My houseboy does the dishes for me.

We laid in the dark, my birthday-Hitachi switched off beside me, Faisal purred on his chest.  “Thank you, Hy, for dinner tonight.  It was absolutely delicious.”

I rolled over, still in my orgasm hug, and kissed him full on his bearded mouth. “Thank you for letting me cook for you.”  We smiled at each other in the dark and I rest in his nook and played with his feather-soft chest hair.

I could have added many other Thank Yous:

  • Thank you for interrupting my blogging with your big, giant hardon and reminding me what’s most important.
  • Thank you for letting me push you down on my bed in my dark room and slipping you out of your underwear.
  • Thank you for letting me suck your big, fat cock.
  • Thank you for telling me how much you’ve missed my magical mouth and thank you for letting me sit silhouetted at your side and cradle your balls in my hand.
  • Thank you for flipping me on my back and shoving yourself inside of me, of rocking into me until I panted and cried out.
  • Thank you for sucking on my nipples, telling me to twist and grab them.
  • Thank you for getting my wand and growling deep in your throat as I writhed and moaned and cussed for lack of actual words.
  • Thank you for being a part of orgasm after orgasm.
  • Thank you for stroking my brow and kissing me like I’m someone special.
  • Thank you for being my muse.
  • And thank you for doing the dishes.
And for letting me take this amazing picture.
And for letting me take this amazing picture.

[Ed. note: TN Tuesdays is a semi weekly meme which will share more of The Neighbor with my Internet BoyfriendAll photos have his approval before I post them.  As always, he’s eager to see what you guys think and has requested that I share any comments.]


A 40-something single mother who writes honestly about sex, body image, D/s, relationships, her nervous tics, and how much she loves to fucking fuck. She also likes to show you her tits.

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27 thoughts on “My houseboy does the dishes for me.
  1. So you got a new wand? Yay for you!!

    As for the dishes … it’s only fair he cleans up if you’ve cooked for him, isn’t it?
    Ok, the way he does this is rather sewy, I must say ;-)

  2. We should all say all the thank you’s that we think, all of them. Or else they’ll never know? :) And I agree with Dawn D, it’s only fair when you cooked ! ;) And it should be a requirement for him to do it naked.

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