Friday, February 27th, is SULTRY Boobday!


This has been one hell of a shit-tastic month, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be happy for Boobday!

Yay!  Boobday!

This Boobday I have asked a wonderful, gorgeous, special woman to be Boobday’s featured star: Cara Theron of Cara Thereon (@Thereon_Cara).

Each month I will be highlighting one of you in an effort to say thank you for making Boobday happen.  Without all of you, it’d just be me and my tits.  If you’d like to nominate someone to be featured, email me ( and tell me why.

I asked Cara to write about what Boobday means to her.  Here are her words:

Sharing on such a level is both erotic and freeing. Yes, it’s scary because as a woman there is so much risk involved to baring my body. If you peel away the fear, beneath it is this joy. It’s appreciated and I like being appreciated.


Boobday has become a way to tastefully display our breasts. Mine aren’t perfect, but I like that this is a relatively safe place to show myself.  My imperfections are appreciated and welcomed as is everyone else’s.  It becomes fun and arousing, my body comes alluring and something to be enjoyed.


What does it mean to be sultry?  To be recognized as obviously passionate is energizing.  I don’t get to display that many places so I’m glad to have a place to share it here!


Yay, Cara!  Thank you so much!!  xx

All your beautiful breasts have made me smile and I thank each of you for that from the bottom of my heart.  I know it’s slipped from many of your minds since it’s monthly now, but I assure you it hasn’t slipped from mine!  You are all so goddamned gorgeous and wonderful and so uniquely expressive!  I feel honored to host Boobday and hold your bodies in my hands, so to speak.  Just know they’re in good hands.

I’ve been wracking my brain for what March’s theme should be.  It’s spring time in half the world, fall in the other, it’s St. Patrick’s Day for us Irish folk, it’s daylight savings for most of us.  What would be a good theme?  Well, I’m going to put it to you all for a week.  Tell me what you want the theme to be for March in the comments and I’ll pick my favorite and post it next Friday.

And I’ll also take this opportunity to thank all of you for all your love and support.  Returning emails and responding to comments is on my To Do List.  You all have been integral to my equilibrium.  You will hear from me, I promise.

In other news, I’ve decided I’ll start to meet people the end of March.  That’s when the ride will begin.  The Neighbor never reads this blog, so rest assured I’ll write like I always have.  Even I’m curious to see what happens.

Don’t worry.  I got this.



My SULTRY tits:

Hy is a Cali girl
I grew up in California and that’s where my heart will always be.
Hy's a Cali girl
Hy's heart is in CA
… or otherwise.


NOT my SULTRY tits:

Cara 022715 SULTRY
Cara’s hot ass motherfucking self.


Miss V 022715 SULTRY
Miss V nails SULTRY in this sexy ass outfit.

Can’t wait to give and get my Valentines Gift!

Dawn 022715 SULTRY
Dawn sent me 4 pics and this one is my favorite. I love her hips.  Can’t you just imagine grabbing them from behind??
I’m not too sure of the theme so I send you a few, you pick the one you think is best suited.
Mz. Hyde 022715 SULTRY
Mz. Hyde gets draped with sex — I mean pearls.

For me “sultry” is the beautiful balance between sensuality and innocence. Naked boobs and pearls? Nailed it.


Beck 022715 SULTRY
Beck’s sweet and innocent face transforms into something else here. Hawt!  @BeckandHerKinks


Anon Angel 022715 SULTRY
Anonymous Angle gives us quite the sultry eye-full.

I chose this photo because it showcases my superbly pert nipple.


Kim 022715 SULTRY
Kim’s lace and obvious, yet unseen smile is tantalizing.


BisexualMinx 022715 SULTRY
@BisexualMinx gets some sexy help in the shower.

SULTRY by definition: 1. (of the air or weather) hot and humid. 2. (of a person, especially a woman) attractive in a way that suggests a passionate nature.


Zoe 022715 SULTRY
If I’m not mistaken, this is Zoe’s first Boobday! And HOLY SHIT!! I want to hug and hug and hug her! And other things!

To me, sultry is at its core sexy, but there’s more than that. It’s sensual, deliberate, confident, and probably aware of the effect on observers. How to express that without eye contact and a knowing look? Without a well-fitted dress that artfully reveals and conceals? Somehow, mere cleavage will have to serve…


Veronica 022715 SULTRY
The buddy @Hubman38 submitted his gorgeous wife for Boobday today. Follow her @VeronicaASM.


LaShonda 022715 SULTRY
As always La Shonna is out and proud and lacy. Follow her at @sunshyne0915.

