I take a pic of him in the shower.

TN showering his hot bod
The Neighbor.

The Neighbor is a bold man, brave, loyal, and fierce.  He’s protective of my person and my people and he has a near zero-tolerance policy when it comes to betrayal.  He’s tough as nails.  A complete hard ass.  The toughest nut to crack I’ve ever known.  A true Cancer with his impervious outer shell and painfully soft insides.

And he’s beautiful, so beautiful.

The lines of his body are artful, yet utilitarian.  He doesn’t look like Michelangelo’s David, but if I had the skill I would carve marble of him for all to see what I see.  His symmetry, his densely muscled limbs, his compact virility, his cock, his bow-shaped mouth and pale blue eyes.

His male beauty is a departure from that image that leaps to our minds — cut, hairless, tall, thick-maned — but it is irrefutable nonetheless.  He walks with a slight bounce, his round ass pert beneath his denim, and his arms swing easily as though he were all alone.

I’d like to take all the credit, for having a good eye, but we are all only as magical as our muse.

TN looked surprised when I showed him this image I’d captured of him in the shower.  I’m certain he never saw himself this way, but it’s still him.  It’s still real.  It’s still beautiful and no matter what he sees, I see a David.


[Ed. note: TN Tuesdays is a semi weekly meme which will share more of The Neighbor with my Internet BoyfriendAll photos have his approval before I post them.  As always, he’s eager to see what you guys think and has requested that I share any comments.]



A 40-something single mother who writes honestly about sex, body image, D/s, relationships, her nervous tics, and how much she loves to fucking fuck. She also likes to show you her tits.

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31 thoughts on “I take a pic of him in the shower.
  1. OMG! I would love to enjoy him!! His powerful legs reminds me of my hubby’s cycling thighs. No fat or chub…just beef! He is quite beautiful as you said! I wonder how he is for certain “other” attributes (in comparing with my hubby!)??

    Dream on, dream on, dream on,
    Dream yourself a dream come true

    Mrs. Warm Creme

      1. He he, sweetie…I was referring more to the attributes that only YOU are going to encounter at a certain “moment” rather than one that can be seen (such as in this picture or from any other angles). You have to be a little creative in you reading between my lines (not to say that you aren’t creative…you are EXTREMELY and delightfully masterful with your writing) and consider my husband’s blog subject. ;-)

  2. For the love of sweet men morsels…. Fuckin aye, TN is gorgeous and manly. No I take that back, he is MANLY!!!! Seriously love me a hairy chest and thick thighs!
    Bless you woman and thank you for sharing!


  3. Ok… Wow. I think I should take a photo of both of you in the shower together when I come see you. Would he be game? It would be so fun!!!! Tell that man of yours that I’m drooling. He’s just divine!

  4. Mmmmmm oh my Hy! TNT? That abbreviation also alludes to dynamite!
    TN, you’re such a very photogenic muse. I too appreciate your mesmeristic qualities. ;) (& aren’t cancer isms just the best?)

    1. I hope so. We discussed at length posting this picture and in the end we both realized that the number of people that would recognize him are few. Same goes for my description :)

  5. Seems like I picked the perfect day to start blog reading!
    I am not as bold as the girls here so can I say Ditto to what everyone else said. :)
    Truly, he is one scrumptious man… You both make one delicious yummy couple.

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