Friday, October 31st, is VAMP Boobday!


You ladies really pulled this one off.  I know that VAMP was a difficult theme, but I am so very impressed with what you all came up with!

Pics vary from femme fatale to lots of curves to strapped up and cinched.

Happy Halloween, everyone!! Enjoy all the VAMP-Y tits!!

Next month’s theme is DUPLICATE.  Find a picture from the Boobday Archives and replicate it as exactly as you can.  Send me both the original and your interpretation and I’ll splice them together for a side-by-side comparison.  Any picture is eligible!  I’m also going to want to know why you chose that photo to copy.  Don’t worry, I’ll remind you of all of this closer to the date.



  1. Pics must be yours.  If you’re a man who would like to see his friend’s tits here, she must email them to me.

  2. Send pics to with the subject line with that month’s Boobday theme no later than Thursday at midnight, your time.  If I receive submissions Friday, it may not appear on that month’s post.

  3. Please tweet about Boobday with the #Boobday hashtag.

  4. Please leave a comment on other Boobday participants’ blogs, as well as here.

  5. Pics can be of breasts in any state of dress.  Cocks and props are also welcome, but the woman must be the centerpiece.  Read the State of the Boob Union for more info.

  6. Anyone who identifies as having breasts is welcome to submit a photo.  This isn’t limited to the cisgender definition of a woman.

  7. You must link back to my Boobday page or my post for that day.BoobdayBanner

  8. Snag the code from the sidebar and paste in the TEXT tab of your post (if using WP), or copy and link to

  9. For every Boobday submission, send an email with all of the following info:

    1. an email with the theme name in the subject line

    2. an attached pic

    3. a sentence about why you chose this particular photo

    4. if you want to be anonymous or not

    5. a hyperlink or URL to your Twitter handle (if you have one)

    6. a hyperlink or URL to your blog post (if you have one and post, it must have my Boobday banner and a link back to me and only posted on the last Friday)

    7. make sure your phone and/or camera does not keep your location information! 

    Emails sent to me with all of this info plus the theme will be given preferential treatment.  I will not look up links.


My VAMP tits:

Hy gets all vampy
Vamps wear feathers, right?

NOT my VAMP tits:

SinDoll 103114 VAMP
The Sin Doll started all of this last month when she turned in this pic and I saw her sexy, vampy nails. @thesindoll

I chose this photo because I like the contrast between my red nails and pale boobs. :)


Mz Hyde 103114 VAMP
Meet Mz Hyde and her lovely TN doppelganger BF.

Here’s the BF and me, VAMP style.  Do you know how many times we had to practice to get the perfect shot for your blog?  Wink, wink.  It was incredibly fun!!  Thanks for the inspiration.


Mrs WC 103114 VAMP
Mrs. Warm Creme pokes through just a little.


Mrs WC 103114 VAMP
A delicious close up.  And yes, totally acceptable.

My husband convinced me that I should do this again! I don’t exactly have a “vamp” themed outfit. I hope this is acceptable.


Jade 103114 VAMP
Jade oozes vamp. I adore this pic. @piecesofjade

I chose this one because I loved the way the colorization deepened the shadows and gave me the illusion of curves. Sometimes it’s hard not having a gorgeous, curvy bosom in a world that equates curves with femininity and sexiness, so it’s nice to be able to pretend once in awhile – but isn’t that what Halloween is all about? Getting to play dress-up? :-)


Ann 103114 VAMP
Ann shows off that hot bod of hers for us. Yes, that’s @annstvincent.

I chose this photo because it is the image a lover would see of me in my favorite position. I’m wearing a collar given to me by Ariel, my first significant lover after the split from my ex. I’m also sporting some bruise art on my breast and shoulder from Andrew…several days old and it’s still quite noticeable.


Beck 103114 VAMP
@BeckandherKinks happened to have a vampire-bite tattoo laying around. I think it’s brilliant.


SassyCat 103114 VAMP
The thing I love the most about this image is the little pit of chain that’s hanging down in the exact line of her cleavage. @SassyCat3000

VAMP. “Seductive Woman. A woman uses her sexual attractiveness for the seduction & manipulation of others.” I sure do enjoy to tease others. Giving just enough, cleavage is tempting & teasing.


