I am honored in a bittersweet kinda way.


Hy in tights covering up
I figured some celebratory nudie pics were in order.

Every year Rori at Between My Sheets exhaustively reads 100+ blogs submitted to her by her readers and then chooses her favorites and orders them all from 1-99 (#100 is always you!).  Her Top 100 Sex Bloggers List is her main event and this year I’m honored to snag the #10 spot and anchor a Top 10 that’s — quite frankly — really freaking impressive.

I don’t currently read all of those ranked, but will certainly check out every single one, which is precisely what a list like this should do for readers: introduce us to each other and you to great new-to-you reads.

Her format is a little different this year because she stopped ranking after #10 and just listed everyone alphabetically instead because, as she writes, “What makes one blog a #37 and another a #38?  What even makes one blog a #40 and another a #70?  So, for 2014, I’ve listed my top 10…”  I get it.  It must be hard having that kind of responsibility.

The bottom line is, I’m incredibly honored by Rori’s ranking because I value her opinion and I genuinely like her.  She works hard at what she does (the whole blog, not just this list) and I respect her.  Having said that, her list is just that: her list.  It’s not the list.  She makes a point to remind us all of that herself, but it still feels nice to have a peer I dig give me high 5s and hugs.

To my talented friends who might have been left off her list, know that you are at the top of my list and I think you are bright, lusty, shining stars.

Which is why this is bittersweet: not everyone is on the list.  I can only imagine how hard it must be to publish a definitive catalog such as this.  I got into hot water with the last award thingy I passed around because in an attempt to include everyone I still forgot a few.  It’s a slippery slope.

In the end I am greatly honored to be thought of so highly by an esteemed blogger, but also a little self-conscious with the acknowledgment when so many others also deserve the highest praise.

I’d also be happy to be anywhere on that list, so it’s delicious, rich gravy that she’s put me at #10.

Thanks to everyone who nominated me, thank you to everyone who reads me, thank you to everyone who takes time out of their valuable days to leave me comments.  This blog ranks highly in my life in general (it’d probably make my Top 10!) and so to receive so much love and support is truly humbling.

Thank you again, everyone.  Thank you.

[Updated to include the below!]

And here’s the Top 10 list:

Check out the other top contenders below, and see the full list at Between My Sheets:

  1. Girl on the Net
  2. JoEllen Notte, The Redhead Bedhead
  3. Erika Moen and Matthew Nolan, Oh Joy Sex Toy
  4. Nikki & Heather, Vagina Antics
  5. BD Swain, learning how to tell you
  6. Jillian Boyd, Lady Laid Bare
  7. Cheeky Minx, Love Hate Sex Cake
  8. Lilly, Dangerous Lilly
  9. Dr. NerdLove, Paging Dr. NerdLove
  10. Hyacinth Jones, A Dissolute Life Means



Hy in tights
All out there.


A 40-something single mother who writes honestly about sex, body image, D/s, relationships, her nervous tics, and how much she loves to fucking fuck. She also likes to show you her tits.

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12 thoughts on “I am honored in a bittersweet kinda way.
  1. Congratulations Hy! What is this, 3 years in a row? Sure is no accident. Let’s see … a unique turn with the metaphor, phrasing like no other, such sexy subjects, and consistent masturbation-quality pics, this my Beauty is your special recipe that wins every time. Congrats again.


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