time with those I love and having time to recharge alone. Some days one wins out more than the other.

    I am curious why he changed his mind about the photo.

    1. Busy lives, tired of my shit? Lol. It’s all ok.

      Re the rest, yeah, I know it’s a balancing act for you introverts. I love you all, though! The world wouldn’t be half as interesting.

      I’m also totally perplexed. When I’m feeling better I’ll try to figure it out. (I’m back to feeling horrible so probably no lovin’ for me tonight

  2. I thought your “brestesis” were big when you showed them in a dress – with your fortune cookie. I feel anxious for you about pregnancy but that’s only because I would die if I were ever pregnant again. I wish you all the best for what you want Hy. ( still hate the hurting boobs though. )

  3. I need face to face time so badly, and more-so the cuddling time. But there are times I’m away on business and I just love the time to myself. I am an enigma. But I think we all are.

    Hope you feel better soon. Cuts, bruises, scrapes can be dealt with. A wonky stomach has a mind of its own. I feel for you.

    1. I know what you mean! And I am the same… but at the same time, when I am so consumed with love I can forget that I enjoy that so much, until I have it again. But now, when I am in a relationship when he wants more space than me I don’t enjoy it as much as I feel.. I don’t know, somehow inadequate and Like I am trying to be busy hoping he will miss me, and I have to pull myself together and try to enjoy the moment.

  4. Goooooood…. I am in this kind of relationship now and I swear to GOD it is so tough on your self esteem!??! What the hell!? I am torn between trying to be rational and mature and realize and accept that people are simply different and that doesn’t really mean anything, but I can’t deny that there is this little voice in my head that asks.. But what if it means that he doesn’t love me as much as I love him..? What if this is unconscious predetermination that we are both in denial about, that even he doesn’t believe or understand, what if I am not the one for him..? What if he leaves me and comes back and says, NOW I feel like you do… NOW I want to spend every precious minute with HER. The fear… the fear living with it, battling it and trusting, taking a leap of faith and as you say grasping at those moments he gives you that feel so fucking good.. Thinking it’s ok. But at the same time a voice is saying, don’t I deserve more?! Don’t I deserve to be adored as much as I adore him? But then in another moment re-realizing that he does, he just shows it differently and is different in general… and then spiraling back and up and down and the roller coaster of this insecure crazy ride.

      1. Frickin wish I didn’t but I can’t wait to read more about how it goes with you and how you deal with it, (and how you don’t). Reacting, overthinking, wallowing then picking ourselves up.

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