Friday, January 30th, is FRESH Boobday!


This is the first month of the year, the very first Boobday, and I have asked a very special woman to be Boobday’s first featured star of 2015: Kayla Lords of A Sexual Being (@KaylaLords)

Kayla has been a devoted Boobday participant from the very beginning.  She’s almost always one of the first to send her picture in and she is respectful, organized, sexy, smart, and takes the challenges head on each month.  I admire her for so many things and am honored that she agreed to do this.

Each month I will be highlighting one of you in an effort to say thank you for making Boobday happen.  Without all of you, it’d just be me and my tits.  If you’d like to nominate someone to be featured, email me ( and tell me why.

I asked Kayla to write about what Boobday means to her.  Here are her words:

I’m not usually at a loss for words. It’s just not a problem of mine. But when Hyacinth asked me to be her featured blogger for January, I honestly didn’t know what to say. Thankfully, my Mama raised me right, so “Thank you” was quickly followed by lots of gushing – verbal not orgasmic, although that might be nice…Anyway.

Sitting down to write this post, I had much the same problem. What to say? How to explain Boobday’s impact on my life – both in my mind and in the way I deal with the world?

Let me share a story with you.

I’m a writer – no, really, like books and stuff, lol. For a while, I belonged to what I thought of as a prestigious online writing group. They created a subgroup just for the erotica writers (so as not to offend the audiences of non-erotic writers). We shared each other’s blog posts, promotions, whatever. Until one day…

I received a Facebook message from a “well-respected” author – he still is, I’m just not an enthusiastic fan – declaring that I made the group uncomfortable because my blog posts contained breasts and nipples! He decreed that I needed to stop posting such images to my blog. I admit, after I picked my jaw up off the floor, I laughed my ass off.

He wanted me to stop doing something that made me feel good about myself? He wanted me to end one of the few ways to be my exhibitionist self? He wanted to control something that I did on my blog (the one I PAY to host and have)?! I (politely) told him to get over it, that I wasn’t going to stop blogging pictures of my own body, and no one was forcing him to share the posts.

That was back in the day when Boobday was once a week – so you can imagine just how many times that group saw my tits. I never heard from him again after that (although I’d heard from him plenty prior to that moment – did you know some writers are made uncomfortable by the term “masturbation”? Scary but true.)

I quit the group shortly thereafter, but that moment allowed me to cement my feelings for Boobday in a way that still holds true today. Sure, I know postings pictures of taut nipples caught between fingers is tittilating (ha!). I know the side boob with pert nipple gets people going. But I also know that my body – in all it’s imperfect glory –  is nothing to be ashamed of, and that in my own personal space, I refuse to hide it.

Boobday allows me (and everyone else) to celebrate women’s bodies – natural, beautiful bodies. Which is why I’m sad when a woman tells me she can’t/won’t do Boobday because she hates how her body looks. The more I post my boobs, the more I love my boobs. It’s a wonderfully cyclical thing that only gets better over time.

I can’t help if that makes some people uncomfortable. When you click on a link with the word “Boobday” in it, you shouldn’t be too surprised at what you get. When you follow someone who calls her blog “A Sexual Being” (that’s me, lol) – it should be no surprise that sex is the main course.

Stage whispers: You know at the beginning when I said I was speechless? Yeah, I got over it.

Anyway, that’s my Boobday story. If we’re just meeting for the first time, I’m a sex blogger – mostly BDSM and masturbation and other kinky stuff, an erotic author, a kinky freak, and I run my own weekly meme called Masturbation Monday. The idea is to get bloggers to write something about masturbation or so erotic and hot that a reader wants to masturbate after reading it. And I’m a long-time, enthusiastic supporter of, participant in, and lover of Boobday.

For Boobday Guidlines, click here.

Next month’s theme — in honor of Valentine’s Day — is SULTRY.  Don’t over-think it, ladies, just be yourselves!!



My FRESH-ly brokenhearted tits:

Hy's broken heart
I’m not up for exposing myself today, but you’re looking at fresh wounds, for sure.

The show must go on.

NOT my FRESH tits:

Kayla 013015 FRESH
Kayla fills her hands with booby love.  Follow her: @KaylaLords.

My take on FRESH: freshly washed.


Anon SA 013015 FRESH
Anonymous in South Africa gets sudsy and luscious.

Nothing beats a “refreshing” shower after a hot summer’s day!!


Savannah 013015 FRESH
I love this POV of Savannah’s curves.

I am so fresh that my body was still dripping from my hot shower. I am thinking nothing but sexy thoughts for Will and the feeling of his beautiful lips on my breasts!


SassyCat 013015 FRESH
I love @SassyCat’s take on this.

Here are two “fresh” photos. I wanted to make sure you got them otherwise I would forget.

Zoe 013015 FRESH
Meet Zoe, everyone. It’s her first time here on Boobday and I certainly hope not her last!  Click on the pic to get to her blog.

  This is my first time participating, which makes me a fresh face… er, chest.


Sexy Krystal (@bisexualminx) sent in a wonderful .gif, but I’ve as yet been unable to download it. We’re working on the technical difficulties, though! Stay tuned!

“Boobies are freshest straight out of the shower.”


LaShonna is never anonymous. I like her style. Follow her at @sunshyne0915

It’s after the shower fresh. Relaxed and natural.


Such pretty titties from Mz. Hyde.
Feeling Fresh (and frisky too!) right out of the shower


A 40-something single mother who writes honestly about sex, body image, D/s, relationships, her nervous tics, and how much she loves to fucking fuck. She also likes to show you her tits.

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17 thoughts on “Friday, January 30th, is FRESH Boobday!
  1. I missed this month.
    I have been under the weather for too long. I had a great idea for this theme (think ice play from Ballsy Billy) but considering I cannot seem to get warm at the moment, I just couldn’t face it. I’m sorry I missed it again.
    Kayla, I cannot believe that anyone had the gall to tell you to quit Boobday!
    What you wrote reminds me so much of what I feel about it. Thank you for sharing.
    Good job everyone. I’ll try to take part next month, though Valentine’s day isn’t exactly the most conducive thing for me right now ;-)
    Dawn D recently posted…castrationMy Profile

  2. I promise to send in something next month. I really couldn’t think of anything to send in for this prompt and before I knew it – the month was over. All these images are lovely.
    Beck recently posted…Out For A WalkMy Profile

  3. Darn it, another month slips by with me intending to play but forgetting.

    What a wet and sexy bunch of women you are! Such pretty pics!

    Big hugs sweetie.

  4. I’ve loved Hyacinth and her blog for a long time and I the wonderful collection of friend and writers and boobday participants she’d brought together. Hyacinth, I hope you know that even in your broken-hearted state, you are one the the most gracious and wonderful people I’ve had the joy of reading.

    advizor54 recently posted…FFF – All in the name of scienceMy Profile

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