We did it backwards [on the bed].

We were once the Lord and the Lady of our manor, a great big house with two wings.  He lived in the west and I in the east.  I would lay down for sleep and he would come over pale and naked with a raging hardon bobbing as he walked.  No preamble, no date, just raw and royal need.

We fucked a lot.

Now, we are a courtyard apart, a small village.  We have to make an effort; make plans, take the time to clear out a space.  We’re just like everyone else.

But sometimes, we are overcome with passion, the bed beckons, and we forget that the clock has struck 12 already.  We’re the old Hy and TN.

My room was filled with candlelight and a floral scent.  He pressed my knees against the side of the bed and pressed the length of his body along my backside.  He cupped a breast, then the other.  Sneaked his hands under my v-neck shirt and over my head.  My breasts caught on the fabric and bounced heavily as they fell out.

I was pinned between him and the bed when he forcibly bent me over.  I complied and let him smack my haunch, gently, but heavily.  He pulled my pajama shorts down and moaned when he found my bare ass and sex.  I wiggled my rear into his hot bulge all trampy like.

Then, my young lord shoved his lady down onto her stomach and she let him do that, too.

He ripped my shorts off and I raised my hips showing him whatever peek of dark pink he could see between my thick, white thighs.  I heard him remove his own clothing and growl as he climbed up onto me.  I imagined rutting horses, the stallion stiff and proud.  My little lord stallion.

The head of his cock easily slipped past my thighs as he buried himself inside of me.  Two-hundred pounds man pinned me to my mattress.  He thrust a handful of times then stopped, flipped me over, spread my knees with his one and re-entered me.

We were backwards on the bed, my head at the foot.  Different bed creaks screeched around us as he pounded into me and I came with a soft fucking boom.

He kissed me, held me, stroked me.  When I could manage to open my eyes and look up at him he was staring at me intently, groaning and grunting like an animal.  He felt more inside of me than ever before, less a combination of rote movements and more actual enjoyment.  He came with his mouth, told me how hot I was, how much he loved fucking me and I came some more.

The feelings overwhelmed me and for the first time in many months what he did to my body unlocked my heart and I began to cry.

The tears slipped down my temples and pooled into the shells of my ears.  I cried because I was crying, I cried because I saw this on an episode of Californication, I cried because he was my little lord again and not my boyfriend who pisses me off left and right.

I came more, lots more — oh, the cumming — through curtains of tears and begged him to stop.

I laid there and hiccuped on sobs and caught my breath with him beside me hot and also panting.

“You haven’t cried in a really long time,” he said.

“I know,” I whispered back.  “You haven’t been as with me as you were tonight.”

I don’t think he makes any links to the amount of connection he feels for me and how I respond to him, but I do.  When he’s really there — I mean there with me — sex is fireworks, sex is glorious, sex is a goddamned medicine.  It makes everything we work so hard on worth it.  When it’s routine, when it’s done because we haven’t in a while, then it is flat and flavorless.  I almost don’t want it.

I’ve been thinking about the next step with him lately.  I have to renew my lease this month and staying here for another year is the right thing for me and Peyton, but a year is a short time — God knows this last one flew by — and I’m imagining the courtyard between us being gone and being next-door neighbors again.  And by “next-door neighbors,” I mean living together.

It’s a year away before any such move happens, but the talks will start before then.  I’m scared and excited and worried and hopeful.

I wonder if the Lord and Lady of this story can co-habitate, if we even should.  I want tears in my ears all the time, not just on rare special occasions.  Is this lady asking too much?  Fuck if she knows.



A 40-something single mother who writes honestly about sex, body image, D/s, relationships, her nervous tics, and how much she loves to fucking fuck. She also likes to show you her tits.

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13 thoughts on “We did it backwards [on the bed].
  1. I have faith that the moving in conversation will go the way the “I love you, TN” and the “Um, I have a secret sex blog, TN, and it stars you” conversations did. xxoo
    Anisa recently posted…been a whileMy Profile

  2. I have no answers or even opinion (what? Oh lordy!) but I do think it’s great that you revisited a time in the past. It’s really wonderful when you can do that. Last autumn I revisited when I was about 25. Damn I was good! So was she. So was “it”.


  3. Oh wow.

    I read this and thought that life has a funny way of making us change and lose the things that are important.

    Like connecting during sex. I’m glad you got it back and hopefully he sees how important it is too.
    Sharn recently posted…He chose me?My Profile

  4. Holy Shit there is something in the air. I had a crygasm the other day that started off exactly the same way… being bent over the bed and taken from behind. lol

    Fuck if those tears didn’t make all in the world right.

    Co-habitation sounds lovely Hy. Wishing the Lord and his Lady all the best in this matter. :)

    ‘Tis recently posted…A Werewolf BoyMy Profile

  5. yay! Amazing! I’m so happy for you. Feeling that like is just so wonderful and it seems like you were really in that moment!

    Living together….that’s big one!

  6. Whew M’Lady sounds like you got yourself a Right-Royal Catch there!!!!
    Me thinks that you 2 might just be ready for the next step…….

  7. A sexy, sweet and totally hot recount, thank you for sharing. I particularly liked the line ” I wiggled my rear into his hot bulge all trampy like.” I giggled a bit and smiled at the thought. Best of luck to you for your future. I look forward to hearing how it progresses. xo
    Beatnik du Jour recently posted…The Black NumberMy Profile

  8. This was incredibly hot. And what you said about him really being present, and not the routine, is something I can really relate to being a long term relationship with almost daily sex. Sure, we still connect physically, but the special moments, the ones that truly keep us going, are where we are both present and into each other – and they don’t come all that often.
    You expressed that beautifully.
    Cammies on the Floor recently posted…TMI: Abnormal Addiction to Things in my MouthMy Profile

  9. That was beautiful Hy, When the tears are flowing and he knows this hasn’t happened in awhile there are no doubts that the connection is there. You’re both going to be just fine. Why are you waiting a year? Did I miss something?
    Life is short Hy. Take that bull of yours by the horns and take that leap of faith. :-)
    Annie recently posted…Letter To 13 Year Old KatMy Profile

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