Cara 103114 VAMP
The splayed, dark nails, the full mouth, the red bra falling out of her shirt. Cara is the definition of vamp. @theron_cara


Dawn 103114 VAMP
I love how if you look closely enough, you see so much more than you think of Dawn.

It’s late, I’m just back from holidays, I didn’t have much time to take pictures… So I hope this one will do :-)


Penny 103114 VAMP
Penny got this one just right. This is hot and sexy and a little campy all at once. That’s a fleshlight, by the way. A VAMPIRE FLESHLIGHT. @pennysblog


Tis 103114 VAMP
Tis NAILED IT. I love this pic so much I want to climb inside that thing she’s zipped into.
When I thought of Vamp, I thought of old horror movie posters and tried to mimic that feel with effects I used in my pic.
BiSexual Minx 103114 VAMP
@BisexualMinx is back! Along with her Vampire lover!

MY Dracula has me under his spell… but cannot hide from the camera.


La Shonna 103114 VAMP
I cannot speak to the authenticity of La Shonna’s blood, but it’s vampy, indeed. @sunshyne0915
Being a vamp isn’t just in the way I see myself. It’s the feel of my own caress. Kiss mark
Marian 103114 VAMP
Sweet Marian Green vamps it up in simple black.

I’m not one who ever feels vampy, the dangerous femme fatal, but when I think of that type of attitude and confidence, I think cleavage. So here is my cleavage even though I wasn’t feeling particularly vampy when I took the photo.

A 40-something single mother who writes honestly about sex, body image, D/s, relationships, her nervous tics, and how much she loves to fucking fuck. She also likes to show you her tits.

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31 thoughts on “Friday, October 31st, is VAMP Boobday!
  1. God, so many GREAT pictures here!
    In no particular order…
    I love yours Hy, the way the light plays in the furry collar and on your skin.
    I love that Minx is back (was thinking of you last week, will write soon!) and not alone! Jealous of the hands!
    Same thing for the Sin Doll’s! My eyes were actually drawn to your piercings, couldn’t let go!
    I really like the distorted colours pics (yes, ‘Tis, I too would gladly jump into that zipped leather top! And Jade, I don’t know what you’re talking about! This pic is really perfect!).
    I like the Halloween feel of Beck’s and La Shonna’s pictures. I love the sensuality exuded by Sassy Kat’s.
    I like the simplicity of Cara and Marian’s pic, the contrast between the gentle, almost naive pictures and what we know of the ladies, either here in what they show (red bra under black: Hot!) or on their blogs.
    I love Ann’s collar, I love Penny’s breast-eating mouth (I’m a bit jealous I must admit!).
    I love Mz Hyde’s pic. All the extra practice was totally worth it!!

    And Mrs WC… how could you even doubt whether that submission was in keeping with the theme? I would DIE for a top like that! Or is it a body like that in a top like that? :-) You nailed it for the second time in a row! I’m looking forward to seeing more next month!

    Happy Halloween everyone :-)
    Dawn D recently posted…Goodbye and thank you!My Profile

    1. Dawn,

      I was probably overthinking the theme. I didn’t consider all of the possibilities snd just went with my nets. Seeing all of the other hotties here and their individual interpretations (OMG how I love Meet Mz Hyde’s collaborative take!)!

      ‘Tis’s stylish hues over her unzipped jacket and nails is stunning! Ann – we need to talk about the bruises, hun. There is something painfully erotic that I love! Cara – so simple yet so yummy! Hy – younhave such a gorgeous figure!

      All the rest of you beautiful ladies are simply delightful!

  2. Absolutly beautiful! I love how each one of you portrayed your own version of “vamp”. I would mind biting or being bit by each and every one of you.

  3. Talk about killing it! This was such a fun submital and thank you for all your hard work Hy! Ladies, you’re all gorgeous and so creative! Love looking at you all!

    ‘Tis recently posted…Vamp BoobdayMy Profile

  4. I admit to not having a clue as to what would constitute “vampy” when you first posted the prompt, Hy. My own rendition was an almost accidental inspiration and I wasnt sure it would actually fit the theme. But now that I’ve come and seen all the others’ interpretations, I totally get it! Well done, all you sexy vamps!
    Jade recently posted…A Vampy BoobDayMy Profile

  5. Great job again ladies….I’m always so impressed with the artistic talent. Your’ll all sexy and beautiful and confident. :) I hope to be back posting next month. Hugs all :) Kate

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