I felt sultry as I dressed for work. I wasn’t sure if I captured it well, but I can feel it.

A 40-something single mother who writes honestly about sex, body image, D/s, relationships, her nervous tics, and how much she loves to fucking fuck. She also likes to show you her tits.

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15 thoughts on “Friday, February 27th, is SULTRY Boobday!
  1. Smashing it ladies! Hy, you look simply amazing & I admire the heck out of your strength & resolve. Love & hugs to all, sincerest apologies for not making it into boob day for so long. I will try really really hard for March, I’ll even set a calendar reminder!

  2. HOT, HOT, HOT…as always, I should definitely add!

    As far as ‘themes’ why does every month have to have one? At first, it was anything goes, open season on creativity, if you will…and then every now and again, there was a theme to make things interesting. But now it seems, there has to be one, including arbitrary vague ones, and I’m wondering if in some way it may be stifling some? I think if you leave these gorgeous women to their own devices, I’m confident they will surprise all of us, every single month, with their own creative (and ‘sultry’) memes!

    Keep it up ladies – you are all sexy hot!

    P.S. Hy, now that you have more free time, how about going back to weekly again, or at least bimonthly?! I’m sure some of these gorg’ ladies would happily guest-host a session for you every month or two!

  3. So you like my hips? Good to know!
    It seems you may not be he only one ;-)
    Thank you again for hosting Boobday.
    I do like the themes. It makes me want to think about something, makes me try harder to get something good out there, not just a snap of my boobs…
    I have a thing for St Patrick’s day, but it’s also Spring and renewal (for us Northern Hemisphere ladies at least).
    But I don’t mind if anything goes for once.
    Dawn D recently posted…Everyday there’s another reason why I know I was right to leave himMy Profile

  4. I can’t believe I missed this one *sigh… I shall send myself a ‘must try harder note’ As for a theme what about spring flowers…. I know it is only spring in the northern Hemisphere but for my own pervery I find the idea of combing two of my favourite things boobs and daffodils, tulips, etc a rather pleasing notion ;)

    Molly recently posted…Trolling the Net #9My Profile

  5. Great Boobday Ladies – everyone looks so sexy!!
    Hy – a few themes : Cold / Ice (Ice-Cream), Curves, Hats, Jewel/s, Teddy Bear / Toy, Glass, Graffiti – not sure if any of these have been done before?
    Have a super weekend xxx

  6. A lovely turn out for the theme! I don’t have any suggestions unless you want to do something for Easter. Bunnies, flowers, something religious… Religion and boobs?

    Thanks for giving me a place to speak my mind and I hope things ease a bit for you, pretty lady.
    Cara Thereon recently posted…InspirationMy Profile

  7. What an AWESOME collection of Boobies!
    Always my personal favorite… Dawn, you look lovely as ever! Very nice to see more of your curves <3
    Zoe, Welcome! Your titties look absolutely touchable. Love the classic black bra!
    * * * * *
    I have to admit that I dearly miss the weekly preparation, anticipation, excitement, and reveal of Boobday each week. Plus with it being more often, there was more opportunity for a continual variety of themes (if there must be one). Life happens, and weekly may be just too much, but monthly feels so far away each time, and it loses steam by the time it comes around. Hy, I hope that you may possibly consider posting Boobday every two weeks. I would love to see it come around more often again.
    * * * * *
    Themes: Kim, I think your theme suggestions of cold, jewels, glass, graffiti are all really good concrete ideas that would lend a nice common thread to our photos… one that goes beyond the more vague sexy, sultry, sensual, provocative, etc. (every boobday pic has these qualities already). Your ideas are solid, yet still open for interpretation. I like this.
    Some to add to the list… food, outdoors, sweaters, jackets, floral, shadows, sunlight, St. Patrick's Day (any holiday), night, dessert, stuffed animals, etc.
    … until next month.
    KrystalMinx recently posted…THE TASTE I CRAVEMy Profile

  8. KrystalMinx, thanks for the kind words.

    Hy, you put a grin on my face – hugs and other things sounds good to me!

    This is actually my second Boobday, but you’d certainly be forgiven for not recognizing my boobs from last month. They’re a lot more boobly this time around :-)
    Sex Is My New Hobby (Zoë) recently posted…“sultry” BoobdayMy Profile

  9. Sultry almost doesn’t seem as powerful enough of a word to describe how gorgeous and alluring you all are. Sorry I missed another month/submission, hope to get my boobs with the program for the next one whatever it may be.

    <3 and hugs!
    ‘Tis recently posted…My Fuzzy ValentineMy Profile

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